Too Short Under Investigation for Rape!

too short rape

Rapper Too Short is under investigation after his former artist accused him of rape.

According to sources, the rapper sexually attacked the woman at her L.A. residence on November 1. She reported the incident a month later.

The woman filmed sexualized videos with the rapper while the two worked together, but she says she’s a virgin and didn’t give him any form of consent.

Sources close to the rapper say she got dropped from the label first, and then made up the allegations in retaliation.

Too Short has not been in contact with police.


  1. I wouldn’t be suprised if the charges were true… I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near Too $hort, or any rapper for that matter. Too $hort just looks like the type to do some really heinous shit. He’s had numerous songs glorifying rape and the horrible abuse of women for years. And lets not forget about the XXL article where he told young boys to take advantage of young girls, and to just “go for it” and “take it.” Though Too $horts damn near bankrupt anyways so fuck him. His ass should have been thrown under the bus years ago for that drunk driving fatality he was involved in.

  2. Just because he was accused doesn’t mean he’s guilty. Anything is possible sure so could he have yes, but it wouldn’t be the first time someone cried rape and it was a lie. After being accused the damage is done already no matter what if he’s found guilty or not. Just because he likes young girls doesn’t mean he would rape 1. If people believe he could be a rapist just because he likes young girls then most men in the world are rapists. I’m not talking 17 year old young I mean 18 19 20s because no matter what age a man is they usually like girls around those ages or find them very attractive. It’s too short he’s not desperate for women but that doesn’t make him innocent either, we simply don’t know so the judgement should stop. Find out what happen before calling him a rapist that’s a little fucked up especially if we find out later it was a lie.

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