T.I. Caught Stepping Out on Tiny With Mystery Woman

T.I. new girlfriend

Even though all signs point to T.I. and Tiny reconciling, the rapper is still up to his no good ways!

The couple spent Valentine’s Day together, but according to MTO, T.I. was recently caught spending racks on a mystery woman in Beverly Hills.

Who’s really surprised tho?


  1. Is that Tiny above? No, it can’t be because that girl has no booty.

    I can’t believe he found another woman who is a foot shorter than him…bet it’s another Karrueche type.

  2. Omg he’s walking with a female they must be fucking. Give me a fucking break, does anyone know who she is? Did anyone see his dick in her? If not then quit making shit up. Could he be fucking sure its possible we who the fuck knows and why does anyone otger than Tiny care?

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