Nicki Minaj Responds to Remy Ma Diss

nicki minaj remy ma beef

After Nicki Minaj took shots on Gucci Mane’s new track “Make Love,” Remy Ma responded back in a diss track over the weekend called, “shETHER.”

While Nicki’s diss was subliminal, Remy called out names by kicking off the track with the lyrics, “F**k, Nicki Minaj. Are you dumb?”

Remy spits for seven minutes straight and talks about everything, including Nicki’s fake buns, her failed relationship with Meek Mill, Nicki’s brother being a child predator, claims that she has slept around the entire industry, and the rumors of her ex Safaree being her ghostwriter.

Peep the track:

And then, Nicki responded with the message from Bey.

So who won the beef? Remy or Nicki?


  1. Remy of course lol. Idk if nicki will and can come back from this. It was lame for nicki to even put Beyoncé in it wtf

  2. The Attorney for Prince’s estate will be calling Nicki real soon.

    • Lama @ Freddie!! I respect Remy for doing this. Just wish Lil’ Kim did it instead…

  3. The Remy Ma diss track was THE TRUTH. I don’t want to hear Minaj’s response, imo it’s irrelevant. You don’t even respond to a diss like that, you just go on about your business. Tis all.

    • Remy Ma bodied that warped booty bitch!!!
      Can we have a moment of silence for Nicki Minaj’s career…??

  4. Nicki lost this battle hands down. But it is sad to see two influential ladies have beef over some petty things. I honestly think Nicki has an inferiority complex. She had to become a totally different human being just get notice while women who look natural like Beyoncé, Adele, Taylor Swift, Katie Perry are outstaging her. No amount of surgery can fix your self esteem

    • Beyonce and those other girls had surgery too and had to play the lesbian angle lijevnicki to sell records

      • You guys are right but I think Nicki was the extreme. Here prefame image vs now is disturbing. Nicki knows that people don’t love or will ever love the real her but the fake altered form. She Is VERY INSECURE about that

    • man this is un real, who is writing these comments?? are all yall from new york or something. I mean someone name a Remy Ma song that was played on the radio besides lean back, please. help me out because im lost. Are tall sure Nicki aint tryin to retire and hired Remy and used this as a publicity student to make her famous?

      • I never said Remy ma was commercially successfully than Nicki. Big Daddy Kane was nowhere near the commercial success as Biggie, PAC or Jay or Eminem even Soulja boy has more hits the big daddy. But that does take away that he was one of the greatest mcs. Same thing with Remy

  5. Remy made my life with that track LMAO. Nicki can only pray about this cause calling up Safaree wouldn’t help, his arsenal isn’t lethal enough.

  6. Remy wasnt dissing Nicki, she was killing her. Now Nicki’s ass is so deflated and i dont see it rising from this. Dayuuuuuuuuuuuuum Ma

    • You cant be serious. I cant rap for crap and I can drop a few lines that would make Remy career thats already over be over even more. First off she not attractive, second she fat, 3rd she broke, 4th she old and 5th she jealous. She must be paying people to write these commemets because anyone witb eyes and ears can see Nikiis dis was much more better than hers by 100times plus some

      • Ok Nicki Minaj, we have heard you. Thats your opinion and i have mine w.r.t this.

  7. Whenever someone doesn’t have a comeback, they defer to someone else…which is why Nicki tried to scapegoat Beyoncé… Sad…

    • Or the person does not matter to me. I would never give her ghetto self the time of day either. I would be at hole laughing at how much time she spent making that photo of nicki. Thats too much time on her hands obviously for her or whoever she had draw that up


  9. I must of missed something, Im so confused to the 10th power. Remy’s diss was whack. Nicki Minaj started her career pretending to be a lesbian and insinuating that she slept with drake, wayne and etc. Nobody cares what her brother did. Her Butt is obviously fake. So what exactly did Remy say that was so new to us? I must be lost.

    She said Nicki splits her money between 5 dudes. The only way to make her kind of money ever in life is to have many ppl in your pocket.

    If Remy was so self made, WHY IS SHE ON LOVE AND HIP HOP?

    Remy ma was never famous to me, ever!!! I only know of the one song she did “lean back” and I would not even remember that if she wasnt on tv now.

    I dont like Nicki either, but lets get real.

    Nicki is much more prettier, much more richer, much more famous, much more successful, much more younger and is all kinds of much more that Remy has never been. Im so confused. Remy must be big on the east because I aint never in life heard any song but lean back play over here on the west and that would be Fat Joes song..

    Nicki would have been better off beefing with Lil Kim, maybe Eve or heck even Cardi B, but this beef with ghetto hood buger Remy ma has got to be a joke. Maybe Nicki signed Remy and Meek and this is some publicity stunt or something. Because Im lost.

    oh yeah and i could careless who writes a song as long as it sounds good.

    • Nicky so much better than Remy according to you but can’t articulate that in a rap song? A queen of rap who can’t rap. Goodness. At least she’s pretty…right?…

      • yes, being pretty is much more important than how well you can rap. ppl got to be able to look at you when you rap. Get real!!! I dont know why yall sating Nicki cant rap, I dont even like Nicki at all but she’s definetly talented and I can jam off some of her features. I cant name 1 Remyma song at all

      • not according to me but according to record sales and comcert sales Nicki is better. I dont like either of these woman to be honest. I like Cardi B half wack self more than them both and Lil Kim and Eve

        • What did azelia say again? Just because McDonald’s is selling millions of burgers doesn’t mean they’re the pinnacle of cuisine.

  10. Its Eve, Nicki, Trina and Lil Kim. Those or house hold names, heck even that one dark girl that some rain and drip or whatever its called on love and hip hop rap better than Remy and shes actually beautiful with a nice body.

    • Lol, u sound a little confused about how real rap goes
      Nicki is sucessful in rap, but only in bubble gum rap
      The rest u named are a real hip hop artists

  11. Bianca thats her name, she may can put up a good fight with Nicki because she pretty young and talented. Id rather see that than some old hag that was never in style try to make us beleive she was at one point ever in style. And Im still wating on someone to name 1 song that circulated the radio other tha lean back.

  12. Remy better knock it off before Nicki challange her husband to take off his hat. That might kill Remnys whole little bitty career right there.

  13. Yo son, ? For real, I google searched and can’t find 1 pic of her husband without that hat. He even wore a hat at they wedding????? Nicki should touch on that if she do respond. Him removing that hat is so much more important to me than who Nicki has slept with and how fake her but is.

  14. We talking about 74 million followers compared to 3.5m. I’m convinced Remy got a marking team out there putting up these comments. Because blameitonkway and instagram models got more followers than Remyma. Nicki could retire right now and ask all her 74 million followers for 1 and still be able to live 5 more life times and, fund Remus career and split her money with 5 dudes.

  15. 1 last thing, I really think this is a publicity stunt. Because Nicki gave remy a compliment when ahe said remy was the nokia and nicki is the Iphone. Remy is more of the boost mobile or maybe the obama phone, Nokia is more like eve

      • I just dont understand. None of this makes logical sense. I dont like Nicki either but I dont like haters more and thats all it is.

        How you gone get mad at someone because they successfully took over female rapping and wont let anyone in? She not stopping nobody, obviously Remyma got some fans according to these comments, so why cant they elevate her to where shes bigger than Nicki? Who is stopping Remy?

        So does Nicki control how many followers Remy got or how many records she sales?

        Im just trying to figure this all out. If Remy think she better than Nicki, why cant she prove it on paper, record sales or even instagram?

        Nothing she has done in the past or now has ever factually surpassed Nicki. So what is yall point?

        Than she trying to take shots below the belt at Nicki, in which Nicki could responds with the same type of low blows but even worst because Remy is old, fat, not cute, cant have kids and nobody knows what her husband really looks like. Nicki aint touched on none of that but instead keeps it cute and about rapping and number sales.

        Remy reminds me of those jealous ghetto girls that always picked on the one pretty girl in school, trying to cut her hair or face. She has a consistency of hurting females. Hit one in head with bottle, shot another and now this. She the type of jealous girl that would be on forensic files or 48 hours if she did not have a little fame to keep her jealous envious ways hidden

  16. and well all know if Wayne or Drake step in, Remy gone have to start a new career path, such as nursing, school teacher, walmart. I dont know but it for sure wont be rap. That new Gucci song with Nicki go hard.

  17. Ok Nicki Minaj, we have heard you. Thats your opinion and i have mine w.r.t this.

  18. ^^That is not nikki typing a book, just some random thot thinking this story is her own personal rant page.

  19. “I dont like Nicki either but I dont like haters more” yeah and what the fuck are you?

    Calling Remy a hater when you’re one your damn self. Fucking paradox and a hypocrite.

  20. Everything I stated was a fact not an opinion. I see why you like Remy because everything she stated was an assumption or rumor. Everything Nicki said can be verified by itunes, Ticket sales, Instagram, youtube, major artist, stores any one with eyes and a scale.

    until she show us what her husband look like without his hat, I will never take her serious.

    • Remy disses were straight facts not rumors dummy. Stop the clitlicking because you’re looking real ridiculous right now.

      • Thank you. This person has made how many posts about this? Is it that serious? Ok, so they are a Nicki fan-got it. But some of us are Remy fans & feel she killed her. Why is this person going on & on about this? Possible troll…..

  21. If every thing remy said was a rumor people would not be big upping her on her epic diss, idiot.

  22. LOL, she wouldn’t even defend her own husband from getting attacked by her sister but she’ll jump in a rap beef that ain’t got shyt to do with her if it means keeping her name in the spotlight.

    Funny how it’ the little shit that really reveal a mofo’s true character. Funny.

  23. Remy is very crafty and her diss was Fire. Lean back is not her first song she was on Ante Up.. her verse was sick then.

  24. @ladylovely, Remy also dropped “Conceited” and “whatever.” Those two raps also got a lot of airplay besides “lean back.”

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