NFL’s LeSean McCoy Accused of Beating His Girlfriend, Son, and His Dog!

delicia decordon lesean mccoy domestic violence

Buffalo Bills player LeSean McCoy is being accused of beating abusive AF to his girlfriend, his son, and his dog.

In case you forgot, his girlfriend Delicia Cordon, who goes by MsDecordon on social media, has a child by Marcus Vick. After ending that relationship, she got with LeSean, and it was all downhill from there, according to her best friend.

The best friend posted a picture of Delicia from the hospital this morning with a bloody face, and a caption that read:

“[LeSean McCoy] is THE DEVIL!!! YOU ARE AN ANIMAL!!!!!! We didn’t say anything about how you beat your dog “Henny” into kidney failure. Let’s not talk about all the times my best friend had to stop you from VICIOUSLY beating your son for small things like peeing in the bed. We kept quiet about your drug usage … all the ILLEGAL steroids and needles you were using, but we will not keep quiet about this!!!!!! I can’t believe you did this to my best friend!!!!! YOUR KARMA IS GOING TO BE SO REAL!!!!!! The world needs to know what type of animal you really are!!!!!!! This was just her yesterday on the left and now this morning this is her on the right!!!! #WomanBeater #AnimalAbuser #ChildAbuser @nfl @tmz_tv @buffalobills”

Less than a day before the alleged incident, Delicia posted this caption to her Instagram:

“Don’t be a follower looking into another woman’s “social media” life & want it so bad that you’ll do whatever it takes to be in that woman’s shoes…. cause u don’t know what that woman has been through to forcefully put on a smile for the gram!”

UPDATE: LeSean has responded…

lesean mccoy domestic assault

So WTF is the truth????


  1. It’s sad that some of these girls do everything to their bodies even risk death to impress these dumb ass men that will cheat on them, beat them and etc. His ugly ass got lucky to be with a girl so pretty then has the nerve to beat her. smh so sad

  2. Any man who beats up a female is GAY. She’ll go back to him. He should be hung by his left nut for beating up his son and dog.

    He has shown this behavior in the past. Yet she stays with him. Clearly, there is something wrong with her.

    • When it comes to athletes it isn’t always about being gay.

      When they take so many blows to the head, they can develop CTE, it Fucks them up and can make them more violent.

    • No men who have sex with other men are Homosexual, there appears to be some confusion with you Americans. Lesbians actually have the highest rate of spousal abuse. McCoy should be freed and given treatment due his diminished capacity due to CTE.

  3. Damn man you didn’t have to do her like that. You are GAY and are secretly afraid of men in your own age range and size.

    The Chris Benoit syndrome. Steriods got him all aggressive to the very ppl who care about his ass. Dumb nigga. The backlash will be too much for the Bills though as they will be forced to sever ties with him.

    My only question is…..why isn’t there a police report? Is this battered woman goin to give him a pass because he’s wealthy????? Probably so??❤.

    • Milton Ga police are investigating domestic abuse charges vs Mccoy
      Mccoy defended Richie Incognito a few months ago when that racist retired.

      • ? What thots do for proxy fame and money. She and all the other IG models need to get a higher education and make her own money… But nah, too much liberty and self respect involved in that route.

        • How about stop blaming the victim, if someone whooped your ass on the street or were punked by a bully, you would be a victim…just because she or any woman is in a relationship does not make it okay for them to get their ass whooped.

          • Bitch STFU and stay the fuck up out of your feelins. BOTH people get blamed, both are rusty ass ADULTS. Ma could and should WALK. She is voting for every punch by staying there and the fact that she is not getting help to get out, but continues to see some payoff in staying AND subjecting her son to this nonsense is poor judgement. I love my cat too much to stay in some relationship with some nucca who doesn’t like animals. Anywhere you read in my comment that it’s OK to woop on anyone, WOMAN, MAN, CHILD or BEAST, you need to go back and check your comprehension skills. #GetItTogetherMa! … and YOU too!

            • You are the Stupid Bitch stuck in their feelings and you are STILL DUMB as FUCK to blame the victim…but like I already said YOU are a victim so what else could be expected from a Mental Retard.

              • And NO you didn’t mention both people in your comment Slow Ass Crazy Cat SCunt.

          • STFU!! Its all good when you posting Chanel purses on the gram but now I’m supposed to have pity cause you allegedly got beat up by the purse, shoe, and car buying nicka?? When the signs were already there according to the “victim’s” friend?? How we know she ain’t laugh when that damn dog got hurt?? She could have been left. Wishing her a speedy recovery tho…

        • Thots never learn they become these mens’ fantasies so they got to deal with the consequences. In life we all have choices.

            • Must be your beating you reliving? Get help and then get a clue. Adults perpetuate dynamics. Grown adults have Government IDs, Jurisdiction of Person, Access to help that children can not and do not have. It’s a cumbucket that is willing to stay suckin a nucca’s dyck who beats you and your child up! The “pay off” is real.

              • Someone should whoop your ass or should have beat your mom to the point to have aborted trash like you.

  4. He’s innocent until proven guilty. Where’s the police and hospital records? He hasn’t been arrested.

  5. The man was showing violent behavior all along, probably beating her, now it’s out there because it’s worse, but she doesn’t leave. Like Fabolous wife, he knocked her teeth out and wanted to beat her dad, but did she leave?

    • There are people who stay in all types of Fucked up situations, for all types of reasons. Which still does not justify being beaten half to death.

      The blame is still on whoever the abuser is.

      No one has the right to put hands on someone else. No matter what they say to you.

      If a woman puts hands on you…you should have enough sense to walk away and leave her ass, instead of putting hands on her…because 99.99% of the time her bare hand hits will NEVER cause this type of damage.

      The funny thing is no one ever blames the men who stay in an abusive relationship and continue beating on women EVER, which is completely sickening.

      • It takes TWO to tango, but yet this female can’t even pull herself away from the “good life” for the sake of her SON??? wtf, it ain’t all the abuser, the ENABLER has a responsibility too. The son is the one whose trapped because two grown ass adults have codependency and narcissist issues they’d rather perpetuate.

        • Do you know HOW to read?

          If so try again…

          It has nothing to do with the good life, Shit Stain…Stupid people like yourself always want to blame the victim, because in your own life all you are is a victim.

          • How about this, you panty paste? The VICTIM is not a VICTIM. Where is “I am woman here me roar”? Where the phuck is that shit right now? You psychopathic chicks crack me up. You want it both ways. Nah, victim here is the CHILD. The child can not get up and run some where, to drive to help, to root up and go live somewhere safe. THE MOTHER can do it! She’s holding a child ransom in an emotional situation she does not want to leave due to her own personal selfish reasons. Funny how you accuse someone of not reading, yet you lack logic capacity. Learn to use BOTH hemispheres of the brain, not just that crazy ass emotional trigger. Here, let me spell it out for you. THE VICTIMIZER IS TO BLAME AND THE VICTIM IS TO BLAME. Both are adults and have POWER to stop the situation. There would be NO victimizer in this situation without the victim.

            • Anonymous Jul 10, 2018 at 19:02
              Notice how they never include children in domestic violence stats? If they did, who do you think would be the main offenders? Here are some clues, Mothers are more likely to kill children than Fathers and Lesbians have the highest rate of domestic violence.

  6. Her post is so true , most women addicted to looking a certain way in altering their bodies truly don’t know what’s lay’s behind the pictures . But This entire situation truly saddens me, I truly hope this is a eye opener for her and she will cut all ties with this dude for good… She’s lucky to even be alive …

  7. She will continue to stay with him. She didn’t report the child abuse or animal abuse to authorities. She will continue to put this abuser before her kids.

        • How bout, keep you salty lava breath behind some closed chapped lips, Tyrone Biggums!

      • If the person hitting knew how to keep their hands to themselves there would be no problem, so shove that enabler shit up your ass.

        • Interesting, how hypocritical you sound. I bet you think you’re sane, too. LOL I’d love to see you stop every hitter from hitting. So you want to captn save-a-bro who hits? Be my guest. Go into the relationship and tell said Mofucker to stop hitting. When you’re done getting your face bashed in, kindly 1) pick yourself up off the floor, 2) Leave the house and 3) Never return (and file a police report)… See, there, now that’s how its done… IF you are misfortunate (or in your case, stupid enough) to think you can “stay the fight” out of a man bent on destruction. You can wish his hands stay in his pockets all you want. But the truth is YOU need to exercise personal RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY to L – E – A – V – E! #caseSolvedYouDunceAssChildMindedHoe

          • I can see how an Idiot, like yourself, would think Logic is hypocrisy.

            Go shove a Cat up your Crack, Moronic PsychoPath.

  8. Leshean McCoy needs to be locked under the prison; then get his ass beat by all of the prison inmates!

    • Has it ever occurred to idiots like you who make these comments that the man in the prison doing the beating you suggest McCoy should receive, could be in for beating multiple women or children, and possibly killing some of them? He may have raped a child but never got convicted of it. So NBA, do you think it would be worth it. For society, it would be the definition of a phyrric victory.

  9. Leshean McCoy is about to get the Ray Rice treatment from the NFL and mainstream media. The feminazis are going to have a field day with this shit!

  10. Why do women always seem to be attracted to dogs but yet get mad when they get bitten


  11. If your self-esteem is so low you have to change your appearance what makes you think it would be high enough to leave any relationship?

  12. It’s being reported by the police that Delicia Cordon was brutally attacked during a home invasion in Atlanta.

  13. You didn’t deny beating the baby boy or the dog… payed that goon to rob and beat that poor girl just caus eyou wanted your shit back smfh!…..thats what court is for you bitchass nigga….niggas take it up the ass now they think their bitches… a petty muthafucker and God and you both know your behind that attack…..I hope the feds get in on the case so that dude you payed hurry up and roll on you so you can take all that dick in prison and be the true bitch that you are ??????.Amen!

  14. So the friend witnessed ALL these things, especially the abuse of a CHILD nd didn’t feel the need to alert someone tht his safety is at risk. Now, ur friend ends up in a situation nd the first thing u do is run to social media and admit to being a witness to ALL the foul shit he “suppossdly” did nd NOW he is a disgusting person…..ok.

  15. That’s not cool what happened to her . All this was over a piece of expensive material but to be honest golddiggers aren’t cool either so this should be awake up call to women who are on some golddigging shenanigans .

    • STFU with the golddigger shit.

      Men have CHOSEN to take care of women for centuries. No one makes them do it, he could have chosen a different woman, but his shallow ass wanted a certain type of chick.

      None of this gives him or any POS dud a green light to lay hands on a woman, child, etc.

  16. A person (not just women) isn’t a gold digger for refusing to give back gifts you freely purchased.

  17. And men who abuse women can freely walk away from the relationship just as quickly as a victim. If he decides to stay and continue to break the law; he is responsible for being arrested and jailed.

    • THANK YOU!!!!

      These Fools who talk that shit about it being the woman’s issue just don’t get it.

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