LeSean McCoy’s Estranged Girlfriend Targeted in Home Invasion Robbery?

lesean mccoy delicia cordon robbery

LeSean McCoy’s estranged girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, is claiming she was specifically targeted in the home invasion robbery that left her bloodied and bruised. This is what she had to say through a statement from her lawyer:

“At approximately 3:00 a.m. on this morning, while she was sleeping in the residence that she shares with Mr. McCoy, Ms. Cordon was physically assaulted in the home by a male assailant who entered the home with no signs of forced entry. The assailant demanded specific items of jewelry that had been previously gifted to Ms. Cordon by Mr. McCoy, which Mr. McCoy had requested back on many occasions. In fact, after Ms. Cordon refused to return her jewelry gifts to Mr. McCoy, he would often suggest to Ms. Cordon that she could be robbed because the jewelry was expensive. In the attack this morning, Ms. Cordon’s wrist was bruised when the assailant could not get the bracelets off her wrist, and he hit Ms. Cordon in the face with a firearm multiple times while demanding specific items of jewelry and cash from her. Ms. Cordon sustained multiple injuries to her head, face and arms during this horrendous attack. Additionally, Ms. Cordon’s female cousin was at the residence, and she too was hit in the back of her head by the assailant with the firearm.”

LeSean has denied any involvement and says he hasn’t had direct contact with the victim in “months.”


  1. Wait a minute…i thought her friend said McCoy was the one who beat up Ms Cordon. So they r just assuming it was McCoy. Oh my.

  2. Doesn’t matter if it was him or he paid someone to do it…

    In the eyes of the law if it is traced back to him, his ass will still be convicted. Which is a good thing because if he would have done his own dirty work, they would have chocked it up to some domestic violence BS and he would have faced little to no time.

    • Exactly, if he paid someone to do it then he needs to be punished. He could have gone through the court eviction process which can take a very very long time to do but that would have been better than having someone beat her up “allegedly” Now your whole life could be ruined because of the choice you made.

  3. This bitch cousin could have set her up. She only got hit in the back of the head? Pay attention during attacks when 1 person has to go to the hospital and the other takes an aspirin ?

  4. That’s what this golddigger get .She didn’t die which is awesome but be alert golddiggers y’all time ? is up .

    • It doesn’t matter these Athletes and Artists love gold diggers. He’ll be with another broad like her and she’ll be on to the next athlete who wife her up. Inspectah Deck said he got himself a regular, everyday, private woman so he wouldn’t have these types of problems.

  5. Quit showing the bloody photo. We get it. This isn’t a horror movie trailer advertisement. Real life and hopefully justice. Didn’t she have a restaining order against him in 2016? Why is she living / sleeping in his home again? I am convinced half or more of the NFL have a mental malfunction.

  6. She will continue to stay with him. She didn’t report the child abuse or animal abuse to authorities. She will continue to put an abuser before her children and herself. Women like her like drama and won’t learn their lesson until their six feet under.

    • You are absolutely right. I learned this from my own friends and family. They got beat up and still stayed and had children with the same men who beat them up. This woman will probably do the same. When I see DV in the “news” I read it, but most likely in the near future, I’ll probably read baby news or wedding news about said DV couple.

      • None of you know this for sure…If they haven’t been around each other for months before this, she may be trying to leave.

  7. Her blk, ghetto KANG set her dumb ass up. You fuck with thugrats, this is what happens you. I don’t feel sorry for that hoe.

    • STFU, most people don’t know how another person really is until AFTER they get with them…and some people never know the person they are with.

  8. PSA: To all professional and college black athletes: you being seen with and spending all of your time and energy with everybody’s women but your own makes you look really silly right about now! And not to mention it’s a slap in the face to your ancestors!

  9. So the robber asked for specific items……..these robbers sure are sophisicated………who comes to a house to rob with a shopping list? This robber thought he was on the customer service line at Targets huh? He’ll be caught soon enough.

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