UPDATE: Kevin Hart to Mike Epps: ‘You’re a Sad Individual,’ Mike Responds!

mike epps kevin hart beef

We thought Mike Epps and Kevin Hart had squashed their beef, but the frenemies are still beefing according to their latest statements.

It all started when Mike made the comment that “everyone is funnier than Kevin Hart.” Then, when news of his comment was posted online, Mike brushed it off as not being “press worthy.”

That’s when Kevin decided to address him by calling him a “sad individual” and saying he wants to see Mike win because he’s a fan!

UPDATE: Well, Mike just clapped back and had this to say:

kevin hart mike epps beef

So what’s the deal? Why is Mike always going so hard on Kev?


  1. I don’t think Kevin Hart is funny at all. I never got the hype over him and Tiffany Haddish.

  2. Kevin Hart has his moments but he’s not the funniest comedian I ever seen. Mike Epps has his moments but also not the funniest comedian I ever seen. I think Mike Epps is a lil Jealous of all the opportunities that Kevin Hart is getting but everyone has their moment this is just his time to shine.

  3. Kevin Hart is laughing all the way to the bank though.

    Stop hating niggas. Kevin has a sktick that works.

    These nobody niggas always throwing dirt on a successful black man who climbed to the top through sheer perserverance.

    If Kevin Hart is not your cup of tea cool but don’t keep repeating it.

    • Kevin’s sktick is his height in comparison to his co-stars. The fast taking, exaggerated expression faced, scared and fearful, sarcasm filled egotistical dark skinned black man. Put that next to any serious co-star of height and stature and you’ll have a decent return at the box office. Ask Dwayne Johnson, Will Farrell, Ice Cube, Wendy Williams, Hell…go ask Dame Dash. He’ll tell you why he put Kevin on. Kevin was funny because who he is as a person is funny. This little guy with this large ego raising kids and making jokes about his life was funny… now he has to rebuild & rebrand because now the jig is up… we see it for what it is to the dominant society… some bug-eyed coon shit. I hope he sees it soon…as if that Sony email hack didn’t let him know.

  4. So sad only blacks will bring another one of their own down. Kevin is not funny to me but obviously people like him. Instead of Mike being petty off of his success he needs to talk to him and get to networking so he can become more successful. Jealousy is not a good look especially on a grown ass black man.

  5. I don’t like angry grumpy comics. Why do some stars go public and respond to criticism? It’s almost like their ego can’t let it go. Now two BM with a few coins are arguing about each other’s status. Sounds like those stupid street arguments where someone is bragging about something and someone jumps in to deny it.

  6. Neither one of them is funny. On the other hand, Katt Williams is a comedic genius.

    • Katt Williams is a stone-cold fool. He facts and cracks…makes you think and laugh about it.

  7. Mike Epps is jealous because Kevin Hart is hollywood’s number one black comedy coon!

    • He has no moments…he just sucked enough dicks to be “head” coon for the moment.

  8. Mikes jealous and Kevin ain’t funny who gives two shits, I can ad-lib and put these stinkfoot mtfs to shame

  9. Msn I thought I was the only one that felt that way. He’s got no range as an actor and his SNL appearance was horrible.

  10. It sounds like Mike Epps is jealous of Kevin’s success and doesn’t understand how Kevin became successful. Mike needs to understand that Kevin did not choose success, success chose him. Don’t hate the playa, Mike, hate the game. Because it’s most definitely a game.

  11. mike isn’t the best either

    eddie mutphy needs to do one more live comedy flick on stage

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