New Nas Album Coming For Summer?

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Nas revealed that he’s two weeks away from finishing his 11th record..

According to

According to the article, Nas is ready to speak on everything he’s witnessed. “You don’t really hear about that anymore,” he explained, “and it’s missing, and that’s what I’m doing and keeping it current.”

The Queens rap icon likened his relationship to music with Frank Sinatra’s. “I listen to him because he speaks to me,” Esco explained. “Frank’s thing is just speak about life, and it resonates with everyone. When I’m in here, I’m conscious of that.”

It’s unclear when Nas’ new album will drop, but while picking out beats for the project in the NYT piece, he seemed to indicate that it’s coming soon: “We coming this summer, baby! It’s going to be a hot summer up here, man!”

In April, Nas also told Billboard that his 11th album would be dropping this year “for sure,” adding, “It’s not done ’til it hits the streets.”

Are you expecting Nas to come with a BANGER for the summer time?


  1. There’s no doubt that Nas will deliver real hip hop. Especially since The Get Down was cancelled from Netflix…his narrative rhymes were fire. For that alone reason expectations will be high.

    • What is the Get down? I have Netflix but I rarely watch it.. I like Nas lyrics because they are so profound and real.. My grandkids listen to all of his old music, because it’s only my playlist and no one touches my stereo in my car or house.. Whatever music I listen to they have to listen to it or go outside., I don’t allow kids to rule me.. I’m a 60’s – 90’s music lover.. I might hear something new and like it, but I’m not buying it, it will be free to download

  2. Oh! So that’s why he’s “dating” Tricky Minaj so he can appeal to the younger masses? I ain’t mad. Get your coins boo…LMAO

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