Ice Cube Planning to Confront Bill Maher Over ‘House N*****’ Joke

Sources close to Ice Cube say he will not cancel his appearance, which was scheduled before Maher’s “House Nigga” joke. Sen. Al Franken was also scheduled, but since canceled.

Cube’s not pussy footing around the issue. He’s been using the n-word liberally in his music, ever since NWA — but reportedly he wants to discuss Bill’s use of it.

Cube was originally booked to talk about the 25th anniversary edition of his album, “Death Certificate.” His rep calls it perfect timing because the record was made in the wake of the Rodney King beating, “Which sadly, speaks to many of the same race issues we as a society are still dealing with today.”


  1. Maher is the kind of racists that gets close to black folks then calls them N to their face. This is what happens when black celebs give these white celebs the right to do that. Unfortunately for Bill, these black celebs do not represent, are too far removed from the Black community and the real, and know nothing other than coming back to get dollars.

    • Ur damn right his punk azz didn’t say shidd when faggot azz Dre was whipping on Michele azz they let these loose mouth crackers use it and ain’t said shidd what make u think he going 2 say something now

      • Cube was no longer in the group when dre was with michelle…

        The reason why he won’t really say shit is because he knows where his bread is buttered…

        After death certificate cube sold all the way out!

        • Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and Queen Latifah all souled out. They saw the eight figure dollar signs, ignored the black community, stopped being black activists and got their money. What a shame!

          • Dre was never much of a activist latifah was a lesbian since her first album Roxanne shante, and foxy brown been called her out, too many folks dissed dre calling him a homo dre can beat a woman but wibt fight a man PAC called him gay what he do

          • Just because she was around does not mean they were together that whole time…and even if they were doing something does not mean cube knew everything abt their relationship.

    • Thank you @6:20! Cube is a family man with millions of dollars. He will not jeopardize his wealth or his family’s safety.

  2. Maher is the biggest racist of all, and the evidence is, he parades around a black he/she girlfriend half naked looking like a broke down hooker that his white azz will never marry.

    If he wasn’t a racist he’d be dating one of those nice hollywood single women like Tracy Ross and being serious with them.

    • Bill Maher called Anne Marie Johnson the N word to her face. I’m not making this up, it’s on the internet.

  3. Bill Maher is proof that liberal white people are just as racist as conservative white people. With having said that, why do black people continue to support democrats?

    P.S. The Democratic party created the Ku Klux Klan, I’m not making this up!

  4. Ice Cube souled out the black community, but my favorite Ice Cube song is “Cave Bitch.” All black men need to listen to that song immediately!

  5. Three black celebrities who defended Bill Maher are:

    1. Dr, Michael Eric Dyson
    2. Anne Marie Johnson
    3. Whoppi Goldberg

  6. Bill you are ice cube nigga, and for what cube said can blow it out his racist ass.

  7. Real talk… I don’t know how many of you niggas ACTUALLY saw the video (as I usually watch his show), but that shit was SUPPPERR F*CKING funny. What makes me want to vomit, is the strong opinion expressed by uppity ass black folks and white liberals, and when I ask them what did he say… 7 times out of 10… they have NO IDEA.

    What in the ENTIRE f*ck IS that? lol…

    The game done changed… for REAL.

    • Not even a little…small minds always lap in the gutter.

      You can think it is funny you are entitled to your opinion.

      It does not matter HOW he said it, for some he does NOT have the right to make a mockery of their ancestors pain.

    • And when I say right I am not talking that first amendment BS…

      I mean fucking black women or thinking you have an in with blacks does not give anyone the go ahead on just saying whatever comes into their pea brain.

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