Kevin Hart Admits He Had Violent Fights With Ex-Wife

    kevin hart domestic violence

    In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Kevin Hart came clean about his violent past with his ex-wife. He admitted that he and Torrei had many fights that turned physical, and that’s when he knew the relationship was over.

    “Me and my ex-wife. When it got violent where we’re fighting — Am I really fighting? Am I holding my hands up as if she’s a man right now? Oh my God. This is…I’m out. I’ve really got my hands up to not defend, but counter. Like, I’m waiting for you to throw a punch. ‘Cause I’m about to counter the s**t out of you. Like, I’m really that upset to where I have to get in a stance. When you get in a stance, that’s when I checked myself.”

    You can hear Kevin talk about wanting to beat the brakes off of Torrei at the 19:30 mark:

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    1. Ugh… Disgusting little roach. My, my… How the ego can morph someone. He’s so different from his first comedy special when he actually seemed more humble (and thus, more likeable). Why does he keep talking about his ex wife? Geez… Talk about your new wife already.

    2. But how? Kevin Hart is much shorter than ppl think. Like almost miget height. They say he 5 something but when I seen him it look more like 4’something.
      No way is he that strong

    3. I strongly disapprove of Kevin Hart. I did not wamt to hey in his name. No need to explain why. Something about him vexes my spirit.

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