Nelly Countersues His Alleged Rape Victim

nelly countersues rape victim

After his alleged rape victim, Monique Greene, sued him for sexual assault, Nelly has now filed a countersuit.

He insists their unprotected sexual encounter was consensual and his accuser only got made when one of his backup dancers entered their room to the use the bathroom. It was at that point Greene allegedly became “aggressive and disruptive” and was asked to leave.

The rapper says his alleged victim has made him lose out on money since he was forced to cancel upcoming shows, and she also damaged his rep in the music industry.


  1. I just couldn’t continue living with and being with the accused. What’s the point – they bout to take his money if that is the motive but there isn’t a price tag on humiliation.

    • Totally Agree!!! Ms. Jackson is a beautiful woman but beauty does not stop a man from cheating. Women go out their way to be beautiful for men who cheat on them with non beauties.

  2. If he was falsely accused, he SHOULD take a stand. All this #metoo stuff needs balancing.

    • Oh Shut Up…

      People have been assaulted and harassed for decades with the perpetrators walking away w/o repercussions for centuries…dumbass.

      • And people have been accused innocently and the butch gut away with it… you know how many black men have been hanged in America for touching or whistling at some stupid dumb white bitch n now dumb black bitches r doing their job for them… stupid modern dumb black bitches have destroyed the black community faster than the white man has in decades… every stupid shit white bitches do dumb black bitches wanna do that shit not factoring how different we are… white bitches love to call rape n have entire communities fucked now stupid black bitches are doing the same…

        • Who has gotten away with it to the extent where there are million of men in prison asshole?

          Black men would have murdered w/o those so-called accusations so GTFOHWTBS…

  3. nelly has enough money to fight this.

    pussy cost one way or another, he had drug cases and rape cases damn nelly then he rubbing preteen girls hair on stage while performing.

  4. If he has enough money why is he touring with country bands? So far there isn’t a money amount publicized. We would think that a BM would stay clear of WW just for the reasons we know. But didn’t she say something about women of color? Is she white or a woman of color?

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