Nas Baby Mama Carmen Bryan Says Jay Z Is Emotional, Insecure & Has Low Self Esteem

Nas’ EX, Carmen Bryan opened up to VladTV in an exclusive interview about being at the center of Jay Z and Nas’ legendary beef. She explained that after breaking up with and moving away from Nas, she started dating Jay Z after first becoming friends.

During the conversation, Carmen shut down rumors that Memphis Bleek started the beef, as she said she feels bad for Bleek and blames Jay Z for ending his career. Carmen also revealed that she confronted both Jay Z and Nas about the beef, and you can hear more of what she had to say in the above video.

In part II, Carmen, who was supposedly the catalyst of the infamous Jay Z/Nas beef, here speaks to VladTV about moving to Queensbridge, giving birth to her and Nas’ child, Illmatic coming out, and the deteriorating of her relationship with Nas.

Both she and Nas eventually became unfaithful; Carmen explains: “He was cheating, I was cheating. The problem was who I was cheating with. Had I been cheating with some nobody…that may not have been a problem. But I was cheating with individuals that were in the same genre of music, the same circles, but I didn’t look at it as if I was doing anything wrong. This is my circle too; these are my peers too.”

Watch below:


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