Naomi Campbell’s Boyfriend, Skepta, Expecting a Baby

skepta baby naomi cambell

Naomi Campbell and Skepta went public with their relationship in March 2018 by appearing on the cover of GQ magazine. And now, just a few months later, he’s expecting a baby!

skepta baby mall naomi campbell

Something tells us 48-year-old Naomi isn’t the mama!


  1. She is a business woman and he no doubt plays into the business! period!
    Her business is not just beauty.
    Those in the know KNOW what business she is in.

  2. Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen can get married and have kids, while it seems Naomi has to sacrifice everything to be a model, even if she’s no longer 22 years old

  3. Isent she like 50 though???. Gorgeous woman should have been married at least once makes me think her attitude is crazy

  4. She’s tall, lanky, hardly any boobs, and still all girl just like Grace Jones. Just because she is muscular does not mean she is a tranny.

  5. Congrats again on this beautiful BLACK baby born to two beautiful RICH BLACK parents. And congrats to the WHITE SERVANTS that will remove the child’s dirty diapers from their MANSION or their beachfront vacation homes in Jamaica and Nigeria.

    After white billionaires bought her private islands and etc, she chose a Naija chief as the father of her child. ????

    • And his Nigerian ass has probably been with 100s of white women. Ironic huh? LOL

      • Innit doh, bruv? ???? ???? I guess he knows the difference between skanks ??‍♀️and wives. ??

  6. Ahh, yes Anonymous…. because the internet is always fact huh, and every picture on it is absolutely real? ?

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