Duane Martin Demands Spousal Support from Tisha Campbell

duane martin tisha campbell spousal support

Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin’s divorce is about to get messy because Duane is demanding she pay him spousal support!

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Duane is asking the court to award him spousal support after Tisha filed papers in February asking that he be forced to pay her monthly spousal support.

One thing they agree on is sharing joint custody of their two children, 8-year-old Ezekiel and 16-year-old Xen.

Do you think the court will side with Duane, the former star of the Real Husbands of Hollywood, or Tisha, the former star on Dr. Ken? (In other words, both of them are like Tommy – they ain’t got no jobs!)


  1. It’s only fair that she pays him, if it was her, she would want him to pay her.,

      • Why do you always use the word Bitches to describe a woman, but you don5 call the man a Bastard? Be equal with you language

  2. Didn’t she already provide support and pay him all the time they were married? She held it down in Hollywood, especially on tv while we only saw his face on the screen minimally. There are no minor children, so I’d be paying him dust!

    • Unfortunately if this is the lifestyle they lived and she was OK with it, after a divorce the law sides with him and she must pay him spousal support as well as child support for the next 10 years for one and two for the older child.

  3. When things go down like this in the relationship, you really find out who the b***h is in the relationship.

    • They both bitches in this relationship…. They DEF LIKE TOMMY, ‘THEY AINT GOT NO JOB MAAAAAN!!!”.

  4. Will Smith’s undercover lover doesn’t deserve shit! Tell that fruity boy to make his own money!

    • I agree. Plus Will Smith will keep supporting him. He doesn’t need anything from Tisha. It’s not like she doesn’t know about him and Will. He should be ashamed to be asking a woman for money when he has a man to provide for him.

  5. My heart goes out to all black women who married men on the DL. I’m so sorry ladies, my advice to you is to leave that man immediately and go to the doctor and get tested!

  6. If she is the highest earner, she will be made to pay for both spousal and child support. The sex of the parents and who is making more money is irrelevant. It’s why you formulate prenups which only applies for spousal support. She is on the hook for child support. Rich women are better off using a sperm bank. No child support or custody issues to deal with.

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