Travis Scott Removes Transgender Model From Album Cover

travis scott amanda lepore album

Travis Scott is getting bashed and labeled as transphobic after the image of transgender model, Amanda Lepore, was removed from the final version of his album cover.

The photographer later replied to a comment and said Amanda was removed because she ‘upstaged’ everyone else in the photo.

travis scott amanda leopre astroworld

Do you believe him?


  1. A man Duh is ugly as fuck. Strange how it was rumored that Kanye messed around with this tranny and yet Travis is linked to it somehow hmmm ?

    • Because they are creating their NWO which includes a society where anything goes…it is mainly to get people to okay anything including pedophilia, since children are used in most of their rituals.

    • Anon14:12 All you have to do is trace the Obama administration/Liberals/HLWD. instead of taking on issues of black mass incarceration,black white wage gap,absentee black fathers,black on black crime/murder his party chose& will continue the illegal immigration,lbgtbs agenda unless you vote them out,wise up,read up mho

      • It ain’t just liberals or obama…it is ALL of them….repubes don’t have your back either..the agenda is set forth by the so-called elites, period.

        And if obama would have stepped out of line they would have assassinated him like they have anyone else who posed a threat to them and their agenda…your current pres.. is walking on thin ice & needs to watch his back.

        • Im a political orphan(reg but not rep or dem)i will say dem-libs have used black ppl as political pawns for decades and we don’t have jac ish to show for it
          do/think what you want, jst do the research while you make critical decisions

          • Chill with the dem/lib shit and learn how to read…what makes you think repubes give a Fuck about you? I know what the plan is…you need to figure out the same.

            I don’t give a Fuck about either party, because they BOTH play for the same team so fuck that dem using people shit…because at the end of the day what ALL of them want is for you to die…as soon as they bleed you dry of every resource they can get out of you.

            They are ALL elitists once you see that and learn what that means then you will know the deal.

  2. This is what most black men like….White trannies with fake black features. Blk men are moving on up out here.??

    • You white people are soooo pressed about us. And we don’t give af about you, and never will. Accept it. But you can’t. You have a sickness.

  3. He fucked the tyranny plain and simple, no real man will be around that bullshit at all

  4. If Travis did so tf what?!?! That’s not everybody’s cup of damn tea!! He ain’t kill the bi*ch!! LePore as a Male decided he wants to be a female. His decision now affects my life? Foh! I could put on a judge’s robe all day, talk law, and represent myself as a judge all day long. At the end of the day, I’m not a judge!! And I can’t get mad at people that don’t care or want to come to my courtroom!!!
    * judge is a metaphor for tranny

    • They want you to be complacent and not care.

      There was a time when people knew right from wrong, but now that anything goes and everything is “acceptable,” people want to act like there is no longer such a thing as right and wrong, which is a bunch of BS…everything we let ‘slide’ has consequences…believe that.

  5. Wrong is right………right is wrong. There you have it. Don’t suck on any d**KS while you’re getting this!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I thought the Kardashians were trannies anyways so no surprise this way. Smh

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