Russell Simmons Sells Homes and Escapes to Bali Amid Assault Allegations

russell simmons bali

Russell Simmons has reportedly listed his $8.25 million Los Angeles home for sale amid multiple sexual assault accusations. In addition, he’s also unloading his yoga studio in LA and selling a $9.92 million penthouse in New York City’s Financial District.

Sources say Simmons is spending his time in Bali, where there is no extradition treaty with America. This leads some to speculate that he’s hiding out there just in case criminal charges are brought against him.

More than a dozen women have come forward accuse him of sexual misconduct and assault, dating back to the early 1980s. Following the allegations, he stepped down from his posts at All Def Digital, Def Pictures, and his yoga lifestyle brand, Tantris, stating he would take some time away from his businesses to commit himself to “personal growth, spiritual learning and above all to listening.”


  1. There should be no question of his guilt NOW!

    No person flees to a No Extradition Country for sanctuary if they are Innocent!

    I guess watching what is happening to cospig & weinswine is getting to him. So now he runs and can continue being a raping, bag of shit in another country…smfh.

  2. What about his girls? I guess he could care less about helping Kimeow finish raising them?

  3. He doesn’t want to end up like Bill Cosby and Simmons may have some connections to underage children.

  4. Here we go…He has enough money, powerful connections, and motivation to move to some country that they and his family can visit. This still hangs over his head whether he’s in Siberia or Keep Running, Mississippi!

    • What is she going to say?

      She already took his side and probably feels like a fool for it, so she is going to stay low..she isn’t the one who did anything so she shouldn’t HAVE to say anything else.

      Besides he said he was stalking her when she was 15 and a runway model and supposedly waited till she was 18 to do anything, which I doubt…but he already told us all who and what he was, so none of this should be a shock.

  5. Okay,for the sake of efficiency,let’s make a shorter list.what male(or female)in Hollywood IS NOT a perv?agreed with nba boycott RS and the ent ind as a whole,read a book or 2

  6. Russell Will Read The “Stautute Of Limitations” On Each Case …. Like People Read The News Paper !!!

  7. Somebody need to warn Bali……….hide your children……..sons and daughters.

  8. Guess who else is conspicuous in her silence, the tragic mulatto Veronica Webb. She used to fuck him!

    • How many dudes have been raped by other men and how many of them speak on it?

      I’ll wait for you to figure it out…Stupid MF.

    • Was she the one kimeow said he fooled with during the wedding???? It was between her and Tyra B

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