Kanye’s Dad Diagnosed With Cancer

kanye dad cancer

Sources say Kanye’s dad, Ray West, is battling a serious health issue after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. The rapper reportedly dropped everything to help his dad upon hearing the news.

Ray is currently being treated in Los Angeles and he’s responding well to treatment.

News of his cancer diagnosis comes just over 10 years after Kanye’s mother, Donda, passed away.


  1. Didn’t know his dad was still around coz I remember Kanye saying he grew up mostly around women, and he adopted alot of their attributes, that’s why he’s very effeminate. I don’t know his dad and off course I wish him well, but it seems he didn’t stick around much to teach his son how to be a man

  2. It’s sad when parents get life changing diseases. But if he’s had it for a year, why is it coming out now? I hope it’s not for the son’s media recognition. That’s low-down.

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    • Yeah it’s because of Lycopene in watermelon and tomatoes…Vitamin D also helps.

  4. I didn’t even know his dad was alive. I thing there is a silver lining in all this. You never see the his side of the family and dad could help fill the void his mom left in him. Kanye needs rescuing but he’s the only one that can do it. He let Drake take the throne. Unforgivable.

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