Cardi B Shows Receipt for Lambo Purchase

cardi b offset lambo receipt

Cardi B flaunted matching his & her Lamborghinis on her Instagram. When people assumed the vehicles were leased, Cardi posted the receipt: a screenshot from her bank account showing a withdrawal for over half a million dollars!

cardi b lambo

These are Cardi’s second and third vehicles that she has purchased since she blew up. Last year, she bought a $240K Bentley SUV.


  1. Not touring, not recording…. should be saving that $. Not wasting it on frivolous things.

  2. Went from withdrawing 10,000.00 to a half a million to going to a day spa to paying a Honda car note to eating at the waffle house to spending 2.71 at Publix super market lol.

    That chile better leave waffle house alone…gots some greens and cornbread hips on her now I see.


    • My bad…I see its in ascending order but still I would try and live within my means like it appears that she was doing until the 27th. That purchase could have went towards a trust fund for her daughter instead of a car destined to be wrapped around a pole but I digress…

  3. Cardi B will be broke in ten years. If you disagree with me, ask Foxy Brown and Lil Kim.

    • Back in the early 2000s, Lil Kim and Eve did some hooks on a Tommy Lee song and I always wonder if she ever talked to other rappers/musicians (outside of Bad Boy) about making that change for the future.

    • Ten years hell she ain’t got no money one album plus reality TV money hell cardi gotta be selling pussy to rich mfs and drug dealers

      Ain’t no way she can afford all this on her cd sales or digital sales

  4. Just because she withdrew doesn’t mean she purchased a car. Anybody can do that to try to prove a point then just put it back.

  5. I guess its nice to keep businesses like this going especially when they couldn’t give 2 f**** about (_____). You fill in the blank. Its all about da benjamins baby.

  6. I guarantee she wants to get banged out on the hood of that at least a few times.

  7. It’s her life, she doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone.
    The ones wanting receipts, need to concentrate on their own lives.

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