More Tea With Bobby Vee …

YIKES!!!! I’m done.. ????

Brandi Barbie Clark was the other transgender in the room when Reima Houston exposed Bobby Vee. She says backs up Bobby’s claim of extortion.

Can you say DISTRACTION?!


  1. That video is too long to watch. But let me get this straight he wasn’t with just 1 but 2 transgendered… OMG, lol. I hope this man is able to recover from the humiliation. This is terrible!

  2. These are very manly looking trannys if they looked like sydney Starr I could at least say ok that one kinda looks female but he got the manliest ones so I’m pretty sure he likes it up the poop shoot ?

  3. This two hit wonder needs to come out the closet. Shit, R Kelly needs to come out the closet too!

  4. These trannies are going to milk this until the will is sticky dry. Trannies tryin to promote themselves as equally desirable as females lol.
    I smell a feces laden room of a tranny vh1 reality show coming soon ha ha.
    All them bitches gon b badddd! Lmao

  5. As black ppl why do we soak up all of this gay propaganda so easily….
    Please answer me somebody.

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