Tami Roman vs. Just Brittany


    Tami Roman wasn’t happy with Just Brittany getting a pass because of her looks. Tami Roman thinks that becaus Brittany was a stripper, she uses her “P**sy” to get where she’s at.

    In response, Just Brittany claims Tami Roman was trying to get her on Basketball Wives LA awhile ago.

    You can watch last episode here: http://www.vh1.com/episodes/obic2h/signed-tighten-up-season-1-ep-102


    1. How do Tami think she got where she got, once upon a time very very long ago, she was a hoe!! I guess she forgot!! Lol Her youth looks probably got her where she at, cause she nic talented, smart or funny.

    2. I have a message for all black men. If you screw around with bitches like Tami Roman, Amber Rose, Claudia Jordan or Draya Michelle, you might have green shit coming out of your dick just like Usher!


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