Mo’Nique Gives Creepy Explanation Why She Calls Her Husband ‘Daddy’

monique husband daddy

Auntie Mo’Nique has a message for everyone who has a problem with her calling her husband “daddy.”

During this live chat, the “most decorated” (and underpaid) comedienne give a creepy explanation.

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  1. She’s wierd af I’m starting to think she really does act like precious’s mother in rl. And btw girl yo daddy looking like a zaddy like he got a lil sugar in his tank ☕️


    SHE SHOULD HAVE TOOK THE 500000 SHE ACT LIKE SHE GOT BETTER OFFERS ON THE TAble her phukked up attitude the rwason bet dropped her show plus she demanded more money than what she was worth.

    all that bragging about a Oscar or ausur or Osiris or Sirius award and look what it got her.

    she had to suck a Oscar to get a Oscar.

  3. I love it when you call me Big Poppa
    Throw your hands in the air, if you’s a true player
    I love it when you call me Big Poppa
    To the honies getting money playing niggaz like dummies
    I love it when you call me Big Poppa
    If you got a gun up in your waist, please don’t shoot up the place! Why?
    ‘Cause I see some ladies tonight that should be having my baby

  4. That role in Preshus she should have not been done. It fed into a despicable stereotype and she was rewarded with a Hollywood statue. I have to question her friendship with Lisa Daniel because the movie should not have been made. I know a man who said he couldn’t come to work the day after watching it! We started seeing that role instead of her comedic talent. I think the weight loss changed her psyche. What was her first husband like?

  5. About a month ago, another site said she was having major money problems. Can’t remember which type of bankruptcy she filed for but it’s not surprising. Unless you’re at the north border of L.A. County, the rent is no joke. Unless you play the stock market well (meaning you get nice dividends regularly), both adults working is always best

  6. Mo’Nique you make yourself look desperate to this man,and all folks,You making mistakes sugar, with this man by your side,why not Take Netflix’s offer,get some money in your hands so you can take the time to make better decisions,I See He is advising you because he wants money,I almost lost my house Listening To a man who did not have my interest,he had his interest in picking an argument with the man holding my mortgage,he asked me to come to work out my problems alone,I got all my problems worked out to my satisfaction,saved my house without input from this man,God Knows men do not always look out for the women they shoul Be Protecting,He was just like your man,Greedy,and on a power trip,the power have given him!

  7. I can relate. A man tried to badmouth my realtor just because HIS credit was bad. Had I let him run the show, I would have never owned a house.

  8. If I would have listen to my husband, my mother and my brothers.. I wouldn’t have achieved my goal I prayed for since I was a preteen.. I asked my Heavenly Father for what I wanted out of life..
    So much happened in between that time and me reacher the Corporate Ladder. I made it to the top of the line by HARDWORK, living on 4 hours of sleep each night.. When I would complain to my husband whom I loved from the deepest depths of my soul.. He would say Quit your job.. One day I was saying something to the effects, that these white folks thinks they can hurt me, but they couldn’t break me at all. Knowledge is power and I learned that company from the bottom to the top.. I turned around and I became my mother that day, I say you MF you can’t pay for 3/4 of this shit we have.. I earned the money and my bonuses opened your busines and if you can’t muster an ounce of compassion for me.. GTFOOH right now, because I never, ever needed you at all.. You enjoy my success more than me, because I don’t need the things, you do MF.. So you have 10 MF minutes to make up or mind or get out if here tonight.. I love you but I don’t need you at all, your narcissistic ass needs me and that’s why your ass can’t get a MF promotion at your job.. Your attitude stinks and I don’t need it all more. I walked out and set the timer and went in my huge bathroom and fill my 80 gallon tub for myself and put my music on.. The first time in my life, I said everything I wanted to say and I didn’t give a good got damn what no one thought… He knocked on the door and said I will speak to you after your bathe.. Naw dog what’s your answe?? I’m changing now, please I so sorry I say the things I say to you.. Naw dog you Jealous of my success because we’re both highly intelligent, the difference in us is “Everything is not about me”.. But you are so selfish at times, I don’t need it and I don’t need you..Oh he changed back to the man I married and changed his whole narcissistic attitude.. I still put him on an allowance, I always handled all our financial business and bills.. I loved him but I still divorced him 2 decades after I retired.. Don’t let anyone get you young people off your goals, because the ones you love the most, is something worse to you..

  9. She should have been canceled for making Precious, and Jamie for making Django.

    The Netflix offer was generous. She’s not funny.

    Sommore, go get your 500k from Netflix. Or whatever, and show them how it’s done.

    Someone cancel Haddish and Leslie Jones.

  10. She could call him Uncle….I don’t give 2 fucks about what she calls her husband and neither should you all.

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