Monica Says She Wasn’t Throwing Shade at Baby Future and Blue Ivy

R&B singer Monica was called out after being caught ‘liking’ a comment bashing Ciara’s son Future while comparing his hair to Beyonce and Jay Z’s daughter Blue Ivy.

After Ciara shared a picture of her son Future’s new cornrow faux-hawk on Instagram the C-Squad caught Monica being messy by ‘liking’ a comment bashing Future’s hairstyle wrapped in a low-key diss to Blue Ivy.

Monica says it was an honest mistake… Do you think Monica got busted showing her true feelings?


  1. What I don’t get is the hateful comments on that child’s hair. I think that style and the mohawk design looks great on him. People need to quit commenting on black people hair, specially other black folks who never have anything good to say.

  2. We live in a messed up society and it’s getting worst! Who tf talks about a child like is he your child? Is his hairstyle hurting you in any way? It’s always some stupid mf talking shit but that baby is already making more money than the haters will make in their entire life yet they wanna talk about his hair.

  3. That’s really not her style.This handsome little fella is trending. She’s a dedicated mother and wouldn’t have ever consigned to such cruel comments. Any decent person would not like such filth lezbhoness

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