Did Kim Kardashian Shade Sir & Rumi w/ Brown Puppies Photo?


    Kim Kardashian got some blowback after posting a questionable picture on SnapChat right after Beyonce released the first photos of her and Jay’s new twins, Sir and Rumi…

    Shade or No Shade?


    1. Kim is pathetic. They can’t allow the Carters to have one day of shine. They always try to find ways to keep the spotlight on them. Their life is so hard.

    2. I thought she got only one Pomeranian but I guess that’s one for each of hers and her sister’s kid. But her interjecting herself when Beyonce is front page is one of the reasons Bea wants nothing to do with her and never did. Kim will train her kids to hate hate hate the Carter’s kid, always be competitive in public with them.

    3. Fact: The Beyhive has never attacked those Ku Klux Kunts. Too many black men (And black women) lust after that ugly white bitch. Why?

    4. The men are given to them by the ptb. All they do is choose and the men become their personal property for as long as they want.

    5. Shade or nah…neither one of these women are worth my blood pressure rising sky high and me getting my nerves all bothered by this…Popping Xanax n shit. Sorry…not sorry.

    6. I don’t see it as a a slam at Beyonce and her babies.

      Kim is a lot of things, but she knows better than to openly insult Beyonce who has far more power and fans than she does.
      And anyway, those pups are cute and lovable. It isn’t like she posted two baby bonobos or chimps. THAT would lead to her permanent downfall.


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