Mona Scott-Young Ready to Fire Hazel-E for Gay Rant

mona scott young fires hazel e

If Mona Scott-Young has it her way, Hazel-E will be immediately fired from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Mona, the creator of the series, says she was “disgusted” by Hazel’s homophobic social media rant.

Here’s what sources had to say:

“[Mona] made it clear with VH1 she expects Hazel to get booted from the show for saying gays should burn in hell, but contrary to popular belief … Mona doesn’t get final say on personnel decisions.”

Hazel’s fate is now left in the hands of the network. Even though she has since apologized for her comments, Mona still thinks it’s time to hand her a pink slip!

So the comments about dark skinned women were OK, but the anti-gay comments pushed Mona over the edge. Interesting…


  1. Exactly, pissed about some fag shit…but not over the racial divide this bitch among others continue to perpetrate…smfh.

  2. Monsta Scott-Young has to answer to her white handlers, and they have to answer to their converted-Khazar handlers (satan’s seed).

  3. Yes hazel dumb ass will be fired. Shes a dumb botched bitch because vh1 was her cash cow. If she gets blacklisted frim vh1 its ova hoe. Either that or mona will set her ass up nxt season. Either way hazel bout to go through some hard times. She better find her a harvey weinstein so she can casting couch her way back in, or just suck mona pussy like they all do anyway.

    • Hazel E for some reason has always had access to money, way before this show.

      These ppl aint getting paid that much, they just get famous out of the deal.

  4. Where is the outrage regarding the hateful things she said about dark skinned black women!!!???



    • I dont know if she really said what they saying. But she is mean like that and im sure she meant every word of it.

      im just confused why she think she quoted the bible. God did not like Gays or Murderes or Liars, Adultrers and etc, but In Revelations it is very clear that the Gays who accepted Jesus will be going into Heaven. I guess she missed that verse?

      She need to re-read her Bible.

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