Hazel E Bashes Dark Skinned Women and Gays

hazel e dark skinned anti gay rant

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Hazel E got into it with Instagram comedienne JessHilarious.

It all started when Jess posted messages between Hazel’s boyfriend, Rose Burgundy, and another man.

hazel e jesshilarious roseburgundy

That’s when Hazel and Rose went on an anti-gay rant, and Hazel took things one step further by bashing all dark skinned women.

hazel e anti gay

hazel e anti gay rant

hazel e dark skin



  1. What Hazel fails to realize is being light skinned don’t make you pretty. Now most light skin females are pretty but shes a clear example that not all light skin females are pretty.

    The show portrays Hazel as getting bullied. But i use to run around the same circles as Hazel when I was younger and when she was hitting the streets with Megan Good she was mean and a bully. Some how on the show they have flipped her into being a victim.

    Hazel has been the joke of LA and Miami for the last 15 years and you would think she would have figured it out by now after how the celebs have been treating her on the show.

    I know why she has the mentality that she does. Because for a while LA club bouncers did not let you in the club if you was not traveling with a pack of light skin girls, but after encountering so many of Hazel E types, they quickly retracted and start realizing light in pretty are not two of the same.

    im not defending light skin woman because im the color of Nia Riley and I would not pass the paper bag test.

    Hazel is a mean person that thinks she is pretty because she is light skinned with green eyes. But i hope she takes boobY Gibson reaction to her as the same as we all feel.

    • Stop spreading your negativity and filth to black people. You’re just as racist and hateful as Hazel. Black people are sick I tell you. I am so glad I have knowledge of self and not some boule lighter is better doctrine in my spirit.


      • The problem is calling these people black like the slave massa forced us too, they’re not black people.

        • I agree. If you’re not copper coloered and darker you’re not black you’re a hybrid mess!

      • Because i said most light skin woman are pretty. Well if that hurts your feelings, I dont know how to lie to you. But i think if you ask most men they will agree. Now i believe most dark skin woman are pretty. I believe most woman are pretty period. Which was my point but i guess you so focused on me saying lightskinned woman are pretty you did not see the point of my entire post, but instead focused on being jealous.

          • What specifically did i say to hurt your feelings? If me saying most lightskin woman are pretty bothered you than you got jealousy issues and that is demonic. ?

            • You spoke the truth Lovely Lady. It’s always been this way n this site even 6 years ago. It’s a bunch of dark skin miserable women who hate any women lighter than they are.

              It’s very sick behavior, but I understand where it comes from. When you hear and see all the light skins being slobbered over by black and white men, and then there are no dark skins in Hollywood besides Viola Davis.

              Get used to it ladies. Whether we like it or not, “black ‘ folks are getting lighter every year and it’s too late to stop the train. In 50 years there will no black kids born who can’t pass the paper bag test. It’s evolutionary and in the long run it will be a good thing.

              Colorism is one of the ugliest things which plague kneegrows today, so it will be better when everyone is light to medium and the hating stop.

              • What are you talking about? “In fifty years there will be no black kids born who can’t pass the paper bag test.”???? Stop listening to bullshit. Despite all the racial mixing, there will always be dark skinned women. Race mixing is not new and yet their seems to be all types of colors out there. I feel that you are being brainwashed by American standards.

              • STFU Bitch, you, her and every other hateful MF on this site are the problem…you always side against anything pro-dark or black even.

                Death is too good for trash like you.

              • What nerve, you are the same crab mentioned below…who needs to sit down and STFU.

  2. @Uglylady

    U sound like a lite skinned females who’s empathetic towards your more crispy friends.

    • But I’m not even light skinned. I just live in LA so I know how the club bouncers, restaurants or even the skating rink used to treat darker skinned woman. And not because they thought they were ugly, but because the ballers who are paying for those $3000 tables did not want dark skinned girls around them.

      Hazel is not pulling this stuff out her azz, she just needs to realize she’s not pretty just because she’s light.

      • Who cares. Fuck you and those black men ballers that hate themselves because they’re nothing but modern day slaves suffering concussions on football fields to make white men billionaires. They will never own anything that truly empowers themy because they’re weak minded traitors to their own community.

        • I agree but that dont make it untrue…. just cause you dont like it dont change how they feel. What needs to happen to change that mentality is darkskinned woman need to show the world they not all ghetto, fat and baldheaded because they not. I know that but not everyone else does because the ghetto ones out number the quality ones. We need more Gabrielle Unions, Tiki sumptans and Tatiana Ali’s instead of loud monique, ghetto nene leaks and hoodrat candy’s.

          • Please STFU, you are a complete moron especially when it comes to this topic and what you say is a bunch of ingrained bullshit that YOU need to unlearn, stupid bitch.

            • Sooooo if what im saying is bs, how many rappers got songs where they clearly praising light woman? Since what im saying is BS. You just want someone to tell you what you want to hear, which is the whole world loves dark woman. But they dont!

              And again im not light!

              • You are the one who claimed to be light so stop the bullshit…who gives a fuck what these programmed rappers say?

                They are broke and ugly as fuck no one wants them.

            • Look Man I don’t know what to tell you. And When did i claim to be light? I said im not light skin. Im not light enough to pass a paper bag test ??and im not dark enough to pass a chocalate bar test?? im caramel, same color as nia riley or moniece. So im in the middle. But middle enough to know that its most black men, not just the rappers or ballers. You keep wanting me to tell you what you want to hear. But im not.

              So let me be clear. I have uncles, cousins, homeboys, co workers, i watch tv, go out, listen to music and I have eyes and ears. Therefore i can tell you that it aint just the rappers. My Dad has never been seen with a darkskinned woman and neither has Chris Brown, Omarion or Obama. So i can assure you it is not just the rappers.

              All i can say is i personally think its because most darker woman are presented as too ghetto, fat or baldheaded, period.

              Because i for sure can tell you those same men who claim to not like black woman or darkskinned woman love Gabrielle Union, Megan Good, Chilli, Tiki Sumpter and Tatianna Ali. So its not about skin color like they think. Its the stereotype behind darker skin woman.

              So all i can advise is darker woman who are ghetto need to present them self more classy.

              • You can go over some of your other posts and show where you said it…You Stupid Bitch.

                And no one is trying to read that shit you wrote, you can barely write let only think at first grade level so just stop it.

                I agree with the other poster you should go take a long walk off a short pier.

                Fucked up in the head morons like you should have been picked up with some candy & never heard from again, you are a complete disgrace to the race…smfh.

  3. Note to all people of every color. Skin color does not make you pretty!

    Compare Hazel E to Diamond Strawberry, Chrissie Lampkin or even Hazels own friend Megan Good. Clearly all 3 of those women are max past beauty and Hazel E cannot stand next to either and get a second look from a man.

    Personally I believe that God created every person to be equally as pretty, but people do not keep themselves up. If every female had straight teeth, all they hair/ No weaves and were a size 4, we would all be pretty.

    • Why does every one have to be a size 4 to be pretty? Your idea of what constitutes beauty is more fucked off than most men!

      And Stop with the BS…since you got called out about your fucked off beliefs and treatment of how you screen dark skin women as friends on the Rapper Dave East: “Darker Dudes Hated Me for Being Light Skin” post, now you are all kumbaya?


      • But Dave East is lightskinned. Just cause you want him to be darskinned aint gone change thd fact he light skin.

        Over weight aint cute and if you want to think it is than keep lying to yourself and be a size 12. The only man you gone catch at a size 12 is a user or convict. If you dont believe me ask your daddy and if your mama fat let me know how he really treated her.

        • He is NOT light skin asshole.

          And you are the most retard bitch on here. There are more so-called size 4 bitches getting used up than the alternative you backward ass scab.

              • Okay so what color is he if he not light? Because he for sure aint dark?.

                Girl let it go!!! Just focus on being classy, toss the weaves or make sure it looks natural, stay an healthy weight and nobody will be concerned with your skin color. Thats all im saying.

                If you dont like it, stay lonely!

              • Just STFU already.

                Worry about your own miserable ass, retard.

                I see why the men you have been with beat your ass…too bad none of them were able to knock any sense into you.

              • Lovely Lady is right on the money. I am married, so I don’t have a horse in this race, but nearly every one of my husbands single friends say they want a NATURAL black women with NATURAL black hair.

                These are educated men with great jobs and homes they own. The kind of man who favor a weave is not a man you want to mess with.

                Be your most beautiful self you can be, and most important, don’t act all mad at every damn thing. Even of you are! Pretend to be chill and watch your stock rise ladies.

              • No she is not and you obviously cannot read or comprehend English worth a damn…Read what she originally said and not the snippet of BS.

  4. Shallow much? What’s in your brain? What are Any of these so called ballers and “Lightskin” doing to improve the black community?

    Stop praising the wrong things and get a brain and a strategy.

    • It does not matter what you think, the fact is most men prefer lighter woman. Not because they light. But because they see dark woman as ghetto and haters. Accept it and fix it, but denying it aint gone change nothing!!!

  5. And she says black = a monkey? Lol. What an idiot. Very uneducated and demonic.

    I hope you she’s ready for her karma.

  6. We expect or demand respect from Caucasians. However, we’re trifling when we go after a sister’s skin tone. This is BS. We devour our own.

    • Talk about it!

      This is why I don’t take black people seriously when it comes to BLM. 99.9 percent have a boule master mentality. M. Mitchell exposes them but nobody did it like Steve Cokely. I wold never put my life on the line to save such a hateful people. I’m glad the White man is keeping black men down because black men hate black women worse than any other group. They empower other women or lighter in our race to beat black women down. They use black women until they make it and then they seek and “OTHER” …

  7. Who the fuck is this wash up tired azz bitch? She must b on 1 of those sorry azz reality show. Grown azz folks arguing over mf skin color dumb ass bitches fucking losers

  8. Umm… the chicks she posted at most are BROWN SKINNED. Lol.

    Also- her ex-BF Megan Good is the POSTER child for skin bleaching. Maybe she didn’t want her face on that pic because of her Pastor/Husband?

    • Lol. Los Angeles ‘Dark Skin’ is different from everyone else. Lol. Most chicks considered ‘dark skin’ in LA may not be considered so in other states! Lol.

      Just sayin

      • No it is not just LA.

        The south is where the darker than a “paper bag” test originated.

  9. As many as you fucked off in the head people want to talk shit about dark skin women being xyz need to say the same about these light bitches…if you look at the most recent pages the only dark skin women with negative press around something they did are nene & porsha the rest are light, so explain that you trifling fuckrags…

    You MFs are worse than whites attributing negative behavior to dark skin women only, you all can go fuck yourselves with a chainsaw.

  10. This is what happens when you welcome nonblacks into the community. However, regardless, Black America has a problem. Many actual AA are just as racist as CACs. It’s one of the reasons I have no attraction to AA women anymore. But it’s not their fault. CACs have done a number on AA. It will take a while to undo that.

    • You sound as stupid as the rest, you should also go fuck yourself with a chainsaw.

    • Speak on it! Lightskins are not black they’re also neanderthalics!

  11. She can take her ugly light-skinned ass to the unemployment office!

    Maybe they’ll have a job for ugly women that can pass the paper bag test…

  12. The powers that be don’t have anything to worry about as far as tearing down the Black Family Unit when we have people like this that have a platform for spreading hate and lies in our community. I would not even know who this woman was until someone thought, yeah, she will be good on reality TV, smh…

    Last time I checked LL, men were still attracted to size 12 and lager Black dark skinned women, with bald heads (tightly coiled natural hair) don’t know where you been chile. Don’t nobody want a bone but a dog lol. Now I will say that most white men like skinny almost child like white women with not an ounce of fat on their bodies with asses shaped like a pubescent young boy’s but that is another story for a different day. (MESSAGE!!!)

    I would like to ask you a question tho, what about all the overweight weave wearing, ghetto, sloppy ass (white, asian, hispanic and other) women that Black men who aren’t even famous flocking to??? Just to keep the it real, cuz this is REAL TALK! (claps hands three times vertically) I blame the Black Man for letting this fly. You couldn’t be talking all that shit if they didn’t give you and their ass a platform to bash us. Yo daddy, cousins, homeboys included.

    I ain’t giving up on my Black Brothers tho, fo no other race cuz cant no other race of man handle me (Sexually, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually) like them, bar none, Fuck What They Told Ya! Yeah, I said it.

    I love You!… Yes You!…You Are Beautifultastic Black Man! (in my best Mr._hotspot voice) and I hope you have a great day!!! We need you, all of you, to come back home and raise the families that YOU created with yo Black Wombman. (bending over throwing a pan of biscuits in the oven with no draws on) Yes, bring yo ass on home naw, we forgive you!!! (pointing finger shaking flour every damn where)

    Shoot, if Kat left her ass how you gone even care what this heifa has to say? It just proves that they will sleep with our men but they hate Black women. You know why? Because deep down inside they know the truth. That We Are Queens, fat, bald headed, ghetto, WHATEVA!!! Youzzz a lie and the truth ain’t in YA! If it was you wouldn’t be trying to replicate us so hard!

    BABY BYE, get outta here with that mess!!!


    • They don’t get it Enga, just a bunch of soft shell crabs in a barrel who continue to perpetrate and believe the hype fed to them….smfh.

      Repost this shit on the headlining story about this trick. All these fools need to see it!

      • You know what Anon 15:59, I re read what I posted and something told me to look up the time 12:44 so I googled it. What I read blew my wig (umm, I mean my naturally knappy hair) back. They don’t have to listen to me but in the end they gone have to listen to him.

        Stay Armored

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