Mel B Has Emotional Breakdown on Instagram

mel b break down

Mel B posted a strange series of pictures and an even stranger caption about her life.

The TV personality rambled on about who knows what, but admitted she was crying the whole time she was typing.

mel b break down instagram 1

mel b break down instagram 2

mel b break down instagram 3

Does this just confirm her alleged drug use ?


  1. Fuck this stupid bitch! I heard Mel B made $50 million dollars when she was with the Spice Girls. I also heard she had a cocaine addiction. She blew some of her $50 million dollars on blow? Most black people will never see $1 million dollars let alone $50 million dollars. I feel no sympathy for Mel b. In these pictures, she looks like she has been doing blow. #LeaveWhiteGirlsAlone

    P.S. White girl is slang for cocaine

  2. Mel B is a disgrace to black women worldwide, especially to black women in the United Kingdom. #Don’tDoDrugs

  3. @nba is fixed

    I used to crush on mel b. She was way better looking than all those other white girls(except baby). She was the shit!

    That other white girl don’t play. She stares u in the eyes and pretends she’s heavenly bliss, but it cost money to stay there.

    Why couldn’t she be addicted to pills? A high that lasts so u won’t be spendin money every 20 minutes.

  4. notice how all these rich celebrities cant spell the most basic of words?
    i have a problem with that.

    • I know right. Why don’t they use the spell finder app?

      It got me sounding all kinds of ivy schoolish.

      Lord knows i can’t spell some of this shit on my own.

  5. Her spelling is so cringy! I loved Mel B it’s so sad to see her like this. I feel a bit bad for celebrities tbh they go through some crazy shit but then again it’s the life they chose but she needs to be strong for her children.

  6. No sympathy I’m afraid. She walks into these situations with her eyes wide shut. I think she’s very arrogant. It is the kids I feel sorry for though.

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  18. She’s had 2 husbands that…let’s not talk about that

    She needs to fall back from dudes for a while, and focus on her and the kids.

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  20. I was a fan when I was a teenager. Read her books she’s talented but needs intensive therapy to fix/heal herself. I hope that the kids don’t suffer irreversible trauma from the husbands she chose.

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