HSK Exclusive – Get ready to match a face with Tuneuchi’s sex tape (part 1 & part 2) smash partners!!! First fingered by Fameolous, multiple sources have named insta-THOT ‘Paris Richards’ — who is reported to be a well known Toronto skripper … specifically, The House of Lancaster strip club.

We’re told the other smash’in female is Tanya “Barbie” Lieder, said to be “the culprit that had her IPhone recording” during the menage a trois she and Paris shared with Weezy!

“Wayne hooked up with Paris Richards and Barbie after he performed at his Drake vs Wayne concert.”

Sources exclusive to Hollywood Street King have confirmed the now-infamous smash session went down in Buffalo, New York, back in August 2014 … when the trio hooked up post-show, and took the aftertaste to a nearby motel …

Dig the drop:

“Barbie filmed the sex session to prove to her friends that she smashed Weezy. Barbie sent the recording to one of her friends and when their friendship when sour? Her girlfriend gave it to a dude who works for the media.”


  1. I am sorry but how is this news he did a sex tape big deal now if he did a sex tape with two men which he has done a lot of times then that is something to talk about.

  2. Wayne career is O.V., desperate PR attempts like this one only prove it.

    "All these rappers that you vouch for, need to get out of the house more, they washed up" – – Drake

  3. SORRY, but I would (NEVER) check out YOUR blog, SIMPLY B/C of (ALL) of your GRAMMATICAL ERRORS!

    "SORRY!" ?

    • shut up & stop bitching. tmz always have them as well who gives a f*ck. it's about the tea hoe!

      • Not like HSK and Mediatakeout. You can tell this shit run by…. Ok, I won't say it. But it ruins any credibility when you have that many errors. To educated people, it takes away from the story.

  4. Off topic why the hell is ja rule getting a reality TV show they might as well give all of these celebrities a reality show no one want to work no more I see.

  5. Its the trend all the hasbeens get a reality show it works for some like flavor flav and ray j they needed it salt n pepa they needed a comeback monica needed a comeback all the one hit wonders are ending up on love and hip hop the women are famous for just having sex with a rapper

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