Lamar Odom’s Awake And Khloe Refuses To Leave His Side, Still Loves Him

lamar odom khloe kardashian

Fantastic news as we’ve heard that Lamar Odom has awoken from his coma.  He still has a long way to go until he’s in the clear, but he is making positive improvements.

“Lamar is slowly waking up and they have taken him off life support.  He’s speaking and grabbing and moving his legs.”

A source close to the family has revealed that the family is ecstatic that he is awake but realize there is a long way to go until he’s out of the woods.

khloe kardashian lamar odom coma

Meanwhile, his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian, has been by his bed the entire time.  She wants to be the first one to hug him when he fully regains consciousness.  The 31 year old Kardashian has cancelled all her business plans for the foreseeable future.

“Khloe’s in this for the long haul. She’s not thought of moving from Lamar’s bedside.”

It seems she still cares deeply for the former Laker forward.   His family has been rejoicing and calling it a miracle that he is awake at all.  This whole time Khloe has not left her husband, and has no plans of leaving anytime soon.

“At this point, she has no intention of leaving Lamar’s beside.”


  1. Of course she's not going anywhere.. she has been instructed to get him to sign something to release her and the family/production crew/network from all liability in relation to what led to his drug overdose.

    • Khloe really loves him.
      It was Kris and Kim, being snarky and saying nasty things behind his back.
      Kris mad her expose his drug problem, to cast shade on him, trying to protect the brand.
      James Harden, can just move on to the next THOT.
      KHLOE is gonna be Ride or Die.
      Since it was her fault for not sticking up for him, in the episode that sent himover the edge.
      Good Luck to them!

    • They WANT to TAKE him TO THE
      ?, & GET HIS ?????!

      There ISN'T a "GOOD" one (in THAT KKK-KLAN)! "OK? "

      "HE'D BETTER WAKE UP!!" ?

  2. Is she the only one there? Im tired of hearing her name. I only want to hear how he is doing.

  3. "Lamar Odom HAS AWOKEN"?? ?…."HMMM"…
    And THAT ? is BY HIS SIDE?? ?????. OK? ?

  4. I'm glad he's awoke and breathing on his own. Hopefully he's in route to a full recovery and will go to rehab,get and stay clean and sober. If he remarries or reconciles with ex make sure he gets a ln ironclad prenup to protect his assets and a will..that includes his children.

    • YES this!! Clearly Lamar has had some depression awhile and used to disappear for periods of time which led to their separation. I really hope they see this as a second chance. Although I can't stand most of that family there's something about Khloe that's much more apparent when she's with him.

  5. Mmm now let's see khole has her own money and ventures this chick really loves him and whether you idiots like it or not he loves her. Let them be you lame fools making nasty comments.

  6. Let this woman take care of her man, while a lot of what they both did to each other was wrong they now have a chance to make it right. Praying for Lamar his children and his wife.

  7. she know he's an addict and next he won't make it out. and whatever funny paper shifting went on while he was out of it has to be protected.

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