Lamar Odom’s Cousin Says Khloe Kardashian Is A “Fake B***h”

lamar odom khloe kardashian breakup

The good news is that Lamar Odom is conscious and communicating with full sentences, but he still has several organ issues and is breathing with an oxygen mask.  Family says this has been the best 24 hours he has had since he was found comatose in that Nevada brothel.

Khloe Kardashian has been by Lamar’s bedside through this entire struggle, and so has his baby mama Liza Morales.  There has been talks that LO and Khloe might try to make their marriage work after his tragedy, but a member of Odom’s family thinks that’s a horrible idea.

A YouTube video was uploaded which features his cousin whom he grew up in the same house with, talking about Lamar’s wife being a “f**king fake b***h.

“I’m starting to see the light and see, [Khloe is] a f**king fake b***h, and I do not like her and I do not like her family because they f**king fake.  Always doing s**t for f**king money.”

His cousin then goes on to defend the former Laker and say that he only appeared on Keeping Up With The Kardashians because he is a good husband, “I think the only reason that he did that show was because she was his wife.”

“What she ever do?  Throw him underneath the f**king bus countless times.”


    • For real! If the illuminati tried to killed LO's cousin's its only time that somebody is going to get knocked off!!!

  1. Great coming from a FAKE cousin. Where were all these family members who seem able to find the press to give interviews but wasn't there when their cousin was freebasing and whoring. Like his opinion counts. STFU already.

    • Those white witches have a hotline to the press how the hell are hood blacks gonna get the ear of Harvey Levin of TMZ?? YOU stfu. I am sick of f*cking sell outs like YOU riding for white bitches who ride the wallets of dumb ass black male coons. Lamar got played by whores he got played by whites bigtime if that was my cuz, I'd be embarassed that my cuz is such a dumbass trick. That 79K could have put many black males through college but he gave it to the white pimps and hoes. What you got to say about THAT?!

  2. Man, I can't stand ghetto black bishes who talk like that… Always clapping their hands, talking all loud and cussing like men. Act like a lady "yo"!

  3. Sellout! ???? Take several seats Motherfather!!. Always can't hold up the mirror and look at yourselves. You all do wrong to your own and when you get caught in the stew of your won making it is always 'the white witches', 'the black witches', 'the spanish witches'. How about you and Lamar check yourselves and do the right thing to begin with then you won't have to blame other people, when you get caught.

  4. This man is a fool if he doesn't check his finances after being on his deathbed and them hoz and their lawyer was up in that hospital. She needs to hush, she can't make no difference, she needs to fycking moisturize and stop looking dusty.

  5. Lamar's relatives have the combined credibility of a tomato. Thugs. junkies and hood rats. Lamar sure doesn't think much of them.

    I had to lie down after laughing my ass off at home boy claiming the Illuminati tried to murder him.
    Bitch, the Illuminati don't even know who lamar is much less your triflin hood rat ass. I guarantee you that Lamar would shit bricks if he knew that they were talking to the media like that about Khoe.
    Threw him under the bus? you don't know shit about addiction and enabling. No matter how much you love someone, when they won't deal with their addiction you HAVE to cut them off or you are part of the problem. Anyone in AA-NA can tell you that. Lamar was runnin off every month for a drug and sex binge while they were married and SHE threw him under the bus??
    Yall hate the KKKs so much that you can't even see that Khloe is a decent person, and she loves lamar. She just would not agree to love him to death by staying with him while he was killing himself.

  6. Hopefully Larmar makes it through. He shouldn't have gotten with the KKKK & men need to stop worshipping white skin. Find a decent woman. I believe the cousin.

    • Yes. she seems like a real grounded person to me. smh.

      Black women need to get over their hate and resentment for ww. It just makes bm want ww more.
      If you think you're the shit, they you don't worry about other women.

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