Matt Barnes Drags Michael Jordan After He Backs LeBron

matt barnes michael jordan lebron

After Donald Trump basically called LeBron James “dumb” over his interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, while also proclaiming he liked Michael Jordan better, MJ had this to say through his spokesperson:

“I support LeBron James. He’s doing an amazing job for his community,”

But to Matt Barnes, Jordan’s statement wasn’t enough. Aside from posting the above message to the retired NBA great, Matt also included the caption:

“Trump is the perfect example of how a man shouldn’t act! Maybe it’s the little d**k syndrome. After he ended his insecure rant about Lebron yesterday by finishing w “I like Mike” I really feel like for once MJ should step up & say something for all of us who’ve supported this man & bought his expensive a*s shoes for all these years!
#ILikeLebron -Just my thoughts”



  1. Michael Jordan is full of shit and a sore loser when it comes to losing games… he SHAUNED THE KIDS SITTING TO SEE HIM AT THE MIAMI HEAT VS THE BULLS. I ES A SINGLE MOTHER THEN AND HE LOOKED THE OTHER WAY WHILE ON HIS BUS. BITCH!!!

  2. All these celebrities are part of the same thing when it comes to selling out. They all sell their souls for money, fame, and materialistic things. They turn their backs on the ones who helped them get to where they are.

  3. I remember when MJ refused to take a pic with Chamillionaire. His jet black a$$ doesn’t consider himself to be black at all. Kudos to Matt Barnes for calling him out on his bs!

      • F*ck Chamillionaire. I went to one of his concerts back in he day and he was throwing five dollars bills directly at white people. I don’t need his little five dollars but he showed us who he supports. I wouldn’t let my dog take a picture with him.

  4. Why expect some put on BM millionaire to do anything other than what he’s paid to do?
    We have got to stop criticizing the other ‘prisoners’ in this war because we are all facing the same danger regardless of the bank account numbers.

    • Fuck THEM!

      They chose to be high paid slaves and lick their masters ass, which means they chose to turn their backs on their community in the process…because only puppets can get that $$$ellout dough.

      So like I said before…

      They ALL can Eat Several Dicks!!!

  5. Calm down Chico DeBarnes. Go comb and gel your baby hair and take pics for instathots.

  6. I agree with Matt Barnes, when it comes to standing up for our black people MJ is a No Show…

  7. Forget leadership. Read and arm yourselves with knowledge. Black celebs and leaders have always sold us out. They care as much about us as Donald grump.

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