Keyshia Cole Gets Banned From Uber After Aggressive Confrontation

keyshia cole uber

It looks like Keyshia Cole will have to pick up her own meals and drive herself around town because she was just banned from using Uber.

The singer took to her Instagram to post about an aggressive driver who reported her to the business:

“@uber @uber @UberEats smh! They kicked me out of Uber eats I do ALOT OF BUSINESS WITH U GUYS and to have you guys kick me out because you were possibly misinformed. I live in a gated community and one of your drivers was completely aggressive, and hung up on me twice, I wish you guys had a better way for customers to get in touch with you!!! Cause now I’m kicked out and when I travel I use your services!!! Can u guys try to fix this ASAP??? I have business handle …. or ??”

keyshia cole banned uber


  1. If I was a celebrity I’d never take Uber or Lyft. I’m a regular person and get creepy drivers as is.

  2. Why is she making her personal problem a social media problem. We all have food delivery horror stories! Wouldn’t she quality for a driver instead of a taxi seeings how she’s so well off.
    Guess not.

  3. I would have been like fuck uber I would invest my money into another car service and put them outta business

  4. Is Keyshia Cole calling somebody aggressive? She was arrested for beating up Birdman’s chick, she had a confrontation with Fantasia years ago, and admitted to smacking chicks in her hometown of Oakland. She should be banned from being around people. Keyshia Cole has a nasty attitude. She needs a reality check and not from tv

  5. Keyshia Cole doesn’t drive? Keyshia Cole is a miserable person and we all know misery loves company. She’s always had a chip on her shoulder. I understand she had a rough life but that’s no excuse for her nasty attitude and behavior.

    • Right! When she was in Jamaica some years back a close friend of mine thought he lucked up and had the honor of driving her around. By the end of the ride he said “I couldn’t wait to get that bitch out my car”. I didn’t ask for any further details because honestly, I just didn’t give a dam. I like some of her music but as of her personality, girl bye!

      • She does have a nasty attitude. I seen It in person for myself too. Very nasty. Went to one of her small concerts before she got big and on stage she was like y’all gave me half my money up front I need the other half before I perform or these ppl waisted they time. She was saying all this on stage with a mic instead of negotiating before she got up there. She kept saying I’m sorry y’all waisted y’all time, but I need my money first….. like it’s really gone hurt you to sing for 15 min and sue these ppl later. Like come on…

  6. I don’t like any of her music. They had it playing in a drug store once and I fled the scene! The melody and singing made we want to fall out, cry and commit suicide. Her concerts must be just depressing AF!

  7. In my judge Joe Brown voice so you mean to tell me you can’t buy a cheap car of your own Ms Cole a singer that had hit music at one point is that what you trying to tell me because you sound like crackhead

  8. I mean can’t she just use a different email and credit card. It’s never this serious. I’m sure they don’t go by name or address because it’s too many people with same name going to many addresses. Girl change your email and credit card number and keep it moving, it’s not that serious.

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