Eric Benet to Rappers: ‘You Are a Black Face for White Supremacy’

eric benet black rappers

Eric Benét took to his Instagram and went ALL THE WAY off on rappers, calling them a ‘black face for white supremacy’ for what they promote in their music.

Eric captioned the post: “Inconvenient truth to some of the rich and famous.”

Which rappers do you think he’s calling out? And do you think he’s still mad over Jay-Z’s 4:44 diss?


  1. I totally agree with Eric Benet’s comment but is he still mad at Jay Z for what he said in that rap song?

    • Thank you, Eric Benet!! He is absolutely correct. The Caucasians behind these record labels won’t promote anything that uplifts black people. Coons will shuck and jive for a dollar at any cost. Music is the only thing you do where you use your whole brain. And we wonder why young black females are shaking their asses and giving pussy away and young black males are constantly getting high and going to prison. Everything is done by design to destroy the minds, bodies and souls of black folks. This is a battle against good and evil and mutha fuckas don’t even know they are in a war and that there are spies and traitors everywhere.

  2. I agree with him to but isn’t he himself a hypocrite for creeping on Halle???


    • You’re comparing his marital problems to worldwide global black face wyte supremacy?

      • So get cho ass off of here and go fix the world then. It beats you coming on here to bullying people for their comments on a GOSSIP SITE!!!

        Shit, he’s the one comparing rap artists to being a ‘black face for white supremacy’ when he did at least “3” things on his own list?



        And you’re calling me an idiot…GTFOHWTBS


            What’s to be jealous of if you love yourself. There is no better or worse just difference. Its that inbred slave mentality like your (if you are BLACK) reply that keeps us at each others throats instead of accepting everyone’s own unique and diverse opinion but I digress…forgot where I was?
            Carry on…that’s why whips are no longer needed.

    • Halle Berry cheated on Eric Benet when she fucked Billy Bob Thorton in the movie Monsters Ball!

      • Yo dead ass that bitch was getting fucked for real that bitch ain’t that good of an actor.

        • Yes I know, I saw the uncut version of the movie. Halle Berry is a batshit hoe!

    • Thank you, for once I agree with you Black Enga.

      And it’s WELL known that EB is gayer than sprinkles on a glitter Sunday morning.

      That womanizer crap was LIES to throw you off the trail of him being locked in a closet.

      Just like John Legend, Will Smith. It’s calkex a LAVENDER MARRIAGE

    • His music still sells. His career will outlive these new wack industry plant rappers. He can book shows and take a real bag. He doesn’t have 40 white execs and companies in his bag.

  3. Why is Jay Z calling out Eric Benet for creeping on Halle but yet he cheats on Beyonce.

    • Adultery and debasement of the black community, two different things. Creeping comes from people of all races and gender and ethnicity creep. It’s not a black man thing, come on.

  4. Another black man who is ‘woke’ and he is absolutely right. Now they are using rappers to breakdown the resistance against homosexuality in the black community. Black have never really embraced it, but now you have rappers wearing skirts, the degradation is nearly complete.

    • You are the Fool for not understanding how watcheing what these assclowns do influences young people consciously & unconsciously…especially when they have no real role models in their lives.

      • So now you are using male handles?

        You need to Stop using multiple handles to say the same BS over and over and over again psycho…

  5. Despite what he has done in the past he is absolutely right. These rappers are nothing but coons who have poisoned the black youth and community. The sad reality is that it will never stop only get worst ?

  6. Thank you Eric Benet. One hundred percent respect for this brother. Ever since the eighties decade, hollywood and the government infiltrated rap music, destroyed it and used it as a tool to poison us, put us in prison and kill us. Jacky did a article about this years ago; look it up.

  7. Rappers make the music but who owns the record label? Who owns the radio stations? Who signs the rappers paycheck? Who decides which rappers become famous? Racist white men like Clive Davis, Len Blavatnik and Sumner Redstone own every aspect of rap music. Therefore they own the rappers; it’s a new form of Jim Crow/slavery.

    • They dont hear you tho…their minds are too focused on trying to one up strangers on the internet rather than facing the TRUTH!!!

      They all signed the dotted line and do and say what their told.

  8. Use a black face to destroy the black race. Here is a list of some rappers that have been used to poison us, imprison us and lynch us:

    1. Cardi B

    2. Nicki Minaj

    3. Ice Cube

    4. Dr. Dre

    5. Eazy E

    6. Soulja Boy

    7. Migos

    8. Puff Daddy

    9. Lil Wayne

    10. Young Thug

    If you listen to profanity laced rap music, stop. That type of rap music is a weapon of mass destruction designed to destroy us.

      • Nwa served the satanic agenda gangster rap was all about sex, drugs, and death

        Eazy was a drug dealer, had sex with thousands of women died young.

        Cube was an actor from day one he played a tough guy, thug, then acted like a revolutionary then acted like a Muslim then acted like don mega or king if the west or whatever cube acted like

        Pac was an actor too he acted like a revolutionary, or rebel or the panthers last hope can’t be pro black and phukk white girls like he phukked Madonna then he went from thug life to makaveli the don and acting like a gangbanged was what got him killed

    • You, and your soapbox list lol.
      They are entertainers, Hollywood jesters for a living…
      They are not responsible for the black race slowing destroying itself. SMH

      • Yes they are, idiots like you are just too slow to understand everything we do, ignore & refuse to acknowledge has consequence.

  9. Rappers are grown men,does not make a difference who owns the labels,they make a choice to do Labels bidding,the blame is on rappers to do this insane shit! Eric is right,and Jay Z should be talking to these dumb ass rappers who are selling all black people out,not going in on Eric for doing the same shit he does in Spades. Thank You Eric!

  10. Who ever thinks that rap music is not powerful…….you must think again. If it wasn’t powerful white people wouldn’t be in it. From rapping to owning recording companies…….its the early 1950s all over again when black people were entertaining and not owning anything. Getting paid just enough to come back and record another hit while financing the white man’s lifestyle.

  11. If rappers are the blackjack then WTF is he, cuz this dude has been a closeted home way before this story

    • Good article. I was just thinking the other day that Smokey Robinson is probably the only Motown artist who really made money since he wrote most of the Miracles’ songs as well as other acts. I assumed he even owned the masters but then I never followed Motown artists that closely. Then I remembered that he still tours…dude is almost 80 years old!

  12. I read that HB was high up in the illuminati AND she has some issue when it comes to men where she stops wanting them after she gets them – thus her men end up straying or dumping her.

  13. Halle Berry is nothing but a tragic mulatto hoe who got lucky. Her acting skills are average and inconsistent. Halle fucked, sucked and served her pimp so well, he decided to make her the richest and most popular black actress in hollywood. By the way, her former pimp is Vincent Cirincione. Jacky has done several stories on him; read the archives.

    PS: Vincent Cirincione’s current number one black hoe is Taraji P Henson

    • STFU…

      You act like she is the only one…when dudes in the industry have had to bend over and blow for what they have too.

  14. Faithful and truuuuue

    Benet has hits.

    That said.

    1. His comment is true, but the blame is shared.
    2. Black people don’t control mainstream, large media nor are they the biggest consumers of rap. This is about rap that has the backing of large media companies and major corporations. It’s about the rappers with popularity manufactured by them.
    3. When black people were running hip hop it was diverse and had a strong problack, progressive voice. Even with all the guns, other stuff existed because no one wants a whole record or show of guns except white people. Now it’s McDonald’s rap. Everyone has the same beat, flow, and content. It’s all designed to be cheap and make artists into disposable, interchangeable puppets that say what white children want to hear. Talent isn’t even allowed unless you’re an established act.
    4. White people are putting wack, ignorant, racist hip hop on the big stage. That’s what they want see. It’s like porn to them.
    5. White execs are telling major rappers they can’t make political or positive songs, unless it’s totally fake and the artist has a bunch of mulatto children and white friends.
    6. The industry targets people who are desperate and clueless and will do anything for a dollar. I won’t defend them because it’s still a choice, but there will always be one. Naturally, white people will find them. If whites smell confidence and morals, they’re not letting that person in the game, or the nasty stuff behind the scenes chases them away. You wonder why some dope artists mysteriously walk away. That’s why. Again, when we controlled things, those artists didn’t last long. Rappers literally jumped them for being sellouts.
    7. Audiences, mostly black, are literally thanking “old school” acts for putting out new records, so people can get substance and art. Generations ago, these dudes would have been replaced by the new stuff, and quietly retired. Now, they’re preventing the art from turning into hot garbage.

  15. This is one of the realest rappers from Chicago I’ve ever had the chance to really listen to during his interviews without getting turned off even though I dont really get into rap music like that. Someone posted an interview on how he met with top industry people in hw and how he turned them down. True to life that all money ain’t good money.

    I hope I can some day run up on him and kick tha P about life and shit. He seems like someone you can “real talk” to for hours…maybe I’ll see him at Harold’s or something lol.

    Much love Montana Of 300!!!

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  16. Nothing but 100% truth. And this goes for ALL of these rappers. Both of today and back in the day. West Coast rappers are the WORST offenders of this. This is why I don’t give any of these rappers a dime of my money. Dj Quik, Snoop, Too $hort, Cube, Dr Dre are all coons, step and fetchets, and are all nothing more than industry manufactured puppets; selling their people out, and promoting black genocide. This current thot culture we have, we can thank all of these wannabe gangster rappers of the 90s for.

    • West coast did bring some ignorance, especially with them clowning Afrocentric stuff. But that doesn’t change that they coexisted with all kinds of artists. It wasn’t like they were the only hot ones. But someone who’s like 9 wouldn’t know.

      Funny tho because people called Hammer sellout while he made positive dance music, and Cube told fake hood tales and clowned Afrocentric stuff. Then Hammer sonned him IRL. ??‍♂️??‍♀️

      Cube to this day defends disrespecting women all over the record. Like, bruh, rap about something else. ??‍♂️??‍♀️

  17. And stop blaming hip hop for institutional racism, the prison industrial complex, cointelpro, and a bunch of other things plaguing the AA community.

    Those problems were there long before anyone put a kangol on.

    • They use every tool in their arsenal, so don’t sleep on music…because it is definitely one of those tools that fucks up many a mind, soul & spirit.

      • Yes, music is definitely part of it. That’s why so many big artists started switching up their sound/style/marketing in the 80s. They were tired of white execs telling them to make songs about misery. They had to step away from soul/r&b to get away from the bs.

        However, it’s mad ignorant to act like hip hop singlehandedly causes the destruction of AA communities and progress. White people are flooding poor neighborhoods with drugs and guns, denying black people employment/investment opportunities, and building more prisons than schools. The average Asian immigrant gets little if any of the resistance AA do. In fact, they’re used as tools along with Mexicans to keep opportunities away from AA. They’re scared of our talent and success.

        And again, there was an entire era of hip hop focused on positive, progressive music. Public Enemy, Queen Latifah, and tons of popular rappers all contributed to this. Even at the height of west coast popularity, Queen Latifah had a hit about women telling men to basically GTFO with the b and h talk.

        • Where did ANYONE say it single-handedly did anything?

          I guess reading comp isn’t your thing…for not knowing tool means “A”or singular item…or maybe you mistook it to mean what you are.

          Get off the soap box …protesting too much for no good reason only makes you look like the clown you are.

  18. the nigga totally right cuz lotsa these niggaz college graduates and shit but promote gangsta shit “control the music u control the children” why aint these niggas tellin these chirren that graduating is gangsta or its lotsa these fuck niggs out here rappin (promoting)smoking and drink and sippin lean but don’t smoke drink or sip lean IRL(I’m on that good kush and alcohol) foh nigga….buffoonery coonery at its finest

  19. Most people are too inadequate, lazy and dumb to fully comprehend the past, present and future in order to see the bigger picture of ANYTHING that’s important and meaningful. That’s what the rich and powerful have been betting on for centuries to maintain control/influence over the masses and they’ll keep winning as long as this cycle of idiocy continues (which undoubtedly it will as evidenced in a lot of these comments).

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