LeBron & Tristan Thompson Caught Creepin’?

lebron tristan toronto

LeBron and Tristan Thompson were spotted out in Toronto hanging out with a bunch of women…one who looked A LOT like Tristan’s baby mama, Jordy!

The NBA players were in town for the Caribana festival. Do you think they were up to no good?


  1. This is not necessarily an indication they are cheating, but both cheat on their wags. The ladies know it and stay with them so, their problem.

  2. No one in hollyweird is faithful. Idk why these weird ass people even get married.

  3. Marriage is a commitment for better or worse. It may or may not have anything to do with sexual purity.

  4. Yes,but these guys don’t try to hide,not even to give respect to the women they married,some men do have enough respect to not embarrass their women!

    • Its better these dudes dont marry these women so that they can fuck all the bitches they want.. its these women that keep asking these niggaz to marry them then they start acting like he’s suppose to be faithful n shiit.. Bitch there are plainty of pussy to go around, they need to stop acting like its a surprise. If they keep aggigating these men then they might not want to marry in the first place, cause it seems to bring more fuckary for these men than good.

      • How do you know the women are the only ones who wanted to get married?

        You don’t, so you can shut that BS off right there.

        If these dudes want to be hoes they shouldn’t get married, but no ones force them to put a ring on it or walk down the isle either, if they aren’t done hoin’ they need to remain single instead of putting on a front for the public to enhance their BS family man “brand.”

  5. Is TT trying to play for LA? Isn’t he still with Cleveland? What’s going on here? Does he think LJ has some clout/pull to get him to LA?

  6. You marry a celebrity get ready for infidelity

    Khloe should be used to men cheating on her by now

  7. It’s not clear who’s with who. It looks like a meeting and the women could have came with someone else.

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