Trump Slams Don Lemon & LeBron

trump don lemon lebron james

Donald Trump finally caught up on his DVR and tuned in to LeBron James’ interview with CNN’s Don Lemon. In the interview, LeBron said Trump was using athletes to divide the country. “I can’t sit back and say nothing,” LeBron said.

And now, Trump is attempting to clap back:

trump don lemon lebron james dumb

Trump will be in Ohio tonight to campaign for Troy Balderson…the same state where LeBron just opened his historic $8 million I Promise School public school.


  1. They ALL can eat several Dicks!!!

    I don’t watch sports the way I used to as a kid, but seeing all the hand signs this nigg…throws up is all the confirmation I need to who his allegiance is to….smfh.

  2. Who is making money off this spectacle of words? Why is LJ’s humanitarian philanthropy being so publicized – kinda like Ooprah was. When they put BM on a pedestal it’s usually so they can knock em down….just sayin.

  3. Lebron has opened a school for children. Thank you Lebron. Why can’t we all donate money to help Dr. Umar Johnson open his school for black children. If we can donate millions to Mercedes, Louis Vuitton and Disney, we can give money to Dr, Umar Johnson. #RecycleBlackDollars

    • Stop sucking on all these fake prophets Dick!

      If he was worth a damn he would have found a way to raise the $ he needs by now.

    • Sorry “NBA is fixed” but who are you trying to confuse with your comment? Dr. Umar Johnson received enough money to open up a school but he didn’t instead he disrespected the mostly Black people who gave his con man, bum ass money for not giving him more money, please do not compare a con man to a NBA player who doing what he can to help his people. Thanks

  4. In other news, Melania is somewhere thinking about LeBron like… ????‍♀️??

  5. Sorry “NBA is fixed” but who are you trying to confuse with your comment? Dr. Umar Johnson received enough money to open up a school but he didn’t instead he disrespected the majority of Black people who gave this con man, bum ass money for not giving him more money, please do not compare a con man to a NBA player who doing what he can to help his people. Thanks

  6. Donald Trump and CBS CEO Les Moonves are currently being accused of sexual assault. Both of these men are white and super rich. Mainstream media will not broadcast the identities of the women accusing these rich, powerful white men of sexual assault.
    When boule Bill was accused of sexual assault and rape, all of the tv networks gave those old white bitches hours and hours of tv time so they can tell their stories of how boule Bill allegedly rape them. To put it in layman terms, Trump and Les Moonves are being protected by the white owned media. Boule Bill’s career and legacy has been tarnished and destroyed by the same mainstream media. Boule Bill was found guilty before he went to trial. In conclusion, white privilege and racism is real and it’s happening as we speak.

    PS: Does anybody know the name of the women accusing Trump and Moonves of sexual assault?

    • Why do you do this?

      We all know the rules are different for saltine pigs, yet the difference in these cases is NONE of the women they assaulted are screaming RAPE.

      Cospig did more than assault some of those women…some of them were Penetrated w/o their consent and drugged so they could NOT say NO, while he was doing lords knows what to them while they were unconscious.

      This is why he was convicted publicly and in a court of law…Dumb Ass.

      And YES the names of the women who were assaulted by the other two who want their identitities known are out there.

      • Since you want to take this conversation to that direction, let’s talk about Brock Turner; a white man who was convicted of rape. What was his punishment? No prison, just a few weeks in city jail and a fine. Let’s talk about Owen Labrie, the nerd kid from the state of Vermont who raped a underage girl. No prison time for Owen Labrie. No “Me Too” or “Times Up” for Donald Trump, Les Moonves, Brock Turner or Owen Labrie. Why? Because they are rich and white.

        • How about you learn HOW to READ…You Dumb BITCH.

          I already said the rules are different, that does NOT make what Cospig did OKAY…he should have done the RIGHT thing instead of abusing his power…and one count of rape DOES NOT equal Decades of RAPE…wrong is wrong and we ALL know the rules are different when you are Black except your boyz Cospig & Simhog who is also pulling a rich boy move and moving to a NO Extradition Country because he KNOWS he is GUILTY.

  7. Black Men will not learn that they are being systematically killed,made to pay white wives millions,because they refuse to face facts about their own stupidity of marrying white,sleeping white,forcing themselves on people who hate them,namely white men who resent them for taking their women,been going on since slavery. Just because they have money now,does not mean white men accept them,the hatred of black men will always be the same as in slavery,OJ thinks he is loved by all whites,when actually they hate him with a passion,I do not blame White men,I blame Ignorant black men who lust for white flesh,once they have money to give these women,too bad Emmett Till had to pay with his life for that hatred of a white woman,even though he did nothing to warrant that hate,things have not changed since 1955,the Hate Is still there! Nine black people died in a church from a white boy who held that hatred inside him,in fact he said that when a black man in that church said to him “ brother you don’t have to do this” while reloading his gun white boy answered him “yes I do,blacks are taking our women” The Hate Is Real Black Men Are Not Listening,Too Bad For For Our Race,We Will Keep Dying,Because Of Black Men’s Lust For White Skin,God Help Us!

    • We are NOT dying because of lust…it is because of HATE.

      What pisses me off is the majority of us have no clue of who we are, when the information is out there now…the reason they hate us is because we are Yahveh’s Chosen.

      None of you Moron’s ever wonder why they beat our history out of us, gave us their names and literally tore our families apart… When this has happened to NO OTHER group of people in history, do you? Or why they destroyed as many artifacts as they could that show who we really are and replaced them with their white images?

      How about the fact NO afriKKKants claim us, typically hate us and even sold us into slavery. It is because we are NOT them!

      Everything we have been through and continue to go through as his chosen people, is our punishment for not following Yahveh’s Laws, it was all meant to happen, but it does not mean we MUST stay ignorant…you all need to do some research, and stop believing everything these people have fed you.

  8. ^^^^ Well said Mattie Hardy. Emmett Till was the victim of a lynching. OJ, boule Bill and Tiger Woods were victims of High Tech lynchings and Blake Griffin is the newest victim of a high tech lynching. Unfortunately there will be another successful stupid black man who will fuck around with the devil’s daughter and assume he has white privilege. You know what happens when you assume.

  9. Lebron James is married to a black woman and hired a black man as his agent. Michael Jordan divorced his black wife and married a white bitch!

    • That does not mean he is worth a damn…he was caught dming some white bitch and the story is posted on here!

      He is a cheating POS and becky’s are included in that mix.

      He also is throwing up their devil signs every chance he gets, he ain’t shit but another bought and paid for ngga….fakin’ the funk.

      • Also he was sleeping w/ Beyz’s counsin Angie while with Savannah. Check THOSE receipts on LSA

  10. The president is absolutely right that Lebron is dumb to waste money on a school when IT IS THE GOVERNMENT JOB to provide education with our tax dollars. Look at your check and all the dollars they take out for taxes. Vote for people who use your tax dollars wisely. Don’t waste money on something the government is obligated to provide.

  11. White bitches accuse boule Bill of rape, he is found guilty and is likely going to prison. White bitches accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault, he becomes President. 100% proof of racist American hypocrisy.

    • Stop comparing Drugging someone to unconsciousness to commit Rape to Sexual Assault they are NOT the same…both are horrible, but Hardly the same.

      FYI…Cospig openly admitted to Drugging these women … all of them weren’t white and he has been doing it for close to 50 years…this other clown as much of an idiot as he is said some stupid shit and had some inappropriate physical contact, while mainly paying for sex, but did not use Drugs to incapacitate them to do whatever he wanted to them…unlike the Convicted Rapist you are comparing him to.

  12. Good points Mattie Hardy/19:22,even though this is supposed to be a gossip site i can tell
    there is critical thinking going on in here,the hate is REAL.Solutions,love yourself and your own
    so you can love others…
    Black ppl have always been the prize
    becuase we always had and still have
    something that other ppl want,think
    they cant do without & don’t care to pay for
    Dr John Henrik Clarke

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