Cardi B’s Counting Down ‘Til She Can ‘Ride’ Offset Again


    cardi b offset sex

    It looks like Cardi B is ready to jump back in the saddle, and she’s counting down the days until she can get some post-pregnancy action with her husband, Offset.

    Here’s how it all went down.

    cardi b offset cowboy

    cardi b offset pregnant again

    How soon before they give their daughter Kulture another sibling?


    1. Uggghh…just Ugghhh…some things should really be kept private.

      The sooner the better (on the sib)…if she drops another one quick maybe that will keep her ass sidelined for Good!

    2. This girl is beyond slow her boby is still healing it’s takes at a year for ur vagina to tighten back up duh when selling ur soul goes horribly wrong


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