T.I. Blames the Media for His Messy Marriage

ti tiny marriage

T.I. stopped by The Happy Hour With Heather B and talked about the tabloid reports and gossip surrounding his family and marriage.

“There’s no catastrophe that we can’t get through together. Now, the commentary and observation and just the sensationalizing that others do to it only complicates matters and muddies the water even more. She and I ain’t ever really trippin’ to the point where the media be trippin’.”

He also says he and Tiny sit down and “laugh” at all the media reports. He also said whether he and Tiny are separate or apart, they’re always together.

Hit the play button to hear what else he had to say:


  1. Yeah the media had you slap that chick on the azz…and take them others out shopping…You sold your fam biz and a whole lot more for some change, no one made you do it…ngga please!

  2. So he’s on that media bandwagon now. Just divorce and end the back and forth drama or stop with the IG shots! Go away for a year and come back. Damn!

  3. How about him and Tiny are swingers and have always been swingers. It is a known known in the Atlanta community.

      • Why you think he is with her…she is a Freak!

        She was prob the first one to turn him onto that shit and turned him out.

        He also put this info in his music, so…

  4. The Media sure is taking a lot of Lsss since 2016. Don’t feel sorry for them! How many of their stories cause black folks demise? I’ll wait………

  5. I wonder if Teeny is really impressed with the tipster. I watched an episode of their show a long time ago where he took the fam on vacation. He kept braggin on the spot and all she could say was ‘it’s alright’ and looked bored. I knew then it aint all as it seems.

  6. Please,Without media where would he be? In jail,no money,an unknown black man living in a ghetto,mentally he,and his wife are still in a ghetto of the mind with all their bullshit drama,he does not love his wife,he loves his lifestyle,silly women throwing themselves at him,still being treated as A N—-r being profiled as one by white cops trying to get into his own home,so please spar the fake bullshit with this Ignorant Black Man!

  7. Cheaters = Stay Cheating !!! (Tiny & TI) ~ Cheating Is “F U” In Body Language !!!

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