Eric Bénet Claps Back at Jay Z’s Album Diss!

eric benet jay z diss

After Jay-Z dropped his album 4:44 and sneak dissed Eric Bénet, the R&B singer (and self-proclaimed sex addict) is clapping back!

In case you forgot, this is what Jay had to say in reference to cheating on Bey:

“You almost went Eric Benet/ Let the baddest girl in the world get away…”

Here’s Eric’s response:


  1. We talked about this a year ago, Eric Benet and David Justice have found true love. Hit and run Halle is still playing the victim game. Halle is still a bat shit crazy bitch who is 50 years old performing childish stunts to get attention. For your information and Jay-Z’s information, you can’t be the baddest bitch in the world when you are the craziest bitch in hollywood.

    • True. The cheese steak sandwich Baby stunt wasn’t cute in the least. Why pose like that for cameras if you’re not pregnant?

    • Sorry- Eric B is gay gay gay! I saw him recently in Long Beach, Ca holding hands and kissing his man love. Latino guy- I forgot his name. The person I was with was shocked because we all thought he was a ‘sex addict’. I guess that and the fact he let Halle go was code word for gay/she’s a beard. #facts

    • If she’s bat shit crazy because she’s had more than one man or relationship in her life ALL OF US ARE!

      AND, how many women haven’t fallen victim to:
      a beater (Wesley)
      a cheater (David, Eric and now, Olivier)
      a moocher (Grabby the daddy)

      These are all FACTS!

      So she’s supposed to stay, just to keep other folks from talking about her? Furthermore, the only difference between the average woman who has made some mistakes and Halle is that Halle’s mistakes are on blast, and ours aren’t.

      Eric Benet needs to move on and stop trying to get his shine off of or throw his shade at Halle. It takes TWO to make and break a marriage. He was no saint.

      • She is just a silly jump off wanting to blame men for her issues, you sound like one too. Now find another excuse to have many men hitting and quitting you and leaving you with loose walls.

  2. What’s with the confessional. Why everyone got to tell all their secrets. They must need money.

    • What else would he talk about? Buying another house? Or how much $$$ he has?

      People have always written about their personal biz…especially in country & blues songs, rap & hip hop does not always have to fit some weird mold of what people think it should be i.e only party music or only gangsta etc..

  3. Eric Benet thinks he’s all that. Halle is talented and wealthy and your bish is a bum.

  4. Gay Z: Yo beignet , marrying one of Prince’s leftovers is hardly having the baddest chick, but since that is what you are stuck with, we all know that is what you HAVE to say!

    • Leftovers chick allegedly preg while still married to P. it looked like they put they minds together to rob they rich exes P. was so cool you never heard about this isht he just wrote her off quietly as Hallie fought to hold onto her coins she knew he was fawkn somebody & kicked em straight to the curb, now they pimpin the late P. allegedly off his charity… BTW, she ain’t neva gon be no Hallie Beree! She just yo average looking groupie with long hair who got lucky off her looks, was a dumb fool to let P. go hey ain’t blak ain’t yt either P. shoulda never married that ego got bigger than his… hey ya’ll brothas stop lettin these exxoticals trick ya’ll wit they trophy looks they ain’t gon treat you like nothing no way ask Russl Simons. Btw did she re-marry just to stay in the USA? Now eat your cake Erik don’t be bitter cuz Z mean that shoulda been the blak sista you so into and braggin bout.

  5. Two boule coons, i could give a fuck. This site must be getting some payola to report these types of stories on these fools.

  6. What would Jay know about having the baddest girl in the world? Halle lives like a self thinking, independant woman, with standards, while doing her own thing without anyone telling her to or co-signing her actions. Beyonce is nothing more than a robot, who sings about what Halle represents, but she is not on that level. She’s controlled, sheltered, and tries to be like everyone else instead of being her original self. As a matter of fact…Will the real Beyonce please stand up? I mean, Jay’s relationship with Beyonce reminds me so much of that of a pimp and hoe relationship. But he wants to have a say about someone else’s relationship and some other “Bad Bish”… If this is his response to his wife’s Lemonade Album…then I’m not impressed and have grown awfully tired of their con “Artist” games.

    • It is what it is. She’s worth millions off her talent so you gotta respect that. I just feel like if she was darker she wouldn’t get the amount of love she gets. And for them to call her Beysus like comparing her the Jesus is super duper wack I don’t like the idol worshipping she promotes.

    • Halle Berry is the white man’s sex slave and Beyoncé is a Camille Cosby type of Stepford wife.

  7. Why this ok dude still doing albums ain’t he like 50 already lol Jay-Z old an talking bout anything I guess that’s what senior citizen rappers do

  8. This deal will be pissing and s******* the bag soon and probably in the rappers retirement home lol

  9. I got something else to say, If hit and run Halle was the baddest girl in the world, she would have co-starred in the Black Panther movie. Halle Berry isn’t in it. Angela Bassett is in the Black Panther movie.

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