Mary J. Blige Says Her Ex Jacked $420k to Live It Up with New GF

Mary J. Blige is ripping into estranged husband Martin “Kendu” Isaacs for spending her hard-earned money on his new girlfriend, and demanding she support his kids from a previous relationship.

TMZ obtained new docs filed by Mary in the divorce, and she says during the marriage Martin took more than $420,000 and chalked it up as “travel charges.” Remember, he was her manager … but Mary says those expenses were not business-related and did NOT include her. She says Martin spent that dough on his gf.

As reported … Martin is asking for more than $110k per month in spousal support, but Mary says that’s outrageous. She says, “I am not responsible for supporting [Martin’s] parents and his children from another relationship which he lists as ongoing monthly expenses.”

Plus, Mary says there’s no money left for handouts, anyway.
In the docs, she says their estate is “underwater” … to the
tune of $10 million. As she put it, she has all the burden of
covering their expenses, while Martin “contributes absolutely


  1. Damn ,damn Mary ,you got with a weasel,fuck his fam kendu,get a job nigga,leave the queen alone!!!

  2. This should be a lesson to all women who experience low self esteem at some point in their lives (there’s a ton of them in Hollywood) and get with some dude who makes them feel less broken. Then as soon she heals inside she realizes that the person she is with is not who they passionately desire. It’s always best to ride out the issue first and then get with a man. He can’t reinvent the celebrity that already exists. The thing is these men know they are getting in at a vulnerable time so I don’t feel bad for them when it all blows up to shi#!

    • Partners in an unbalanced income situation should never marry without a solid prenup. Just don’t do it. The partner making less will have zero motivation to work. Why work for $70K a year when that’s how much your partner makes in a week. Include everything in the prenup including support for your partners family, as in zero obligation. Include your net worth prior to marriage is yours and not part of the divorce agreement. Only half of the earnings made during the marriage. And never marry without vetting your partner. This man didn’t just turn into scum. He was like that always.

  3. You ain’t never lied!! Mary knew this madness was coming for some time. The writing was ALWAYS on the wall. Ole girl just had to take off those rise colored glasses. Kendu used and abused Mary from front to back. Thoroughly disrespected her in more ways than ever imagined. Hopefully she comes out of this madness unscaved. If it were me though. I’d have my people pay him a nice lil visit under the cover of darkness. I know its wrong, but dude been asking for it for some time now. #JustSaying

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