Aaron Hernandez Planned Death ‘For Weeks,’ Left Suicide Note for Gay Lover?

aaron hernandez suicide notes

Aaron Hernandez’s death was ruled a suicide, and now investigators report he had been “planning his suicide for weeks.”

The former NFL player had given “most of his personal belongings to fellow inmates and covered the floor of his cell in soap,” so he wouldn’t be able to save himself if he decided to back out of the hanging.

Three different handwritten suicide notes were also found in his cell next to a Bible. One was allegedly written to his gay prison lover, and the other two were for his fiancée and his daughter.

He also allegedly had John 3:16 written on his head with a red marker, and the Bible was opened to that same verse, too.


  1. There goes the ‘he was murdered’ theory. This guy was giving his things away. He was apparently involved in a relationship with another inmate and left suicide notes, one of them to him. The new theory is that he didn’t want that information out. It makes some sense now as to why he wanted his little girl in the court room, he wasn’t going to see his family again. Too many angles in this story but tragic all around.

    • Either way it still came out. Funny how he was able to write THREE suicide notes, write John 3:16 on his forehead, barricade his cell door, put soap on the floor & them hang himself.

      • He could have written those notes 3 months ago and hid in the Bible for all we know. The rest probably took less than 30 minutes to do. When you are determined, things gets done. I do wish he left something for his mom and brother though.

    • Wouldn’t u think leaving a letter to ur gay lover a sure way that the entire world would know of the relationship.

      • Which is why the gay thing makes no sense either. He probably didn’t want that to come out yet writes a note to his guy. Maybe he didn’t care this coming out since he would have been dead by then. Big mystery with AH.

  2. I don’t believe this one bit. Dick Gregory said always go with the first story that the media puts out, because that is the closest thing to the truth. For 2 days they were saying there was no suicide note now all of sudden there were 3 laying next to his bible. Someone put a hit out on that man.

    • Exactly @anon11:20. They said there were no suicide notes. Then when different folks started questioning whether it was really suicide; that’s when they appeared.

      • The paranoia and the cynicism runs deep here.

        Have you ever hard of Occam’s Razor? And for the record, it was never stated by the prison or the cops that there was no suicide note. They were exceedingly vague in their initial press releases. You don’t tell the public about suicide notes before the loved ones they were written to have the chance to first see them.

        • Yes and no about the existence of a suicide note (s). I believe the initial report of no notes is correct. Who opens the Bible to look for suicide notes once finding the corpse. It’s a dramatic scene and you look for it in plain sight. Open the Bible and there are 3 notes. So yes, I believe he wrote the notes. But to make sure, they need to authenticate them.

  3. He was gay/bi…it was one of his demons. Odin Lloyd knew about the shit, knew how Aaron and sone dude were hooking up and seemed he was threating him over the shit. Tbh though him and Odin mightve been fuckin. He also even had a secret apartment that only him and his boys knew about. The baby momma was scared of him so she wasnt gonna say shit. Gronkowski is gay and so is Brady, i dunno if they were turning him out, but he most likely was fukin gronk too…i dint think he killed himself cuz he was gay but cuz he knew he would never see the light of day again. He was also getting thrown in solitaty for fighting, he was tired of the shit…

    • On 4/19, another site had a blind item about AH killing Odin. Because Odin caught AH with a man. AH was afraid that Odin would spill his little secret, hence he killed him.

      • Supposedly, Odin was talking about the shooting of the two guys and AH didn’t like it. Now it has changed to the talking gay theory. hmmm.

    • Those are interesting theories. Gronk is like DiCaprio, going out of their way to show the world how many women they can get down with. It’s called overcompensating. I forgot about the secret apartment AH kept for himself, friends for their activities.

  4. 04/19 until 05/01 is a sacred time for those involved in illuminati activities. He was either sacrificed or faked his death.

  5. I knew a guy stabbed a woman to death in her sleep he was as sentenced to life in prison when he got there he was killed by the girls husband the first night in there

  6. You dumb fuks don’t think he was racist cos he’s ho was black? Lol that’s why blks are last on earth.

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