Mariah Carey Vegas Review Tickets Not Selling So Well

Mariah Carey Vegas Tickets

Mariah Carey Overexposed?

Next week sees the launch of the highly priced Las Vegas residency of Mariah Carey. Unfortunately, it seems the people don’t really care all that much.. Rumor has it that there are lots of unsold tickets for the opening night.

“No matter what, we’re going to make it into a festive moment, darling. It’s an extravaganza,” ~Mariah Carey

Carey had arrived at the Caesars Palace entrance in a 1936 pink convertible trailing behind 18 mobile billboards bearing the titles of her No 1 hits including Always Be My Baby (1996) and Heartbreaker (1999).

Men dressed as gladiators then carried Carey through the casino on a platform.


  1. We just saw her at her free event Sun. They were playing her music all ourside under her sign. Mariah is a diva true enough but she was sweet as pie when we met her.
    Must have been the circumstances…

  2. come on now Mariah is getting old!! Her time is running out musically

    Ariana Grande has taken Her top spot!!

    this is what They did to Whitney Houston They replaces Her with Jenifer Hudson

    They will replace the new with the old just like Lil Wayne and Young Thug!!

    • Please don’t compare Arianna to Mariah. She’s not vocally worthy nor has she or will see the success Mariah has has had and continue to have.

      Lol@ Jennifer Hudson replacing Whitney when Jennifer career is a flop.

      • comparing??? are You nuts?? Mariah is trying to out-do Ariana Grande
        because Mariah is jealous of Ariana because She can sing like Her, and because Ariana is younger than Mariah!!

        • Ariana sounds like a wounded dog that is about to die. It is is painful to watch her and listen to her struggle soooooo hard yo sound like she has even a little rhythm. In fact its down right pitiful. There is no comparison here whatsoever.

          • I agree. Ariana is nowhere near to being in the same league as Mariah. I doubt she'll ever get there.

  3. Mariah needs to retire her and a couple of divas holding on to the past.
    As far as that Ariana Grande chick, she has a couple of hits but her albums aren’t even Platinum, how is she a threat when she can’t even outsell Taylor Swift,Beyonce,Adele, Rihanna,Miley Cyrus, or even Katy Perry for all that matter? Let’s not even get into how many chicks in the industry young and old would slaughter her vocally onstage, she’s never going to have Mariah’s career and this is coming from someone who thinks Mimi is one of the most overrated singers of all time!

    Is it really that much of a surprise that tickets to see Mariah are selling slow? Only her delusional fans still think she’s the biggest singer in the world, that ship sailed 8 years ago!I wouldn’t pay for community shows with better singers than her, why would I pay property taxes rates for Mariah tickets?

  4. pop music is evolving and if you want to compete with the beyonces, and the mileys, and todays young crowd Mariah is going to have to upgrade more into the lgbt techno scene.

    just like she upgraded into working with rappers in the 90's.


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