Dame Dash Ordered To Pay Up or Get Locked Up!

Dame Dash Rachel Roy

Dame Dash Headed to Jail?

Dame Dash was ordered by Judge Matthew Cooper, to either pay his baby momma Rachel Roy $341,999.16 in back support payments, or be jailed under threat. Know why?

According to Roy’s attorney, Donnell Suares, Dash owes $91,249 in back child support, school and camp fees, and other $250,750 in debts.

Here’s the drop:

“Damon Dash is a wanted man.

A warrant is out for the music and fashion mogul’s arrest for failure to pay nearly $350,000 in child support to ex-wife Rachel Roy. The drama comes a week after Roy obtained full custody (with visitation rights for Dash) of their two daughters and secured a three-year restraining order against him. They divorced in 2009 after almost four years of marriage.

Since the warrant is civil and not criminal, it’s only enforceable in New York, where the custody issues are playing out. So if police catch up with Dash in the state, he can be arrested and compelled to appear in court, where he’ll face a possible six months in jail if he doesn’t pay up.”


  1. that’s what He get’s for dicking down a White Woman!!

    Their only interact with Black Men who are rolling in shit loads of money!!

    no sympathy, She’s one shady lady befriending Aaliyah than f*cking Dame on the low!!

  2. Boy oh boy! Karma is a true bitch indeed! Who would have thought Dame got a triple dose of his own medicine. Jay was seeing Aaliyah and turned around and took Aaliyah from Jay, Then this fool sacrificed Aaliyah to get ahead in the elites eyes. Married and get the side chick pregnant under Aaliyah’s nose. Now his dumbass is broke, friendless, and no main chick to be there for him! That what his ass gets! Jay blackballed him and sold Roc A Wear for little or nothing. Aaliyah death cause him more pained and depression to the point he damn near almost killed himself with alcoholism. And now his ex is demanding her money for the two kids so she can live that lifestyle she once had before he got broke. Its a damn shame. Did I leave anything out? If so help me out please.

    • sums it up nicely but there is a but the elites and boule are taking him down slowly but surely if dame wants to come back up he better sacrifice one of his kids

  3. Smh … dis bamma on Instagram posting pics of new houses he claims he just bought but owes all this back child support.

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