Chris Bosh is Celebrating Lil Wayne’s Move Out


HSK Exclusive – Miami Heat player Chris Bosh is celebrating the fact that Lil Wayne put his Miami beach house on the market. Know why? Because Bosh and Wezzy’s homes are on the same street and the Lollipop lyricist used to smash the NBA players wife when he was away playing ball.

An insider is saying Adrienne Bosh used to call up Lil Wayne when her husband was out of the house. Wayne would pick her up and pair would have sex in the rappers car.

Dig this drop:

“Chris knows Wezzy used to smash his wife behind his back.

Now that Wezzy is selling his home, Chris is hoping Wezzy moves sooner than later.”


  1. Is it me or what the sandhills name is these women going crazy on a Gremlin that looks like Spike on the movie called The Grimlins? Look like they threw platonic acid rain water on him and the women went fool!

    • Right!! This ugly mf is f*cking more hoes than Denzel, but looks like a turd with locks and a grill. It has to be his personality or charm or money. Looks like ET with s Jheri curl.

      • It will go down as one of life’s greatest mysteries.

        I am a well educated bougie woman, but there is something overpowering about that lil man which defies the laws of sexual attraction. He pulls you in like nails to a magnet and you lose your good judgment as well as your vision. He ceases to appear unattractive while you are under the spell of the Weezamatron.

        Don’t question it. It just IS. Weezy is sexual catnip and heroin in one.

        • All that you mentioned will have you being baby mama #12. One thing about him he does take care of his kids.

        • go and have sex with him and then tell us all about it better yet you can write a book about it or make a video telling everybody how good wayne is and you know how he made those babies.

        • Well said sistah.. I have been told that I am too pretty to be with______. It's just something about them. Every attraction is not based on looks. That is shallow. There are so much more to us as people then just the outer appearance. Some of us don't know how to look deeper.

      • Lil Wayne is actually handsome except that damn tin foil crap in his mouth.He is the type that can spit some game and charming.I know the neighborhood geek who has many girls and young women salivating over him and I wonder wtf is his game? Dude is smart as hell ,charming,speaks his mind,don’t kiss ass ,and very articulate and he aint holding it down moneywise like Lil Wayne but he got natural swag.I believe it’s the same with Wayne his charisma and natural swag lol sumthin you can’t buy or fake .

        • With the Williams brothers it’s about the $$$$. Wayne has talent, smarts and charisma and he would look pretty good if Baby hadn’t talked him into ruining his face.

          • Baby has a face tatoo of LilWayne on the right side of his chest so who’s really in Love?

    • it’s his charm and personality. You gotta remember he was a kid amongst adults and so picked up the talk and swag to access these ladies.He definitely had no doe post juvenile’s departure, let’s not forget the fact he used to wear Gillie’s jewellery in video’s. The ladies definitely didn’t spread it out due to money. He probably exudes the confidence of a man ahead of his age.

  2. What the hell? Chris should drop her like a hot potato. She is a joke of a wife and just disgraceful. Lil Wayne..really? Shameful blasphemous woman…get rid of her asap.

    • LMMFAO, its a good thing she was dealing with Chris Bosh down there in Miami. Most of the dudes I grew up with down there would have instantly turned into Plies and Trick Daddy at once and said. “Ok hoe, now i see why you wanted to move on this mulif*ckin skreet Bih!! If I hada node that lil crackhead lived down there I woulda dropped your ass off a da cona ho. But it’s a good thing fa yo ass rite now that the police down at his house on some unrelated bullshit hoe, cause I wiil kick yo ass all the way down there. But since they is down there, you can put all your lil shit in that wheel barrel bitch and push that shit on round the cona ho to his hoe. And them people who told you it was all about sweet Pwussy Sarutday, lied to yo ass hoe, my favorite day is, tho a bitch out Thursday, peace hoe!!!! “

  3. many dark skinned women are ugly as fck, bitter, mean, jealous and have the nerve to be narcissistic. Every time I look up there is some ugly dark skinned person mad at the world because some light skinned woman is getting attention. Beverly Johnson was an ugly man faced model, Naomi Campbell was always a funny looking, now bald headed crazy woman and I am not going to touch alek wek. You get one or two somewhat attractive dark skinned chicks on tv an black chicks lose their minds. You dont look like them and you are probably transgender. Leave light skinned black women alone.

    • When people admire and put light skinned people on a pedestle as if their Goddesses that’s their business it don’t affect me one bit.When you single out black women as ugly then that’s a matter of opinion.The most important factor is how being a black woman makes us feel.When a black woman knows her beauty and self worth then no amount of insults can penetrate how she feels about herself.All that light skinned verses black skinned beauty is old ,tired and childhish.Black is beautifullllllll and no need to convince you I could care less.Whatever color we better recognize beauty comes in all races and colors and that’s a fact that no amount of insults can change.Wake up foolish one .

      • Black Women are envied!! by White Women and other women

        why do You think White Women get booty and lips shots?? to look like a Black Women
        I personally blame sellout/ un-educated Black Men for encouraging Their White Women to take over the “The Black Women” role

        come on now it’s fact when a White Women dates Black Men they act Black!! meaning Their acting like “Black Women”

        what Their sellout/un-educated black boyfriend’s tried to steer away from because Their didn’t want a “Black Women” to begin with

        so Their basically dating a cheap knock off version of a Black Women!!

        just proves sellout/un-educated Black Men are bunch of hypocrites

        • For someone who hates white and light women so much, why you call yourself bone straight hair?
          Ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

        • We emulate some things about WW and they emulate some things about us. It will always be that way. It doesn’t mean we want to be them and it doesn’t men they want to be us.
          I emulate some things I find attractive about Asian women too, but I don’t want to BE Asian.

          • exactly for white women the standard of beauty is black, and for black women thier standard of beauty is white and you are right they DO NOT want to be eachother they just want to take the best parts of eachother

      • What the frick is wrong with this damn sight… While trying to read posting the page starts rolling and takes me to the end of the comments page. Get it together. Damn!

    • @Uaint I agree with you because Alek Wek is a dirty,ugly Hamite who looks like a baboon that escaped from the field of land of MudHuts.

      • Another brainwashed bastid. Alek Wek is the motherblood. I bet you are a fat skin bleached mother of at least 3 bastids with 2 different men but at least you can get a man, right, LOL

        • Mother blood?WTF is that?Was she the mother blood when her ancestors was selling your Ass into slavery?Alex Wek looks nothing like Sanaa Lathan because Sanaa is from the seed of Shem and those stink Africans lacks our Bronze Luster.The whiteman told you were were from Africa and your dumbass believe him without researching it for yourself.So,who’s really brainwashed you stupid fck!

          • Yep. You have to admit that we don’t look anything like Africans. The skin color may be similar, but so is the skin color of many East Indians and we know we aren’t them.

          • @Anon 15:57 Say it again Sister because they don’t hear you though.All black skin does not mean we’re the same.The Arabs aT and the East Indians are dark so are the Original Chinese and Japanese but that doesn’t make them our brothers.All Nations in the days of Adam were darkskinned but none of them came together.The Slaves Auctions Blocks said “Negroes For Sale”not”African or African Americans”for sale but most of us are to Obtuse to deal with the facts.Much Love Sis.

        • This is sooooo funny all this foolishness over this race that race.God has no time for who’s better than who.All races are messed up based on hatred now if you tell me one race loves more over another race then we can debate.2015 and this planet is a wicked mess.Still no one is getting the moral, spiritual,lesson that God is trying to bring to our hard head attention.Continue on the foolishness what shall we gain?

          • The God Of Israel is a racist himself and that’s the reason he made it a law for us Israelites not to marry the other nations Duet 7:3 and he also stated Verbatim that all nations before him(Israel)or as nothing Duet 7:6.Read it for yourself and grab that empty chair in the process and sit.

            • Than you for continuing to spread hatred against or enemies. I have been reading your posts and are blessed by them. We must spread the spirit of hatred against those who seek to destroy us.

            • @145IQ You are welcomed and thank you as well for having an open mind.This War is almost over and our kingdom if heaven is near.Be strong!Shalom.

        • he hate everyone ecxept the people that he has deemed isrealites which is anyone who agrees with his opinion

    • You all gave this thing too much energy and time. That thing that made the comments about ugly black women is not a real person. Its a troll doing social research and its job is to tremor black women away from black men so it tries to distract and plant discord. Its a cave creature masquerading as a human and its completly full of shit. Ignore it. But it won’t go away, its job is to be here. Back in the hsk heyday jacky would have banned it.

      • I wish you were right, but there actually are a small group of BW here who have had it with BM and they talk about it often. I can tell by some of the more lengthy posts that they are legit and not just trolling. Of course that has nothing to do with the person who made negative comments about unattractive women.

  4. They give all black women dirty looks, whether you are light or dark. Get your head out of your ass. Its called racism. White people hate all black people even the “mixed” ones. Dont get mad now because your white boyfriend dumped your ass. You was hoping to have one of those light skinned kids you hate so much.

    • BM give BW more grief than any white person. BM will leap over 12 Kelly Rowlands for one Roseanne. BM swirl marry more than any other race of men period. Most BM are never married. The few that are married are swirl married. Biggest sell outs and gold diggers is the fatherless BM.

  5. What am I missing. Bosh thinks Wezzy moving is going to stop his wife from cheating. Bosh is either an idiot or gay.

    *******OFF TOPIC******
    did any1 see the recent pic of Jaden Smith in that dress? (think that’s his name…Will & Jada son). If so what are ur thoughts.

    • Saw it and thought it is a matter of time with him coming fully out. Wtf is going on in that household? His sister in bed half naked with some dude who’s older than her and Will constantly kissing his son in the mouth. Modern day version of the Addams Family. It’s a got darn shame too.

    • He IS fully out now. He has declared his love for Tyler the Creator.
      I’m serious. I thought fo sho Jacky would do a piece on that today.

          • Look at this crazy bitch in here talking to herself !!!! You one sick motherf*cking looney !

            • What? I am not talking to myself, I responded to Dog. If you don’t believe me, Google Jayden Smith and Tyler the Creator. See for your own damn self.

            • I believe that I seen it but what I can’t believe it takes 4 ppl you created just to tell this story… Looney!

  6. I agree with you Bone but the Section 8 jailbird babydaddy mamas boys who camp at this blog are broke and dumb!

    BM are over. I don’t want one period. BM say they hate the white man but BM swirl marry more than any other race of men. BM are the biggest sell outs. It takes 2 generations to make a white person, Micheal Jackson, anybody?

    Most Bm are broke as f*ck there is no gold to dig. Last BM I dated had a Section 8 apartment trying to front that he was balling, LOL!!! BM lie like that. Just saw him recently missing teeth trying to mack. Beat it Tyrone, LOL.

    I got beef with BM cause most are crazy and its cause their own daddy didn’t want him. Fatherless BM are dangerous, broke, immature and gold diggers. BM the brokest men period.

    Also I gives a f*ck about who don’t like what I write you same lames living with your mama ‘in your kids life’ LOL. BM rather stand in line overnight for Jordans than stand in line for 5 minutes to meet their kids teacher!

    • Oooh. That stand in line comment hurt. Ouch.

      For any bw who are looking to jump ship, two things- don’t do anything to detract from your natural god given ethnocentric beauty, and be as scrupulously groomed fresh and clean as you can. You will get you a wm quicker than you can say mayonnaise. They like the chocolate and they like it sweet.

      • @Anonymous 13:00

        let’s keep this shit 100, White Women are only with Black Men for one with thing

        the Dick!!

        White Women ain’t with You nicca’s for the long haul!! Their with you for the dick

        24 carrot encrusted dick!!

        once They get f*cked Their will jump (the sinking sellout Black Men) ship!

        • @Bone to be fair some WW are with Tyrone for his benefits and pension LOL. WW take out insurance on their BM. LOL don’t blame ’em but again, I do not date BM no more.

          • And, @Bone most WW don’t want the BM hiv aids herpes dick. BM got short memories. They talk about BW having hiv? LOL. BW swirl the least of any woman so its BM infecting BW. I don’t know one WW dating a BM but my city is more $$$ …its a myth that BM have the biggest peen and are the best lover hell to the no they aren’t.

          • @Anonymous 13:15

            You got the wrong impression of Me, I only date Black Men!!

            it’s really sad how Black Women don’t understand White Men are using Them like a sexual experiment

            Their using Black People in general like free sex toys or like sex teachers

            Black People are being used for sex!

            I remember 2 years I was on a dating website, and the men who would email Me were White Men!
            damn I instantly knew They wanted to use Me for sex!!

            like some cheap dirty little black rag dolls!!!

          • Then you are just another brainwashed fool. BM are marrying nonblack women at high and rising numbers. You can f*ck with those Tyrones and their hiv aids and herpes and bastids. Silly men of course you date BM notice you said date not marry. And yes I’m married.

        • Where do you find the 24 Karat dick? I haven’t been able to locate any in 25 years. I will settle for 14K or even sterling silver.

      • Like most Bm today …I date outside the race. Only thing a BM can do is bring the weed and point me in the direction of a nonblack man.

        Jump ship? LOL Bm swirl more than any other race of men. I will keep posting this fact so the brainwashed mammies and bitter fatherless bastid men get clues.

        Not all white men are the right men, though. Sistas need to date with sleath, not tell all her biz and on the down low.

        When I’m out I see BM with their blobby fat WW trying to roll their eyes at me with mine LOL.

        • Bragging about dating non black men and attempting to Denigrate the same blackman that birted you reeks of someone looking for attention and at the same time has self hate iissues.So,with that being said who’s the real mammy?!Go and Fck yourself you whitemans bedwench!You love those lashes.

          • @BlackAnastasia

            I’m hoping Your not talking about Me!!
            because if Your are I’ll set Your straight.

            Un-Educated Black Women are mind f*cked by the system
            Their think all White Men are perfect and innocent!.

            We know Their not! They steal, They lie, They cheat
            all the above sadly These Black Women are stupid

            tv shows are brainwashing Black Women!!
            The Princes And Frog is about a young Black Woman

            dating a non Black Men!! promoting interracial dating, in other Disney movies all of the princess date Their own kinds

            but in the princes in frogs She’s married to White Man???

          • Self hatge? Nobody hates themselves more than Kanye Kobe Ice T Lil Wayne, etc etc there is no BW that is more of a race traitor than BM and you mammies up here are proving the point. I’ve been here for years. BM don’t ride for BW but up jumps the fatherless bastid women riding for the purple unicorn. Black love is real yall just ask KANYE and KOBE you silly chicks deserve all the herpes and aids their infected dicks can give you, LOL good luck ‘dating’

          • @Anon 14:12 Kobe’s wife is not white and she’s from the Tribe of Issachar which makes her a member of the 12 Tribes Of Israel AKA from the seed of Jacob and a member of the black family even though shea not be aware.When you’re misinformed is best to keep quiet and this is the main reason why the bible says when should learn in silence.

          • @Anon 14:12 Kobe’s wife is not white and she’s from the Tribe of Issachar which makes her a member of the 12 Tribes Of Israel AKA from the seed of Jacob and a member of the black family even though shea not be aware.When you’re misinformed is best to keep quiet and this is the main reason why the bible says women should learn in silence.

          • BA, don’t even get into this bullshit bruh. They pull this shit bout once a week. They turn a post into black men ain’t shit blah, blah blah blah. It’s the same post, the same HIV, they broke, I only date non white. it’s alway started by some white dude hiding behind a keyboard, trying to find cosigners. You don’t date black men, guess what the world is still gona turn, nobody’s life is gonna stop or change because you date non black. No one cares, go and be happy. You want to really make a difference? Go to the mall, show us you are no coward and find every woman that’s with a black an and spew that same hateful shit you spewing now, show your face with your hate. You ain’t real bout it, hit the streets with your campaign. Make some signs motherf*cker, go speak at the church and at the schools, go preach to the masses, call a conference, ask for a television show or something. I can believe you like white men, Cause you talking shit about people you dont even know while sitting behind that keyboard is just like the Klan hiding behind sheets.

            • @EddieLongs YES tell it !!! The tongue is like a sword keep cutting deep with your words.

          • @ELTHP I’m with you my brother.I’m starting to notice that little bullshit trend here as well and it’s a failed attempt for someone that’s seeking attention as if we really give a damn who dates who.I’m thinking it’s that multiple handles person who’s the culprit but I’ll ignore that bullshit from here on.Stay Up!

          • you dont even like black people so why are you mad you should be in agreement with this post

        • @anon 13:11 Can we be honest for a minute? It’s the lower echelon BM who are with the fat unattractive WW. I have to admit that for the most part, Swaggy P aside, most BM of the higher socioeconomic bracket are not with fat blobby white OR black women.
          And if the poor lower level dudes want the fat white baby factories, they can have em.

  7. Are people still falling for that Willie Lynch trick still today about Skin complexion?What many are unaware of is back in the 7th Century if you had fair skin you were looked down upon because everyone in the world during that period was dark or either brown skinned.Being of fair complexion didn’t start to become like a Badge Of Honor until Reconstruction when the whiteman came into power.Don’t Belive Me?Ask King David who was fair skinned himself.

  8. Thank God I am dating a much older Black Man who have me and son’s back and we have his. Knowing him for 23 years. Relationship for 14 years. Can’t get no better than that!

    • does he work or what because you are on here alot, seems like you should be spending more time with him and not on here 24/7 7 days a week posting your personal sensitive info

      • @10:56, I can published whatever I want. I spend my time with him, but keep the relationship longer is not to be underneath each other. I love my space. I do not need a man underneath me 24/7. The relationship is very good. And as for me being up here, its just something to do for the mere fact that retirement can be a bore at times and sometimes it don’t. Don’t judge me, aight.

  9. How did an article about Wayne moving from Bosh’s neighbourhood turn into a race/complexion debate? Like I’m really confused.
    Do we really care about the hoe Chris Bosh married? I mean look at him, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have some sort of arrangement. He gets to sleep with as many men as he wishes and she gets to do her own thing.

    • Easy cheese , two of the lamest f*cks got willie jones in here, they claim they know the bitch is trolling but engage with her anyway … Watch the company you keep.. These niggas can’t be this f*cking stupid right? .. Fell hook line and sinker like tow lonely idiots!

      • That’s just crazy. Wait, all this time Willie Jones has been a woman?
        8:12 why is it you always seem to know what’s going on around here while my slow ass stays confused?

        • Easy cheese cuz the same bird brain troll bitch … Is soo typical and obvious you can’t help but exposed and call her out, let me do all the dirty work just sit back and look pretty! .., have great a day !

          • No cheese Willie is a dude the the old bitch he was attacking put a spell on him and he in turn , turned on the ppl giving him the dirt on her… He then began his Cb accusation tour… Which ended with him getting the boot from Hsk ,it was sad Willie was a good guy !

    • Sometimes it seems that every topic covered here devolves into a hair/skin shade meltdown. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

      • Well that’s all your mixed confused azz knows… You turn these topics into your personal tragic life history of dealing with the blk community , you have a serious deep issue with blk men .. I don’t know why , some blk men love flat azz like you… You don’t ace to bash all sisters… But you stay uplifting white peen and white women vag…. I know this in defense of your white momma who was nothing but a piece of lily white pink pig flesh and blk daddy who left and found him a blk Queen !

        • Well that’s all your mixed confused azz knows… You turn these topics into your personal tragic life history of dealing with the blk community , you have a serious deep issue with blk men .. I don’t know why , some blk men love flat azz like you… You don’t have to bash all sisters… But you stay uplifting white peen and white women vag…. I know this in defense of your white momma who was nothing but a piece of lily white pink pig flesh and blk daddy who left and found him a blk Queen !

          • And all your dumb ass knows is coming on a computer to say that dumb shyt because you know you’ll get your ass whooped in real life

            • By who a senior citizen? … Bitch pls you can’t get off your lazy stink ass to do shit to me … Punk bitch save it!

        • You have me confused with someone else. Both of my parents and all of my grandparents are black.

    • I dont believe willie was a fake troll he always told the same childhood story of his mom being italian and held the same beliefs consistantly, these coons have the mentality of a which hunt in here now everyone is getting accused of being a troll

      • I don’t think Willie is troll he was confused and got caught up … I only mentioned him becuz that same troll bitch in here doing the same thing Willie Jonesing desperate a fools again it’s pathetic to watch … Don’t feed the pig !

      • Willie absolutely was not fake, and I miss him. Whoever it is that accuses everyone of being “Tippie, Tiffany and whoever else” is the exact same person who drove him and Reg away.
        This isn’t my site, but if it was I would ban his/her ass with the quickness because good posters are leaving because of the abuse. I am sick and tired of being called a troll/Tippie/Ms Baylis et al.
        I am none of those people and the moderator could verify that. Why this mental case is so obsessed with trolls and especially Reg and Willie makes no sense to me.
        I remember in grade school when somebody farted they were always the first one to say “Who farted?”
        I think that may be a metaphor for what is going on here now. The troll accuser IS the troll.

        • Typical tTipie with her bait and switch bullshit … You love this whore this what you do why mention Tippie who said her name you paranoid dumb f*ck … See how this stupid bitch just gives herself away … See Cheese , can’t obvious bitch always defends Tippie and Choco … I pride myself in getting rid of your phony Ms Regular name and exposing you to these ppl … Letting them see how stupid they were to believe you really existed .. A lame bitch who googles her info From Mto and claims she’s in Vegas handling her clients biz ,… Bitch gtfoh !

          • You are mentally ill. I know Ms Reg very well and she IS exactly who she claims to be. She has a very high powered job with a multi-national conglomerate which counts a major Asian based entertainment corp among its companies. Rhymes with phoney.

            You are so jealous and sick with envy that you drove away someone who ACTUALLY IS INSIDE THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY YOU FUCKING FOOL.

            Your whole pathetic campaign to drive her away with your Google accusations was sickening to many of us who have known her for years and love her.

            You are a real sad case Anon and I don’t miss. As a matter of fact, you are the most attention starved trick I have ever seen on the net and that’s saying a lot. You derive all your pleasure from whatever shine you get online. You were happiest when you were defending Glok9 during the Halloween massacre in October. Reg stole the attention and you couldn’t handle it so you decided to destroy her. I don’t care what you say to me, it rolls right off my back, so have at it.
            I get a good laugh out of your weak dialogue and comebacks, so keep em coming.

          • The ONLY thing you exposed is just how ignorant you are & how obsessed with me. No one but a select few engage in your negative dramarama. And…like is said before: “The tissue I wipe my ass with is worth more than you on your best of days.” Now, go expose THAT!

        • 😉 Anonymous Apr 15, 2015 at 12:21,

          Wow…You damn sure nailed that one. I couldn’t have said it any better!
          Thank you for demonstrating you have good sense & clearly discern what was really going on!

  10. I just need $50 for every dumbass, self-hating statement on this board, and French Riviera here I come

        • AMEN so sick of everyone accusing people of being trolls for having a different opinion

          • I’m not calling everyone a troll just you and your million names bitch, what the f*ck you mean everyone , stfu!

  11. It is glorious to see enlightened brothers and sisters spreading hatred against the Devils and our enemies. May our offspring rise up and wipe the enemy off the face of the Earth. This website showcases brilliant minds that will not allow themselves to be controlled by media and the 24 hour cycle of lies that we are fed.

    Hatred against the homosexual like Chris Bosh and fake Israelite who bankrolls the hip hop assault on our community and helps our oppressor justify shooting us in cold blood is just and our duty. I pray for you lost souls that think these people are entertaining you. They are sucking the life out of your community and their primary objective is to siphon all of our greatness and create another slave class.

    • Spreading hatred never ends well, no matter how justified you feel. Haters end up consumed by their own hate.

      • Stupid ass trolls get confused switching names and f*cking up like you do on the normal , give it up tramp !

        • Confused to why my views are perceived as trolling. Many people on HSK also hate homosexuals and the fake Israelites. You are implying that these people are friends to our community.

  12. How is this possible when she beefing with Weezy about scamming him for am abortion before ahe was with Bosh? Didnt he Thot shame her when he got ban from a Miami game? I could be wrong.

  13. This is hella funny to me. As if, Chris Bosh is gonna break someone or something. CB is on the low-low. Why is he doing the Telenovela thing, acting so outraged and hurt? Adrienne Bosh is his beard…Stop Playing! Kim K rules apply to these “Foreign Thots” domestically and globally:

    Is he Black?
    Is he a Rapper?
    Is he a Baller?
    If yes to all 3…Get that Dough!

    Women are known to f@#$ the ugliest of men for the pesos. Wayne is no different than the rest. Bosh is stuck with this chick, he has to keep the mirage alive. All of this is a big f@#$%& mess in Sports and Hip-Hop anyway. Lucifer got these brothas dead to rights…Mind Frame!

  14. I have a 9-5 and I would not even let this gremlin drop me off there out of kindness.. No money in the world could let me find him attractive. Bosh is gay.. because no straight man with an ounce of balls and integrity would tolerate that Hoe wife behavior and keep her.

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