Oscar De La Hoya Refuses To Share His Cocaine

Oscar De La Hoya Plate Cocaine

HSK Exclusive – Golden Boy Promotions president, Oscar De La Hoya, is caught in a Las Vegas hotel room with a prostitute and a plate full of cocaine.

Lets Go!


    • Uhm don’t let Lil Wayne hear you singing that song.Dude went crazy on stage when the DJ accidently played that lol.

  1. I see why his ex wife Shana Moakler got full custody of their daughter. Fool can’t leave the snow alone.

  2. Party alone or search people at the door…dosent look like he wants to be photographed.

  3. Seems like that’s a required prerequisite in the industry.Is it mandatory everbody uses cocaine even the ones who never tried it? Geez I’m telling you that “wonderful” life is looking more and more unattractive and miserable.

    • It’s usually to cover up all of the indecent things that has been or is still being doneto them or has been done by them… drugs are illict pain killers for those who do not want to face their problems and would like to forget painful memories.

      • I’m not refuting what you said, but a lot of the broken people who come to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune were sexual abuse victims from childhood. So they frequently are self medicating even before they “make it” and become exposed to the coke party scene.

        I was around that scene some years ago, and while I take issue with the lore of what goes on, such as bizarre rituals like baby blood drinking and rampant sacrifices, there is no doubt that the use of drugs by nearly everyone in the industry is off the charts.
        I mean, it’s as omnipresent as donuts and chips on the craft services table.
        Also, people here tend to be fixated on the homosex in the industry. I promise you that most of the debauchery revolves around young girls and old creepy men. Of course there IS gay shit happening, but it’s a drop in the bucket next to the Harvey Weinsteins and Michael Bays of Hollywood.

        • Yeah you are right and I heard sooooo much about the things that go down and read about it as well.It seems to take the joy out of even being able to focus and indulge in the lifestyle.It defeats the whole purpose of even being rich and famous.

  4. Some of the worst fights I have seen in the hood were over a stolen dope pipe that had at least one possible hit left in it, smh.

    *dope fiend problems*

  5. Oscar is happy as a monkey with a bag of peanuts.. he has his coke and his trans boy at the ready.

  6. who did oscar piss off it seems like he can’t catch a break i guess the elites want him to do something and he don’t want to play. oscar does the rituals just like everybody else when he was dressed in drag that was a bitch photo and also oscar is bisexual. it doesn’t make if your athlete, musican, movie star, etc making top dollar you are to play the game you are gonna suck, f*ck, do blood sacrifice, casting couch, go to those sex orgies. everybody is doing all of this for a paycheck. skull n bones, the black boule, gay secret society own these people. oscar is not staying in line remember that gay tape of him everyone has a sex tape and doing drugs they use them for blackmail.

  7. Univision & Telemundo = 24 HOURS OF DRAG QUEENS !!! Sad but True. (1 Tranny every 15 minutes) ~ Cocaine = More Tranny Fetish

  8. I wonder where all the talk is about how Oscar is bringing down his whole race cause he keeps getting caught in these compromising positions. You mean to tell me that he’s nit considered a detriment and an embarrassment to a whole race of Hispanics cause he stays in trouble? no? nothing? Let that had been a black person and this whole thread would have been filled with 20 new names and 150 comments talking about just how horrible we are. Selective outrage is a mf!




    (That was just for you ANON AND I DONT MISS). LOL LOL LOL LOL

  10. Wit all the pics they got of him!!! And he’s still letting ppl around wit cameras that’s crazy I’m worried!!!!

  11. It looks like he’s at an Asian restaurant having dinner with Shanna Moakler, who he has a child with, and someone at the table started to take his picture.

    He’s got a tall glass in front of him. She’s got a glass in front of her and a tall glass bottle of water. Their phones are on the table. There’s a white plate on the table, but it doesn’t look like it’s full of anything. Just looks like a plate.

    It doesn’t look like a hotel room. She doesn’t look like a prostitute. Actually, there’s nothing about it that looks like they’re doing drugs.

    People need to do your homework.

  12. All these people talking about drugs in the industry are dumb as hell not because there isnt rampant drug use in the industry but because there is rampant drug use amongst the masses as well, not just celebrities hooked on this shyt soooo all it proves is that celebrities are normal phuked up people just like everyone else, as far as the orgies well that also goes on amongst the masses what do you think clubs and college parties and even high school parties are? you can go to a college house party and find people phuking in every room! The only difference between the masses and the elite is the fact that the elite do it to achieve a goal whereas humans are ingorant and dont realize what they are doing and they are just satisfying an urge. There is a new show on A&E called neighbors with benifits about an entire neighborhood of swingers, Sorry to burst yalls bubble but this stuff is not exclusive to TPTB mothers kill thier babies everyday, old men molest little girls everyday, people use drugs every day who are not in hollywood!

  13. It's this his six or more pictures of him doing drugs and sleeping with men or trannies..
    His race should be ashamed of him, being a boxing hero and can't have enough security to insure his privacy.. Oh I forgot this is the generation that loves the press, good or bad.. The rituals have been going on for decades.. My granny was a dancer and a maid, she always said behind the GOLD DOORS is nothing but sin and more sex rituals. She said if she didn't have God in her, they try every trick in the book to get you in there.. She named as the gay actors in her time in hollyweird.. She made enough money in one year, to buy land in the south..

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