Maia Campbell Relapses Again ???

It’s sad to report that Maia Campbell is on drugs again. This after numerous attempts at fixing her life. Most people don’t realize, Ms. Campbell also suffers from mental illness, which is directly related to her substance abuse issues…

This video was published over the weekend and shows the former child star once again being victimized:

The guy who posted the video explains his decision below:

This was Maia Campbell on Iyanla: Fix My Life in 2013:

and here is when she got clean in 2016:


  1. The most disrespected woman in America, is the black woman. The most un-protected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America, is the black woman.

    And as Muslims, the honorable Elijah Muhammed teaches us to respect, our women, and to protect our women. And the only time a Muslim gets real violent, is when someone goes to molest his woman. We will kill you, for our women I’m making it plain yes, we will kill you for our women.

    We believe that if the white man, will do whatever is necessary, to see that his woman get respect and protection, then you and I will never be recognized as men.

    Until we stand up like men and pays the same penalty over the head of anyone, who puts his filthy hands out, to put it in a direction of our women.


    With that said, a BLACK MAN filmed this sister at her lowest point. He didn’t respect, protect or try to get her any help. Instead, he is mocking her and egging her on to make a damn video for nothing more than 5 minutes of hood fame. I PRAY God surrounds her with is protection and she can get the help she needs. SMDH

    • The dishonorable Elijah Robert Poole (Elijah Muhammad) wasn’t respecting black women when he was committing adultery with extremely young black females. He wasn’t protecting those same impressionable young black females when he was impregnating them. Tell the spiritual truth and quit debating islamic lies.

      • I’m not sure what point you are making, since it is well documented (even in the got darn movie!!!) that Malcolm left the NOI over disillusionment at the hypocrisy of the organizations decency standards. He in fact, was probably killed by them because he made such a big deal about it. Soooo, everything he says he believed still stands.

    • Wrong!!!! Jesus is the right name, don’t know who Muhammad is. Woman should be protected period, the guy that made this video clearly ain’t white, so how is he protecting her, more like exploiting her.

  2. Yeah Elijah respected black women so much that’s why he would impregnate all the females in his little cult

    • You took the words out if my mouth.. He was the predator and that alone was disrespectful..
      He was pretending to be one thing, to find out you are the person that doing the most harm..

  3. @mama. You are speaking the best message this site has ever posted. Thank you for sharing.

  4. @mama Thank you for your post. ??Nowadays nobody disrespects black women more than black men. And they wonder why they get no respect. Show me how you treat your women and I’ll show you the state of your race. -Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannon

  5. This video is so disrespectful on so many levels. It’s meant to exploit the most vulnerable people in our society: A person that is suffering from mental illness and substance abuse. The black man is the black communities worst enemy. Why exploit this poor woman for fifteen minutes of fame? My heart breaks for Mia and for the millions of mentally ill people that are not getting proper treatment. May God bless her and heal her.

  6. I agree with what everyone is saying but am I the only one tired of hearing black this and black that And in a negative light at that. Like it’s 2017 and everyday I have to be reminded I’m black like why can’t some people just say it’s messed up that this asshole is filming Maia not that look how this black man is filming this black woman and putting all black men and all black women in the same category !?

    • Because we need to to STOP the SELF-DESTRUCTION!!!

      WE ARE BLACK and instead of runniing from that fact we need to embrace it. We need to get to a place of loving who we are because all that has been poured down our throats since plymouth rock landed on us is how we are not shit!

      Pointing out the disrespect will hopefully get us to a place where we can start to see how this cun-try wants us to tear each other down and destroy ourselves and how we need to be/do better for each other, it is time for this shit to STOP!

      • I get what your saying but the whole thing of keeping putting each other down is not working it’s just putting black people against each other even more. I’m just tired of the stereotyping Every time one black person does something wrong lots of people want to say that’s how the whole race of people are. I think we need to be more positive and uplift our people not say black men are the worst or black women are the worst. There is good and bad in every race people just need to stop focusing on the bad in the black race. The media already portrays us in a bad light now when your own people do it how do you think the rest of the world is going to view us????

        • How do you figure anything is going to change if we don’t change it?

          Since when has ignoring an issue created change? It doesn’t….

          Until we stop feeding into what this society feeds us, stop putting EVERY other group ahead of ourselves and start realizing if we don’t give a shit no one else will, NOTHING WILL CHANGE!

          We SHOULD hold any MF who steps out of line accountable, we need to be a SINGLE UNIT, acting like what one man does, does not matter is what is tearing us a part…

          Stop believing the hype that we need to act more like white folks, we come from a place who says it takes a village….so we need to start acting like one and hold each other accountable while lifting each other up!

          • um I didn’t say we need to start acting like white people and I didn’t say we need to ignore the issue I’m just stating how annoying it’s getting to see so much negativity towards black people especially from black people. Many comments are stating how black men always put black women down and That’s not true some yes but not all so if you want to become a stereotypical comparison that’s you but I do not.

            • Learn how to read…I said stop believing the hype that we should be acting like white folks.

              You are already too far gone in believing we are apart of this society. We ARE NOT, because if we were we would not even be having this conversation.

              So you can stay on that mind fuck shit, while those of us who care work on being what we AS A PEOPLE, were meant to be.

              • And your so-called annoyance should make you want to do something to change your fellow BLACK MAN…because you can say it is not true, all you want but this man’s and other men’s comments on these threads prove otherwise.

              • Your a rude person did I insult you no I didn’t I can read bitch your the fucking problem in the community Thinking whatever you think is right and everyone else is wrong! I don’t argue on the internet so you can move right tf along

              • LMAO…no you are the BITCH!

                And I did not insult you either you just wanted to start shit…it’s cool cuz I saw your punk ass coming.

                So keep it moving gutter trash!…lol.

              • So telling someone they need to learn how to read isent a insult ? Your a dumb ass the only reason I replied back is to let you know what an insult is since you don’t know what one is so good fucking bye keyboard warrior lmfao!

            • When you obviously can’t it isn’t.

              What you said is NOT what I said so speaking truth is just that.

              You don’t even know the difference between your and you’re so who is the dumb one here? LOL!

              Move on asswipe, you had notihng of substance to reply so you are the one who had to resort to actual name-calling.

              • Now run tell that, you fake ass we are the world, self-preserving trick! 😀 😀 😀

    • Right. I own a business and deal with all races. Ppl are all the same, just as many white crack heads as they are black ones, hoes and baby mamas come in all colors. Black ppl assume we the only one going through stuff because we so vocal about everything but I can assure y’all being lied too. Every race got the same amount of dumb azz people. I’ve had two white woman shot and killed by the police in my neighborhood within last 6 months. Neither made the news.

      • First off no one called her or anyone a crackhead or talked abt any of that derogative shit you mentioned, so wtf are you talking about?

        Talking abt unifying and uplifting for the sake of our own, has nothing to do with what the fuck you mentioned so move it along.

  7. Her and lark voohies were such beautiful women it’s so sad to see what happened to them all we can do is pray and hope they get better.

  8. Goodness, this woman is mentally ill and may need to be committed. Where are her family. The prick that videoed this will get his comeuppance one day. Prayers for this woman who needs all the help she can get.

  9. Maia Campbell, Lark Voorhies, Jamie Foxxworth, and Farrah Franklin have become tragic victims of the darkside of hollywood. If there are any black girls and black boys who have a desire to become hollywood celebrities; STOP! Stop watching so much television! Read books, get your education and a regular nine to five job. Please do not make the same mistake as these sistas. Hollywood is destroying the black race. For more information about how cruel and satanic the hollywood industry has been to children, watch the documentary, An Open Secret.

    • What makes you think being a slave to a 9 to 5 is any better than hweird? You are still under the control of someone else, you just get fucked in a different way.

      Please stop trying to preach to people when you are still stuck in the mind fuck…smfh.

  10. Why are y’all so racist??? What does color have to do with anything, y’all never seen a white crackhead? Did y’all forget about All the white celebrities that end up in rehab, overdosing or killing themselves. Why y’all so stuck on playing the victim? I know we supposedly went through Alavert according to these fake azz history books but y’all gotta realize every race got issues, not just us. All white ppl ain’t rich, they broke just like everybody else. Rich ppl don’t have a color, they have a different mind set and that mindset.

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