Love and Hip Hop’s season 6 super trailer dropped on Vh1 and let’s just say sh*t is definitely going to hit the fan…but then again with this cast when doesn’t it?

LHHATL is slated to come back March 6th on VH1!


  1. Who is still watches this garbage. A total disgrace to black culture, and we don’t boycott these actors?

    Black mentality=boycott Nate Parker because he has a white wife but don’t boycott black women who coon for white money.

    • right…tragic and they wonder why white america look down on black women. this is just sad for our community…anything for a benjamin!

      • Shut the fuck up…every trife ass black male in the industry does the exact same thing if not worse.

        • White Man: Why do you wear weave

          Black woman: Because sometimes the pressure of Eurocentric standard beauty makes me want to fit in

          Black man: Why do you wear weave

          Black woman: Shut up nigga none of you business bitch ass. Only puss ass little boys worry about hair #Coons

  2. People boycotted parker because he is a rapist.

    And plenty of black males coon for white money the entire nba nfl and every sport show on tv as well as larry elder ben carson among other backward ass black male.

    And you coon on here for free redumbshit so answer to that.

    • Like I said nobody coons for white attention more than black women. That’s why they ALWAYS interview a black woken after a tragedy in the hood. They know black women will look ridiculous (shower cap, ridiculous colour hair, gold teeth, overweight) and say some really dumb shit.

      Black women= Fox News 1’s best friend

      • Redumbshit coons for free = fox news & amerikka’s shuck ‘n’ jiving cheese grinning watermelon eater…

        • So are you going to ignore that our sistas looking ridiculous during news interviews. Are you telling me that coming out with a pink shower cap for a media interview is okay?

          • And why is it that male coons are richer and have better family structure then female coons. Ben Carson is a coon because he is a renowned surgeon and refuses to let anyone knock him down like hating niggas. Black female coons are the bottom of the barrel, the welfare queens

  3. people boycotted nate parker because he made that movie if that’s the case he woulda been boycotted when beyond the lights came out. that news been out about him and he got acquitted it just so happens that when he decides to make a movie about black people fighting back things get brought up

    • Most of the people leading the anti-Nate Parker charge were black women. #facts
      Black women are not devoted sistas they will snake you when they disagree with you.

        • Not yet… hopefully the lead black man isn’t killing other black men, calling his friends niggas, selling drugs, disrespecting (respectable) black women or being submissive and begging whites for handouts. If he is we need to call him out

  4. Not everyone knew about him being a rapist and the woman killing herself…so no it was not known news to all.

    Acquittal does not mean he did not rape her either.

    • It seems to me that in regards to rape cases the man is guilty regardless of the verdict. Smdh. He cleared up the air and said it was group sex gone wrong because she felt embarrassed AFTER THE FACT.

      The victim was white but I find it weird that in the hood a black woman will get a train ran on her and then lie on ALL THE NIGGAS because one brotha was a jerk. Don’t believe me ask Derrick Rose

        • #CrazyChris in the hood running trains on black women is normal, even rap music glorifies it. “Bridgette was a hoe” by NWA affiliates brought that into the forefront. But now with this so call rape culture brothas are being framed

            • But I wonder why the gangster rap era of the 80s and early 90s was so misogynist especially in regards to black women

              Words original used for black women:

              Hood rat, Chicken head, Bop, Hoe, Stank, stank hoe

  5. Damn why is that dudes hair relaxed?! And why the hell is rasheeda still with kirk? She’s so pretty, shoulda left a long time ago!

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