Reggie Bush Refuses to Pay His Side Chick Child Support

reggie bush side chick child support

Now that his side chick, Monique Exposito, has given birth to baby Preston, Reggie Bush is reportedly refusing to pay child support.

According to Bossip, Monique says Reggie is playing “financial hardball” after she broke their confidentiality agreement.

In case you forgot, Reggie gave Monique millions of dollars in exchange for her silence and for her to abort the baby. She obviously didn’t go through with it, and now Reggie is refusing to pay her any more money.

The stress of being a new money and taking on the financial obligations all on her own means Monique has been forced to leave her three-week-old son with a babysitter so she can find a new lawyer. Her plan is to sue, and she’s coming for his NFL checks!

Meanwhile, Reggie turned his comments off on his Instagram, but he’s posting photos of he and his wife Lilit living it up while on vacation.

Is Reggie foul for refusing to pay child support?


  1. That bitch deserve nothing. These child support laws are really fucked up.

    Millions= 25 years of child support

    • Can’t blame her. He fucked her raw, now deal with it.

  2. Reggie needs to man up and take care of his mistake. Accordingly, he wanted this biracial baby, therefore, he needs to take care of it. His wife needs to encourage her husband to do the right thing if she plans on staying with him. She needs to accept this baby as well because the baby is here and it’s not going anywhere.

    • no he dont, the judges need to stop supporting these babymamas, period. Child support should only be for ex wifes. Maybe that will stop these tramps from selfishly poppong out babies

      • It takes two. If he did not want children he should have strapped up.

        He didn’t so he has to pay up.

  3. and reggies wife is dumb, i would flipped hik into that ocean, no way i would be with him. He dont want her either or he wouldve never been cheating

  4. she sounds so dumb and that kmart hair dye is awful! she wants to stay w/him because of the $$$$ and there will be more cheating and more babies! #stupidfool=stupidwife=diseases

  5. Oh please, she already got millions and the judge should consider that if it is indeed Bush’s kid. If not, she defrauded him and should he sue to get his money back. The judge will subpoena her husband, Alonzo Mourning, and the no name boxer since she was screwing around with the four men at the time of conception. Also it should go into the records that this woman wanted a half black child so he would grow up to be a famous and rich athlete and permanently support her lifestyle.

    • There was a DNA test. He is the father. He has no legal recourse at this point other than filing for full custody & proving the child being with Monique is not in its best interest.

      • Not if he paid her millions to go away. He CAN sue her if she broke her contractual obligation and prolly win. HE PAID HER TO GO AWAY!!! Now she in her feelings about a man that by no shape or means wants her behind. MOVE ON…RETURN THE CASH AND THEN FILE FOR REGULAR SUPPORT!!! It doesn’t go both ways. One or the other.

      • Last time I heard about these idiots, the DNA test was still pending. In any event, Reggie should take her to court and do as you suggested because she is treating that child like a cash cow even before birth. This by her own admission. Also, since he already gave her millions, his lawyers should break that down by the month and she’s gotten paid until the kid is 18.

  6. Quote Dr. Boyce Watkins, “White people should not be the source of black pride.”

  7. Lilit is an annoying, shallow slut. She bans people off her social media for asking if her OBVIOUSLY FAKE TITS are indeed fake, or for commenting on her sister’s equally plastic tits. Armenian whores. Bush is a whore too.

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