LMAO: Kanye Files Restraining Order Against Daz Dillinger

kanye restraining order daz

After being flanked by bodyguards following Daz Dillinger’s call to the Crips to f**k Kanye up, Yeezy has reportedly filed a restraining order.

Watch the video to hear Daz and his boy call Kanye a “f*g” and he even sends a threat to Kris Jenner after he’s hit with the restraining order.


This is such an (entertaining) mess.


  1. I think that’s what it’s meant for to b entertaining…at first I was like I’m not even going to watch the B’s on Tmz…cause all that’s going to do is boost their ratings…but I watched a little of it cause felt I couldnt speak on it unless I actually heard with ye said.. smh… My thoughts after hearing his rant…this MF sold all the way out… It’s one thing to have your own free thought but it’s another to spread toxic way of thinking.. in the extended version he said that black people don’t care about Chicago kids dying 700 monthly or yearly some statistics that he probably don’t even actually know…smh Im like that is so untrue yeah the violence is going on there but at the same time” ye what the f*** are you doing about it you’re from there.”!!! Try to do something else for the city besides just name your daughter after it why not help the actual people who live there.”This m*********** sold all the way out and its at the expense of black people I call for us boycotting that lame-ass Kardashian show and all of Kanye’s music and anybody affiliated with him…he is getting publicity at the expense of black people we need to stop giving him our black dollars. since he thinks that we don’t pull together let’s pull together and boycott his ass!!!! It starts today!!!!!

      • Boycott? LMAO!

        Most black ppl don’t buy music through the proper channels. Too busy buying bootlegs and pirating lol.

        Not a fan of Koonye but he just gave some hard opinions from the heart. The emotional impact of the comments should have worn off after one day. He shouldn’t have to endure threats from these dope smoking thugs daily. Especially since you’re screaming terroristic threats online. That’s illegal fool!

    • I call for us boycotting that lame-ass Kardashian show===============================================

      Sad that you ever watched that sheet. Some of us continue to major in minor things. I didn’t know people stillactually watched that or tv.

      • Lmao the shit came on in 2009. I worked at E! when it came out and never supported. I remember
        Bet seeing their first salaries. Sea rest put them heffas on and they’ve come a long way!

  2. and to whomever comes after me and post comments that black people won’t ever come together f*** you too because THATs an enslaved way of thinking !!!!! Instead of worrying about what we can’t do …let’s just talk about what we are able to do.. don’t worry about what we can’t do everybody wont follow …but don’t worry about that.. and this matter we need to focus on the positive and not the negative ….real talk tho

      • Blacks CANT work together because we are hedonistic by nature, we never think about the welfare of the entire community only our personal needs thats why it so easily to scheme against each other…the slave masters and sellers knew this..that is why getting Africans to sell millions of innocent men, women and children for rice, chicken and alcholol was so easy…

        But Sasha why is that you put lmao in the title..What is funny about a black man getting legal backing against another black man threatening him with violence

              • @Shit Shit 14:27

                No, It’s The Sound Of Your Skeletal, Emaciated, Feculent, Lice Infested, Dry-Rotted Needle D*ck Trickling & Oozing Contaminated Urine And Pus In Your Mammy’s Mouth.

              • @Anonymous

                Always gotta bring my mother into it eh? Always a low blow huh?

                You fat, disgusting, cookie crisp skin, alpha silverback, stank vagina, hard on the retina abomination. No drive to lose weight “phat” bitch!


              • Bloop!

                The sound of you completing sucking my cock or a hot dog with the works…..

                U fat sloth lol.

              • Shit Stain that is not me, but your 2 cents a pop, Fat Ass is loved by many a MAN…LOL!

  3. Spoiled little rich kid who never grew up and is still flopping around aimlessly trying to convince others of who he is when HE don’t even know!

  4. Kanye must be getting ready to release an album. Anything to stay relevant. As a consumer, the best thing to do is stop supporting these entertainers, they don’t give a f*** about us.

  5. Kanye = Will Start The R@ce War !!! (see: traveled to Russia 2 weeks ago BEFORE “black people choose to be slaves” comment)

  6. Cause he a faggot ass nigga. Damon dash and 50 Cent tried to warn everybody a long time ago

    • I guess everybody’s a faggot who don’t respond to bullshit with bullshit huh?

      What do you expect Coonye to strap up with the goons and prepare for war? GTFOH. He’s a civilian.

      Since black folks worship and revere these gangbangers so much why not put some pressure on the “alpha males” of the community to come together for a cause instead of just flapping ya gums all day getting nothing done with the obligatory blunt in your hand.

        • You ain’t sayin shit to “Them” or uploading Direct videos to them so sit cho undercover downlow ass down somewhere

          • Bitch nigga shut up.

            You being a wannabe thug is your only shot at having any relevance in the world.

            If i wanna see a wannabe thug with his pants sagging walking like he got a dick in his ass i’ll go outside.

  7. Black news station…media outlets should stop even airing that TMZ rant… don’t even dignify that with even showing it over and over again…

  8. Real crippin right here…lol…dang (rollin off o boy in the back ground with daz) .. smh…fuck ye ..but ..smh we need to do better than that..

  9. In what part of the game do rappers file for stay away orders?! Lol! Punk ass!

    • “Conscious” rappers.

      Rappers who rap against that life because they not about that life.

      They can’t rap about the street life sooo what’s the nxt best thing to rap about as a male: women.

      Exhitbit A: Coonye. Bitch nigga with big mouth. Not a threat physically to anything except “alternative lifestyle” ppl.
      Exhibit B : Yung Berg. Superbitch who dissed his own women. Street cred evaporated after his face linked up with other human hands.

  10. Kris would have him & his whole family murked. He better stop playing with Satan. Black people are the most disloyal people on the planet. Thats why the chinese own your whole communities.

    • Wrong. Chinese and Korean own because they RED LINED neighborhoods that blacks were FORCED to live and and would NOT give loans to blacks to open up stores in their OWN neighborhoods- only Koreans and Chinese.

      Know your history.

      I work in commercial real estate and I’ve seen the title reports with instructions to not allow black/Mexican people to live/own in certain homes/neighborhoods.

  11. Kanye had more money with trunk and Kris jenner backing him already won

    Daz ain’t even rich he smoked that twenty million up he better hope him and snoop stay cool cause that’s daz last leg right now

    • I know right?

      This hot “producer” [snicker] ain’t put in work since forever.

      Now he got a seat at the board of directors giving commands lmao.

      He better go make a diss song or something.

  12. Kanye is a musical genius. He’s keeping his name in peoples mouths with all this controversy. I hope he gets it together and repents. He needs a slice of humble pie! Drake, Jay-Z, and Kanye are not Gods. Mocking Jesus and Jehova is considered blasphemy.

    • Clowns like you will follow White liberal narratives to the grave. Do you think Huff Post staff want you living next to them, in suburban schools with their kids? Their agenda is not yours. Keep following slave.

      • And being a coon for the right is better?

        If you aren’t coming up with solutions STFU.

    • Oh shit that’s crazy. I didn’t know Kanye did some dumb shit like putting a racist flag in a clothing line. No wonder now Trump is his brother and he worships the Kartrashians. He doesn’t even speak like he use to and his Chicago accent is long gone. Even his music is falling off. Life of Pablo was not all that. The albums he made when he first came out were way better. The motherfucker had the nerve to say slavery was a choice. I lost all respect for him.

  13. Omg I wish Daz would let it go….The guy next to Daz is right, “watch your mouth”.. That’s all Daz has to say. But instead he going on and on and on and on….When he already know Kanye crazy.

    I feel bad for Kanye, I actually feel bad for him and Cardi B. At least Kanye know it ain’t a joke but I think Cardi think it is.

  14. I remember when the Kartrashian sisters had a post on Twitter that said K K K (meaning Kim, Khloe and Kourtney) the only K KK to let black people in. Those dumb bitches got so much backlash after it posted they took it down within minutes and posted a bullshit apology!

    • Daz ain’t gonna do.nothing by himself now some of daz goons and affiliTes that’s another story

      Snoop making too much money to.get involved plus snoop never gets his hands dirty noway

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