Daz Dillinger Wants Crips to Beat Kanye’s A*s, Eric Benet Weighs In

daz dillinger kanye crips

Tha Dogg Pound’s Daz Dillinger has instructed his fellow Crips to beat Kanye’s a*s. The threat comes after Yeezy called Trump his “brother.” Daz thinks that Kanye is essentially telling the President, “I’m with you mastah Trump. Burn all these n****s.”

Daz said he “better not see Kanye in California,” but also told Yeezy to stay his butt in Calabasas where he’s safe. TMZ caught up with Eric Benet, a fellow Calabasas resident, and he wanted no parts of the gang beef!

Following Daz’s call to the Crips, Yeezy was spotted walking around with a group of bodyguards for his own safety.

kanye bodyguards


  1. They are not going after him over trump. He basically said f—k the Crips In so many words. After that Cardi B stuff ain’t nobody going to respect any gang member in LA. So they need to shut up with all this don’t come to LA shyt… None of them are about that life they claim and the niggaz from they gangs that are, they scared of. They keep making all these threats online for they homies to put in all the work, but then too scared to meet up with they little homies to give them the supplies they need to do all this shyt. They all need to shut up, they are all fake. If they could not touch Cardi B, I don’t know what makes him think they gone get near Kanye.

      • No he is not. I ain’t even heard what daz said but I personally know these niggaz and I heard what Kanye said and I already knew off the bat, that was gone ignite a fire. He definetly dissed the Crips, talking about building a gate around Long Beach and all that. Daz is snoops cousin. He don’t give a f—k about no trump even if he said that’s why he upset, he lied. Kanye been talking about trump since the day trump went into office, Daz only jumped in because he running his mouth back to snoop, mentioned Long Beach and told the crips they ain’t shyt to him. Before that Daz ain’t give a f—k about what Kanye was saying.

        • You swear you know everything but you don’t even know what Daz said lol. Stop trying to control the narrative and spin shit. It’s getting old.

          • But I do. I’m not trying to spin nothing. I know these niggaz. And I know that Snoop nor Daz is about that life. They piggy back of Goldie and Traydeees gangster. That’s it. If you knew anything you would know that much. I don’t have to listen to what Daz said, I know why he mad.

            • Just because you live in lb does not mean you know them, you might know someone they know, but that is about it.

              • I’m not going to state this again. I know them personally. So take it how you want to take it.

          • There are Crips that will light a firecracker up Kanye’s azz. But it ain’t Daz or snoop. They can call some folks. But they just need to shut up banging on people because they are not real gangsters, they homeboys are and they need to start paying them for the use of they gangsta, instead of letting them run around Long Beach struggling. The niggaz from Long Beach should charge Snoop and Daz a fee for using they credibility.

            • I’ve heard about that so I get what you’re saying but this is bigger than that boo. Somebody gots to see this fool about his bullshit and I’m not mad at Daz for putting that fire under a niggas ass on this one.

          • Ok so now Game speaking on it and basically saying Kanye need to be worried JUST LIKE WE SAID and the Sherrifs tryna find something to stick on Daz cause of the vid.

            • The Game is another fake gangster. Piggy backing off his mama work. These fake azz rappers get on my nerves. The Game is so fake it ain’t even funny. When he was signed with 50 all he did was run his mouth about 50, telling all his personal business to any and everyone he met from Cerritos college to Compton. How you Gone bite the hand that feed you. He has no loyoalty in him. 50 was paying for his condo, car and everything. I was so happy when 50 dumped his azz. If I knew 50 personally I would’ve told him, he was waisting his time on Game. And yes I knew him too at one point. My roommate used to date him so he was always at our house talking shyt about everybody in the industry. Even people that was helping him get out there.

              • Yea I don’t heard some pretty unsavory things about Game too but ain’t too many niggas tryna see him and he does know them streets so yea..imma take his word on it. Not that Daz is so hard but that Daz can call it.

              • I know they get they Street cred with money and piggy backing off real OG’s. But eventually the truth will come to light.

        • This!! I live in the LBC and trust that every street nigga and crip is on alert.

          Kanye don’t leave calabasas and come this way for ANY reason.

            • BlacKKKoon we know this is you.

              Fuck Off you are NOT black you are an afriKKKoon.

            • You right. This is the only time niggas organize, strategize, and come together……

              To beat up, maim, kill or destroy…..another black man.

              And the blk women’s pussies r sooo wet because those thots love and endorse this stuff smdh.

          • So can you please explain to these people that y’all don’t give a f—k about no trump and that Kanye dissed the Crips directly so they can stop thinking I’m crazy..and don’t know what I’m talking about. Anyone from Long Beach would’ve taken that as a diss. And it ain’t got shyt to do with trump.

            • If you watched the vid you would know it does have something to do with wtf Kanye is promoting. He likened him to Samuel.L Jackson in Django….house nigga shit. I’m sure the Lbc diss just set it off.

              • Okay let me tell you the real reason why nobody from Long Beach care about this trump stuff. People think Trump don’t like Mexicans although there is plenty of evedence that he do. In LB and LA the Mexican and black gangs DO NOT GET ALONG!!!! Therefore behind closed doors they probably voted for trump… Snoop, Daz, Nipsey and YG only pretend to not like Trump cause they don’t want to start no shyt with these Mexican gangs.. that’s it…

                Niggaz that promote smoking weed, killing and prostitution should not even be able to comment on anybody else wrong doing.. and to be honest I don’t think none of them care about none of this shyt. They just trying to stay on the Mexicans good side. But if you go to the real gangsters in Long Beach instagrams, you won’t even see a mention of trump. They don’t give a flying f—k about no politics

              • Ummm to be honest not many in my parts get down with Mexicans. It ain’t about no damm Trump eithier. They don’t like us so we return the favor. Ion know not ONE gangbanger that give a good gdamm about being on no Mexican good side. More like they keep they asses to themselves and blacks do the same. I stand by what I said about Ye and his affiliation with 45. Nigga really ain’t tripping off it hard cause we gots it hard no matter who is in office but He took it too far when he started with the LBS shit and it exaggerated his inner Uncle Ruckus.

            • I hear you. I know the real ones don’t care. I feel the same way as you, don’t matter who in office. It don’t change my life.

          • GTFOH on alert? what in their own neighborhood 5 block radius? I just got back from LBC and it looked real soft to me…barely any black people anywhere….TV ass gangstas! Looks like daz is still living like its 89′ Death row took all his money? should be after Suge!

            • Yea ALERT! You can always tell who know what time it really is. Try to go to that mf popping that shit you shall see. They ain’t all out standing around waiting for mf looky looks to come thru. Ugh

            • Hmm.. where? Trust that on 21st-15th is THAT neighborhood. I live on the Eastside and I’ sure your buppie ass would be be walking around there at night.

              Kanye needs security for a reason. Street niggas and crips wild and don’t have much to live for.

            • Yeah… I know people bump they gums but if you go to the right spot at the right time, you will find what you looking for. It’s nice and breezy but don’t be fooled. You can’t possibly be from California making a statement like that.

          • Yep. This is not a game. See the thing is when you fuck with folks who aint got much to live for then you in turn will feel that despair, fear and pain. Play with fire yo ass might get burnt!

            • lol real funny fear and pain….asian gangs lol..yeah yall just stay 21st -15th i will be where the money is not where you fake gangstas hang out….like i said TV gangstas…

              • Yeah- you’re where the ‘money is’ probably sleeping on somebody’s couch. Cali rent money is REAL and I doubt you have the funds to buy property. It’s about half a million to buy a house in ‘the hood’ parts of SoCal right now- that includes Compton and Watts.

                Shout out to any HOMEOWNERS in Compton, LBC or LA. At least you have the wisdom and resources to OWN a piece of property/land. Cali equity increases must faster than other states- making it more profitable to live in the ‘hood’ parts of SoCal than the ‘better’ neighborhoods of some states.

        • The reference was Samuel l Jackson in Django=house nigga
          Kanye in his red hat talking bout we chose slavery =house nigga shit

          • Some people get offended to easily. All Kanye was trying to say was we are mentally in prison and we are. I know a lot of people of all races who are. The media controls what a lot of people think. That’s why y’all should be concerned they letting Teump look like the bad guy and Obama the Good guy. Don’t think for a moment they ain’t playing us. Just like they made us think every nigga from NWA was gangsters and they all did a movie that showed us they were never that and the one that was they injected with aids to make him look like the fag that the other ones actually were.

            • STFU Bitch, no one is taking advice from someone as mentally low class as you.

              You can barely think on an adult level, let alone can speak for most people and the way they process information….smfh.

    • SO we gonna just forget all about YG and Nipsey speaking on it so it could be diffused? Ok
      You know damm well if that not had happened somebody was gonna get her All Star Weekend. I saw with my own eyes how amped up niggas was about that shit. They was dead ass too. Same for that 69 tekachi whoever punk ass with the rainbow hair. Now I’m not saying Daz or Snoop themselves but this shit was way bigger them them. They ain’t the only crips. Shit it was niggas round the way driving around just hoping to run into that 69 mf. Kanye can run his crazy ass up in the hood if he want to..it may not end well. Daz just put the call out and that’s all that needed to be done in an already toxic situation.

      • And why the fuck would coonye go to a dump like long beach?

        Where a bunch of useless thug animals dwell?

        You thots revere the “alpha male” which is the gang banger. Yall can’t help yourselves. It is what it is. So why don’t go have a few babies with a “real nigga?” Fuckin thots. I ain’t no ugly nigga but i sympathize with those good natured fellas who want a quality sista. Ha!

              • You love dick sucking and talking about it so just get on your knees and hook me up.

                Insignificant thot lol.

                U talkin to a real animal right here woman so tread lightly ha ha ha.

            • LMAO, stop talking about yourself Trick.

              Bend over so I can see my name you Low Grade, No name HO…LOL!

              • And the only crack you have is your busted out ass….which is worth less then 2 cents…LOL!

              • Bitch you know you game for double penetration for a double whopper.

                With your whopping slab of cement ass why not?

                Pussy looks like a piranha’s lips thot lol.

            • No YOU know about having your ass DP’d that is why it looks like ground round, LOL!

        • I’ve never dated a gang banger. But simple men are no better than any other man. They just don’t Have as many options so they stay faithful and nice until they get on and then they turn into a jerk. I dated one simple dude, he came with that same line you just stated…. He turned out to be my worst nightmare.

          • See I don’t believe you. You just said you only dated one simple man so what does that leave all the other men you’ve dated?

            Or do you really think there’s a difference between a gang banger and a drug dealer?

            Or maybe you’re just a naive little cute black girl who could care less about what her man is doing as long as he’s buying you that Prada and Fendi.

            I personally think you’re just a airhead trying to sound smart.

            • I was away cause I had to work unfortunately. Now I’m back, but I do need to find something else to do then be on here because I went from 118 to 145 and now I’m almost 147. So I suppose if I stay doing this much longer I’m going to be 190 soon.

              • You just keep on talking to ppl who don’t wanna talk to you.

                You’re wearing me down. You never come at ppl with negativity.

                You might not be so bad after all. How’s your baby?


              • Please do go away and never come back, just trying to read your stupidity brings down everyone’s iq.

  2. Kanye is involved with a much bigger and powerful gang than the Crips and thats called satan and the only way you gone defeat satan is with Jesus which none of them know nothing about. So Kanye is right, he has nothing to be scared of. All Daz and his homies gone do is end up in jail with Suge Knight trying to be the gangsters the not.

    • Will you STFU? Daz is just talking shit. They don’t have any legitimate beef with Kanye.

      And how do u know so much about gangs huh? I’m sure you’ve dated a few power players in your day. Whoever got the most money? Now u know the intricacies of gang life. FOH.

      • Our ancestors marched and died so that blacks could vote for the candidate of their choice NOT so we could blindly follow Obama to hell!!

        • Shut Up about him, the man has been OUT of office for over a year and he did not start the shit the gov’t has been doing since nixon, being a part of the machine does not make him the sole contributor…so move the Fuck ON.

        • Our ancestors also marched for our Civil Rights which includes freedom of speech so we call all tell this mf to go to HELL.

      • I am from Long Beach and I know all these niggaz. Daz is not talking shyt. They will do what they saying if they catch Kanye slipping. Daz and snoop just not about to do shyt. But they got homeboys who will. There is also Mexican and Asian crip gangs in Long Beach that probably took offense to this as well.

        • Ok I can cosign this here but he didn’t say HE would. He ain’t gonna incriminate himself. He put out the notice though. And yes them Mexican crips gets down too.

          • Yeah I see what you mean. Ill Leave it alone. I guess it’s just an ES thing that need to stay off these boards.

        • This!!

          Asian Boyz/Eastside Longos all know what time it is.

          You can tell the people that live/have been to the LBC – they come with real facts. Street niggs of all races with no life LOOKING to get into some trouble and Koonye just gave them a reason to do it.

      • I am not old enough to have dated any of them. I got enough family memebers And I’ve been around all of them many times and seen who’s legit and who ain’t. Traydee and Goldie are the two rappers that are really about that life and all they homeboys. Daz and snoop are just running they mouth because they can piggy back off traydee and Goldie and all the other real gangsters from those gangs who names I won’t mention. But snoop and Daz are not real try g’s they just hang around them.

        • I know right? This bitch gets all amped up whenever anybody is talking about l.a gang culture. Talking about she know this person and that person like somebody gives a fuck. I have to wade through her pamphlets to find the ppl i’m looking for. Fuck l.a and those tired ass gangs. Gang life ain’t that hard to figure out so i’d rather hear that stuff from a actual gang member vs some ran through thot from long beach. Like she done put in work. Foh.

          • I thought I only get amped up when they talk about hoes??? ??? make up your mind.

            • Lmaoo wait..see that nigga do that shit all the time and it’s funny as hell. I wasnt talking to you..I WAS TALKING TO HIM..??

              • Birdbrains unite! It’s time to fight!

                Females always want to tag team somebody. Why not go 69 and call it a day?

                I save my huge cock for a real woman.

                Fuckin soupbowl head ass thots.

        • She is legally on the mentally retarded scale so telling her to Shut Up is like wasting precious air, because she no speaka engisssh.

          I meant understand, but the prior is more amusing.

        • A lot. Every girl in Cali know a lot… cause 80% of the black men in Cali is from or affiliated with a gang.

          • LMAO, again proving how much of a Ratchet you are and no we ALL do NOT date or know bangers.

              • And if you call knowing gangbangers ratchet. I understand you. But you missing out. I love my brothers…. And they have protected me every time that I’ve needed them… anytime a man got out of place with me in public, they be the first ones on the front line. While simp niggaz like yourself put your head down. So I’m all for them, that’s why I don’t want to see none of them go to jail over Kanye whack azz.

              • The only reason anyone may have protected you is because you are too stupid to know when to STFU.

                But I am glad you did get at least one good beatdown, because just based on the stupid shit you post here your wack ass sure deserved it.

            • No way you from Cali and don’t know a gang banger. Lol if you truley telling the truth than you never had no friends or you ugly as ——. Every actress on TV from Regina King, Nia Long, Lauryn Longdon, Jennifer Freeman, Kyla Pratt, Megan Good and many others are all affiliated with gang members… so you must be a weirdo or you not from here. What highschool did you go to?

              • So basically a soft square azz nikka needs to find a square docile ass chick?

                You despise “soft” benevolent men don’t you? Not understanding the parameters of maleness. You only see true maleness in the gangbangers who are good at violence?

                A “nerd” could take up for you when someone disrespects you but then that nerd is gonna have to deal with some silly gang, not you pretty princess.

                Sometimes walking away is the strongest move. But u black women love drama yourselves so….

              • Not everyone from Cali is a Dumb Ratchet Ass Bitch like you…we have had this discussion and I don’t have to prove shit to a Nobody Ignorant Bitch like you.

              • FYI your OLD FAT ASS is on the decline in the looks dept…so I see why you feel the need to try to put everyone else in your category, but Bitch I am beyond your league.

                OLD WORN OUT USED UP HOs like YOU are a dime a dozen.

      • Soooooo am I still wrong… lol Daz facing possible prosecution right now… over that video…… keep telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about and you will find out that I’m the smartest person you will ever communicate with. I mean there is smarter but if you can’t listen to me you definetly won’t listen to them. Kanye is protected by satan right now. And I don’t expect you to understand that. The words coming out of Kanye mouth were satan, not Kanye. Snoop is trying to be Christian but he throttling the fence by promoting weed and stupidity, therefore satan got fair game at him and satan launched his fishing pole with the Bate and snoop and Daz bit the hook. So thats why I said Snoop and Daz need to shut up before they end up in jail. satan is more powerful than the Crips. All though I love all my Crip homeboys and family. They need to take a seat on this one. It’s not Kanye they talking to, it’s satan.

        Kim Kardashian’s and all them see psychics and play with witch craft, it’s a lot of people that do, that’s why they open 24hours. Kanye is possessed.

        • Im not doubling your credibility becauze its clear to me you know something about the streets. I just have knowledge about it too. I mean in order to stay alive out here WE HAVE TO KNOW. Harvey called on Daz cause he a scary lil bitch. That’s what I read earlier. He don’t want his shit shot up. I can dig it but I don’t fuck with him..at all.

          • Just because she lives here DOES NOT MEAN she knows SHIT.

            All she is doing is speculating, like when she was poppin’ all that shit on the cardho b thread and ain’t shit happen then either.

            Then after poppin’ all that shit starting sucking cardho’s dick a few days later on another thread.

            • I don’t hold grudges, know the difference. I do not think cardi b is talented. I think she pretty and funny. However what she did was disrespectful and if she did not come to LA with 250 security guards, they would’ve got to her. Don’t think for a second they let that shyt slide. Please remember it took them about a year to catch biggie. They minute cardi b get comfortable may be the minute they slide, they may just be waiting for her to get comfortable again. But that don’t change the fact that she is pretty.

            • I’m not going to keep selling you on these gangsters in LA/LB Just come here, bump your gums in one of these hoods and see how far you will get. Until then, you shut up. You’re lame I can tell by everything you said Thus far.

              • Good I hope you STFU and die already.

                FYI I didn’t read shit you typed, but the first line.

          • Me neither. I never liked Kanye and I still don’t. It’s just you can see he’s mentally not there. He’s gone.. and I just don’t see the point of taking him serious. But I do know why y’all have to. I just wish y’all did not. Cause it seem more like a set up to me. And even though I said all that stuff about snoop and Daz, I still got love for them. I don’t want to see them or no other male go to jail over this nigga who is a house nigga… he ain’t worth it to me.

            • And you’re worth even less thot while u sitti g here flapping your fingers about grown men. You need to work on your fellatio skills with that rubber dick i bought u.

              • Boo boo & anonymous , you both sound like the lame losers you’re calling lovelylady….. The first clue is because you’re even sitting on here going back and fourth with a woman and spewing insults at her behind a computer screen. Honestly as a spectator, it seems as if she is talking about “real” life gangsters to “internet gangsters”. It’s entertaining but you guys are super lame.

  3. Uncle Daz Need 2 Sit His Old Ass Down Somewhere & Live His Life 2 The Fullest.

    #Grow Up & Leave The Faux Bullshit Alone.

  4. C’mon Kanye u don’t need any more bodyguards than what u usually have. Ain’t nobody gon touch u for real. Your music career is over though. Kaput! Poof! U know how touchy some ppl are about politics. Sorry for ya!(Not).

    • The funny part is the 2 times I seen Kanye he was not with body guards. Threatning a crazy person ain’t smart. Kanye don’t even look like he want to live, so if I was them I would hold off on the threats cause although Kanye ain’t no gang banger, the nigga is clearly crazy and I personally think he ain’t scared of them. When you threatning a person that feel like they ain’t got nothing to loose, you might be playing with fire.

      • Please Kanye is suburban.

        He only talks crazy to ppl on his class level. But he has barked to a few so called thugs so…..

    • @Boo Boo 8:34

      You Are So Right……People Can Be Very Touchy And Overly Emotional About Politics & Religion.

  5. Daz just one if snoops henchmen.keep on making albums nobody but loyal.fans.buy dog always been.about snoop.and wasn’t for snoop who would give a damn about daz

    Daz beefing with one of suge knight boys calling his mom a jump off and suge a trick

    These old has-been rappers making twenty minute videos dissing each other yukmouth bragging about his son got a double homicide case

  6. Doesn’t Dad Daz make gangsta rap? Talk in bout shooting gang bang pimpin hoeing and so on? No he not trying to correct someone when his music not good for POC either

    • Last time Dogg pound had a hit 95 last tine daz produced a track that mattered was PACs all eyes on one album

      Even snoop don’t use daz beats on his past albums

      Daz shut up you ran to Atlanta hiding behind Jermaine dupri you knew suge was gonna Woop your ass

      Jay felony. Kurupt, outlaws dissed you crooked I dissed you and you never had them.touched

  7. Why dont these nikkuas get one of these zionist chemtrailing they ass or sending guns to their community? We always caught up with bullshit threatening each other, what happened with Cardi B? Are yall finished or are yall done?

  8. Daz needs to go sit down somewhere. He’s not even in a gang just affiliated studio gangster. Why didn’t he speak up when Cardi B got into some heated words with Cocc Pistol.

  9. Daz just snoops goon he been.in snoops shadow since the chronic

    Daz did drum programming for the chronic and Dre still get credit

    Dre gets credit for the Dogg food album and daz produced the whole album.ceptvthe track.dre did

    Keep.kn making independent albums

    When him and kurupt was beefing they act like scorned lovers Talkin bout who ate more pussy who.fucked behind snoop or suge I fucked your wife, lol your baby mama a hoe I’m beat your ass

    When kurupt rejoined dog you know cause suge went broke snoop and daz was so happy their little phukk boy came back

    Snoop.said together forever lol ,,

  10. Eric Benet somewhere getting dicked by all Reynolds and Kenny latimore yeah chante caught him with a man

  11. Daz said he was gonna Woop pac back.on the day

    Years after the man dead you wanna say that

    Snoop said Nas could have had pac killed for confronting him in my

  12. Google shows “Daz” has credit for 3 whole songs. One in 2005, one in 2011 and THE MOST RECENT in 2013.

    Who cares what this nobody thinks? I hate Kanye Kardashian, but this tool shouldn’t even be listed on Craigslist. He’s nobody.

  13. @crazychris

    Thank you mr. crazy for all of that useless information.

    You sure do keep up with your gossip [snaps fingers in a gay way].


  14. FUCKNIGGAS arguing over Kanye stanks!!! All u mtfs on here gotta be in your 20’s

    • Ain’t nobody arguing, but that Bitch lonelylad and a couple of her clit riders and she’s pushing 40…most are trying to shut her dumbass up.

  15. i think Kanye joining the Kardasian clan is like when Pac joined Deathrow for protection. Daz better watch himself. The k klan dont mess around.

        • I really wish you would STFU…

          Do what you do best and Eat a Dick….wait no sane man wants to be in your presence.

      • and if they do know him, they lost they rebuking power the moment they go after him. If you knew how God work you would know nothing gone work unless you do it God way and God ain’t encouraging nobody to kill Kanye.

    • Turf wars. The Kartrashians don’t run LBC.

      Koonye and Kum Dumptruck should be concerned about walking Pine Ave/PCH.

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