Dr Jan Adams’ Family Pops Off on Kanye

dr jan adams kanye album

After Kanye revealed he was considering putting a photo of his mom’s surgeon, Dr. Jan Adams, on his next album cover, Dr. Adams’ family member is clapping back.

In a series of Twitter posts, the woman, who claims she’s the doc’s cousin, goes on the attack:

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kanye jan adams family 2

kanye jan adams family 4

kanye jan adams family 5

kanye jan adams family 6

By the way, Dr. Adams was cleared of all wrongdoing after it was discovered that Donda West had an underlying heart condition. She also refused to recover in an aftercare facility as the doctor had suggested, and opted to go home and be cared for by a family member instead.


  1. Good for her! His mother was responsible for her own death and she was a large reason he is the way he is.

  2. ******Off Topic********
    Sasha, any info about the rumor about Blac Chyna being pregnant by current boyfriend.

    • I was holding off on it because the source was iffy, but more outlets are picking up on it so there might be some truth to the rumors after all.

  3. Kanye kardashian lmao that’s so fitting seeing that he’s pretty much the bitch. Never thought I’d say Kanye is wack af now . His fashion line is trash, his music. He got with Kim and went downhill from there smh shame

  4. Kanye Kardashian reminds me of the song the The Geto Boys called B***hes and H**s

  5. Kanye should hold off on blaming people for this. Didn’t he say he sold his soul to the devil? Well what did he think was gone happen.

    But the Dr. should tell his cousin to shut up because she’s making him look classless when at first we thought it was just a mistake. Now he just look ghetto.

  6. Seen Kanye jogging at the beach in Malibu, he really does look depressed in person. Very depressed. I feel bad for him. He needs help.

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