Insta-Thot Celina Powell & Offset’s Paternity Test Results Are In…

celina powell offset paternity test

Insta-Thot Celina Powell claimed Offset from Migos was her baby daddy, and now she reportedly has the DNA test results to prove it.

Celina recorded herself as she opened up a letter that showed Offset is allegedly the father of her child. IF the letter isn’t a fake, this would be Offset’s 4th child, and his baby with Cardi B would be his 5th.

Do you believe her or is she lying (again)?


  1. So is Cardi B still winning like everyone thought? Being stuck with a kid by a lame nigga is the worst thing you can do to yourself and your child.. And why this Celina chick is so happy for him to be the daddy is even more weird. I don’t understand, she’s happy a nigga that don’t want her or the baby is the father so she can get 5k a month. Lol wtf is wrong with this world. Jesus hurry up and come back and get us please…

  2. Celina said she wanted at least 5k a month. Lol girl you could’ve got a job at Verizon as customer service and earned that kind of money instead of being stuck with a baby. And if anybody know Celina please coach her that 5k a month from a dude that got on million dollar earrings is dumb. Tell her to at least aim for no lower than 15k but try to get at least 25k a month.. dang. If you gone be a hoe be a smart hoe. And if you walk out of court with less than 10k a month you just f—ked your whole life up for no reason at all.

    • You always rear your ugly head whenever the topic is about hoeing or golddigging.

      1st you condemn their actions then u say at least i woulda……

      Which lets me know that u ain’t nothing but a “reformed” hoe. Even that business u claim to have is off the backs of some simp u took money from. Hell yo man probably held your hand the whole time and set up the whole business while u sat there lookin pretty.

      Now that you’ve found the ultimate simp(paid christian man)and your lifestyle is comfortable now it’s jesus this jesus that.

      I wonder how u really act around ya homegirls from long beach.

      • Not at all. I just stated the problem and gave her a solution. Personally I don’t understand how they could mess with the dude. I could not, he is not a catch. Money don’t make you attractive and it don’t make you a real one. It just buys you a bunch of fake shyt to go along with your fake personality. So they all really deserve each other really. But she should just get more money out of him cause he’s worth more than what she asking for. Don’t want to see the girl play herself twice. Clearly she’s slow and need a mentor.

  3. So how are you all calling women thot’s and trying to get all high and mighty when we call out these fools who talk shit about women?

    You basically are okaying with these fools on here are doing, sasha.

    • Being a hoe isnt the problem its the traits that come along with it ….most modern hoes are jezebels…loud obnoxious, sexually aggressive..always plotting against women, men and even their girlfriends…

      You know how much I heard sistas say “Bitch you fucked my man i finna beat yo hoe ass down” smdh

    • I had to choose between ‘thot’ and ‘groupie.’ Thot was shorter so I went with it. I guess I’ll use ‘hoe’ next time since that’s what she calls herself.

      • It does not matter if that is what she calls herself.

        It is the fact you know how these two morons take shit like this and use it to fuel their warped thinking and comments.

        If you all are reinforcing these words stop erasing comments and let it all fly.

  4. This hoe has fucked almost everybody…her pussy is loosing its elasticity. I think 6ix9ine is hitting it smdh..

    One think i got to respect about her is that she know she is a hoe and owns up to it…most of these women have body counts near 40 but say things like “All men are dawgs”…”Tired of these aint shit niggas” “I need a real man who will treat me with respect” smdh

  5. That bag of his gonna be distributed so many ways, he gonna be rapping till he’s eligible for Social Security to stay afloat and pay back his handlers! If his woman of the moment, Bacardi and Coke is really pregnant (looks like a prosthesis) she can plan on bailing lil daddy out with her bag, like other women do with multiple baby mommas!

  6. She is on the Dumb Bitch Bandwagon…. Give or take 5 years offset is gonna be on love and hip hop Atlanta

  7. Women should not need a piece of paper to know who is the father to their babies…. She acts like she was on Maury all out of breath and sh*t….. This is an embarrassment and she thinks this is something to celebrate… Poor choices…

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