Nipsey Hussle Performs ‘F**k Donald Trump’ With Some Help From Kanye

nipsey hussle fuck donald trump kanye

Nipsey Hussle hit the stage to perform his track “F**k Donald Trump” with a photo of MAGA-loving Kanye West displayed on the jumbo screen. While flipping the bird on stage at the Broccoli City Festival in D.C., it looked like Nispey was giving Kanye the middle finger too.


  1. Not until he get help for his mom passing…He need to go talk with teens that just lost there mom too.. not a therapist. He need to see he ain’t the only one and there many kids that lost there mom and at the age they needed them the most. Highschool. That’s who he need to talk to and hopefully that works. I just know the only way I feel better Bout some things is when people show me I’m not the only one going through it and it’s even worst. Some people never had a mom, or they mom gave them up. At least Kanye had a good mom, some people never even get to experience that.

    • I lost my mom during my early teens. Never got over it and never will. I just learn to live with the pain and still cry myself to sleep some nights. Its completely fucked up.

      • @Anon 10:13

        God Bless You……I Feel Your Pain……The Hurt Never Ends. Same Thing Happened In My Teen Years.

        My Heart Still Hurts As If It Happened Yesterday.

        • Thank you so much. That means a lot to me coming from someone who has experienced this and totally feels my pain. May God bless you for eternity!

      • I’m not in my teens, but my mother is slowly dying and you feel helpless because there’s nothing you can do about it, just make life comfortable for them. I’m mentally preparing myself for it tho. I’m dreading the ‘call’ or being at the hospital and the doctor telling me she’s gone more than anything. It’s sad and it’s so hard. Even writing this I’m getting emotional.
        My dad died in 06 and like someone above said, you never get over it, just learn to live with it.

        • I lost my father 10 years later but I was a little older and a lot more prepared..well as best as to be expected BUT that still hurts too. All I can tell you is what comforts me and that is the thought that someone that I love dearly doesn’t have to deal with the pains of this current cold COLD world. I assist the elderly and I can’t tell how many times I’ve seen depression and fear in their lives just trying to survive in these changing times. I know this sounds cliche but whatever doesn’t kill you WILL make you stronger. You will get through it. You just have to. BE STRONG and PRAY sis..PRAY!!! It’s the ONLY thing that keeps me together!

      • Yes I’m sure that’s one of those things that you will never understand unless you walk in the persons shoes. It sounds like you had a good Mom. I hope and believe one day you will find peace… People like you can touch so many kids around the world that has or is losing a parent. Because there is a lot of them out there and they do need help. One of the ones I met was sucidak, I did not know what to tell him.

  2. K boy (why did he name himself Yeezus – that right there was the first bad clue) is gassed up because a U.S. President summoned him once and tweeted him later for the whole world to see. Now watch the prisoner keep loving his warden over and over again. He may get served better food but he’s still a prisoner of racism white supremacy because he’s still black and always will be no matter what his thoughts tell him or tell the world!

  3. So tired of these rappers being all political for no damn reason. Trump don’t give a shit about what niggas think. If anything they gaining shine off his name

  4. I don’t understand why people are still discussing Trump. when every president is selected and each one help further the elites agenda, They all are on the same team if y’all don’t know that by now You are the problem……Kanye is doing what all the celebrities do when they have a new project create a strategy to stay relevant and play with your emotions and take energy , because this shit is not about money, power,fame, politics it’s about energy who is gone control the masses ,who is gone help keep the masses sleep and mind controlled and working slaves to help create and rebuild the illusion over and over again ……Kanye and every other entertainment puppet took a oath to keep u dumbdown and mind controlled and distracted so they can restart time and keep u in this prison that you help create with your melanin aka mind Know Thyself Love and Life

  5. I think some rappers actually begin to believe their fake toughness on their songs…

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